au meme | romanovas asked for harvey x mike in a crime/mob/political corruption au

Harvey knows what they call him on the streets: Don Harvey.  But he thinks that’s stupid because 1) it’s not 1968, 2) he’s not Italian, and 3) he’s not a mob boss.  He just happens to run a highly successful crime syndicate.  It’s not the mob.  It’s not.

When Mike, Harvey’s right hand man, finds himself in trouble with a rival crime boss, Harvey does everything he can to help him.

And since that is terrible, here is an idea by Becca/romanovas

When Harvey Specter decides to run for Senator, he hires the best campaign manager money can buy.  He just never expected the manager to be young Mike Ross who barely looks old enough to tie his shoes.  But the kid seems to get things done and his campaign is running smoothly.  He has the full support and backing of President Jessica Pearson, his speech writer/best friend/all around life saver, Donna, and his recruitment manager, Rachel Zane, is one of the best around.  Harvey has this in the bag, he thinks.

Until Harvey finds out that Mike Ross isn’t quite who he says he is.  He’d be a great campaign manager if he knew what he was doing and it doesn’t help that the mob is after him for past gambling debts.  Harvey, attempting to keep his campaign under control, and also to make sure this bright eyed kid that he likes more than should stays out of trouble, falls into a world of corruption and mayhem.