sorry,politics again.

EU does not trust Greece.
So I’m assuming they do not trust the Greek people.
But they trust the measures and the austerity.
Those measures and austerity that led:
10000 Greeks to suicide,
over 60% of young people without jobs,
almost 50% cut from the pensioners,
thousands of stores and workshops closed down.
And those are just a few things of what happened in the last 5 years.

Thank you corrupted men in suits.
well done!you are awesome!keep it up guys.
but please don’t visit Greece this summer.
keep your bullying and your money for yourselves. :P

steve/bucky noir au:

  • detective barnes is just settling into his new york practice when someone from his past shows up at his door
  • it’s little steve rogers, except he’s a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier, and when bucky swings his feet off his desk and asks him what happened, all he says is “don’t ask” with a pained frown on his brow
  • shield has a mole and steve doesn’t know who to trust, but he remembers his childhood best friend, the one who never let him down, and he comes to him
  • bucky investigates a trail of shield paperwork while steve gets more & more uncertain of who he can trust
  • but bucky brings over bags of food to steve’s apartment and pushes him into bed when he’s falling asleep on his living room floor, and steve’s starting to remember being a teenager & being so in love with bucky that it hurt
  • chases through back alleys! breaking into offices & hanging off fire escapes! steve getting shot & bucky staunching the blood with a handkerchief out of his breast pocket, his hand over steve’s mouth so steve won’t make a sound
  • in the end bucky thinks the mole is nat and leaves steve convalescing on peggy carter’s couch while he goes to confront her
  • turns out it’s a trap, and rumlow’s the man who meets bucky in the alley but the whole thing’s been orchestrated by pierce all along
  • bucky’s backed up against a wall and prepared to go down fighting when peggy & steve come in, guns blazing
  • (when the dust settles it turns out that steve’s been running on adrenaline & he’s still dripping blood when bucky crawls over to him & cradles his face in his hands and tells him “goddamn, rogers, you are so stupid” in the most affectionate voice)

It is this is and this. 
The tide washes crimson, the flood of your fury washed in iron,
and oh, my lover, how the color molds to fit you.
Though it should not.

Hands on my face rise in the morning to wield death.
I thought, then, that you could not, would not kill,
for your hands loved me so tenderly.

Blood on your face, tangled in your hair,
when did crimson begin to suit you so well?
You grin like a wolf, then, and I am caged in it.
I am breathless as I beg for you to take me, those hands
wearing me down until I feel as if I am raw.

My smile is a gaping wound, crimson lashed on brown,
the tide licking my feet like a hungry dog
as tears dry with salt. 

I wept for you. 
I will always weep for you, my love.

Turn over to me.
I will brush your wings, shine your halo,
hold your feet as you are lifted to Heaven.

And when you ascend, I will kneel until you return.
Until I bleed.
As I always have.

“Red Tide” (E.B.)

Long Time Now

by raincityruckus

When Clarke and Bellamy finally get together it’s not what she expected. But Clarke needs to be reminded how well control suits her and Bellamy is uniquely qualified to do it.

Words: 6396, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read it on AO3 at

fanciful-fandomonium asked:

Sorry! Just sent you a blank ask because I couldn't figure out how to do it anonymously on mobile! Anyway, no point hiding my ID now... This is gonna be a silly question, but do you guys actually get snow in Australia, or is it just cold?

Hah, there are a few places where it snows. Down south in Tasmania and in the mountains, but it’s not incredibly common. A lot of houses here are just not well suited to the cold, no heating or anything like that.

im SCREAMING i cant believe people told me i wouldnt suit university well and that doing 2 languages is ridiculous I GOT A HD FOR MANDARIN JKNHFDSJJSFSDFGF

hanna-kimmi asked:

what type of genres/roles/charaters would you want richard to pursue and which ones do hope he stay the hell away from??

He is just brilliant for period pieces. I know he’s done many of those and I am looking forward to Bastille Day in which he is going to break with everything he’s ever done, but it suits him so well. He’d make a great Darcy or Heathcliff - I’d like for him to do the great British Victorian classics. But I want to see him in his much coveted Sci-Fi role as well! A new Star Trek captain, maybe? And Bond!! I want him to be the new one  follow in Daniel Craig’s footsteps.

And what I want him to stay the hell away from? Honestly? I have watched him in everything, and I’ll continue to do so, but PLEASE don’t make him sing. ;-)

How to Grow Tomatoes

Excerpt from Homegrown by Heather Hardison:

There are many varieties of tomatoes, so make sure to select one that’s well suited to your climate, or try growing multiple varieties to extend the harvest. Tomatoes do best when started indoors; I recommend starting them 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost in your area.

To begin, sprinkle seeds over the entire surface of a flat that’s 3 inches (7.5 cm) deep, then cover with ¼ inch (6 mm) of soil. Place the flat in a window that will receive plenty of sun, and keep the soil moist. When the seedlings’ first true leaves appear, transplant the strongest plants into individual cups or pots that have drainage holes. Plant the seedling on its side so more roots grow down from the stem.

When the threat of frost has passed, slowly start hardening off your seedlings. Only plant the strongest seedlings in your garden. When you’re ready to plant, dig a hole and bury them up to their “armpits,” where the lowest leaves meet the stem.

There are two types of tomatoes: determinate and indeterminate (this will be indicated on your seed packet). Determinate plants are bush varieties and should be planted 2 feet (61 cm) apart. Indeterminate varieties will grow long vines. You can bury a 6-foot (1.8-m) stake next to the small plant and train it up the stake as it grows, or you can plant them 3 to 4 feet (.9 to 1.2 m) apart and let the vines run all over the place.

I find the easiest way to grow the indeterminate variety is to make a round cage with chicken wire around your stake and contain the growth within. Make sure to add mulch to keep in moisture and smother weeds. Regularly harvest the ripe fruits by cutting or gently twisting them off the vine. Tomatoes do well in containers and can easily be planted on sunny patios. Don’t let a small space stop you from enjoying fresh summer tomatoes!

My aesthetic

Outer space
Good music
Vinyl records
The color dark purple
Chipped nail polish
Lush bath bombs and soap
2 AM
Things that glow in the dark
Dark lipstick and black eyeliner
Wide brimmed fedoras (Format era Nate Ruess style)
Round sunglasses
Ripped tights
Old diners
Garage sales
Thrift stores
Bold makeup
The weather before a storm
Flower crowns
Ice cream cones
Kissing in a car
Well-tailored suits
Glass-bottled pop

            “—- I’m here for the.. internship..”
For some business his father wanted him to look at.
He was suppose to be like a errand boy during this
time. His therapy was going well enough where he
could be out more. But he still wore his gloves either
way. Marcarius looked well suited for the position, of
course. Wearing one of his best suits for the occasion. 

I’ve recently started tweeting! To see some of my attempts at writing short sentences, or to await new ones, here’s my twitter. Next up is blogging, and I’ll be tweeting about blogging, perhaps even blogging about tweeting. If you’re still reading this, take yourself for a walk or find a hobby, I just bored myself. I’m not sure I’m well suited to 140 characters.


Interesting…I was on some random online castle visit and saw this on the other player’s team. Didn’t know that they use the Grima!Robin portrait for Amiboo characters like Lucina and Marth. Not sure if it’s always like that or is it just because I haven’t unlocked them…But at least the portrait will suit Amiboo Robin well in any case lol.

anonymous asked:

Alright so I'm 15 at the moment, I've been wanting a fursuit since I was what, 11 or so? BUT! I've always told myself to not buy one before I'm absolute certain I won't be growing too much more. In the mean time I've just started saving up for a suit, as well as a sewing machine so I can try to make my own suits.

Good on you anon! Keep it up!

anonymous asked:

omg you are so gorgeous, wow i am so over the moon with the way you do your makeup and your hair colour suits you so well!!

THANK YOU i’m so happy!!!