Suits [S5]

Tfw you’ve been in bed drawing Zechs Merquise so long that it got dark out and you didn’t notice til suddenly you were done ((o_o))

Milliardo Peacecraft. 
Captain Epaulettes.

A snow-day ode to my childhood love of Gundam Wing. I even named my new iPad after his suit, so I could think of no better character to draw while continuing to test the limits of Mobile Battle Station Tallgeese ;D

Drawn start to finish in Procreate (so yes, there’s video if you like!)

Now I’m gonna, like, shower? Yeah. Hygiene.


5x11 Blowback AU

Where everything is the same except Harvey is Mike’s fiancée

“I’m his fiancée. Seeing him is not going to make me look guilty. Not seeing him will.” Harvey would not be kept away. He had already lot the firm he was not going to lose Mike too.

“No, what’s gonna keep you from looking guilty is you and I ripping up your letter of resignation,” Jessica retorted and Harvey wanted to hit her over the head because she was jut not getting it. Mike was Harvey’s world. The way the firm had been before. But now he realized he could live without it but not without Mike.

“Are you crazy? There’s no getting out of this!”

“I haven’t lost a case before, and I’m not about to start now.”

“This isn’t just some other case!”

“No it’s not! It’s a case involving the man I love and I refuse to lose!”

Mike stood there staring at him with wide ideas and Harvey could just see the gears turning around in his head.  Understanding slowing coloring his features. His anger and fear faded replaced with concern and guilt.

“I know Harvey. I’m sorry. I forgot this is not just about me.”

Harvey’s eyes dropped and he looked away emotion making the room unbearable.

“However, I would like to introduce a motion to have Mr. Specter removed as attorney for Mr. Ross.” It took everything Harvey had not to stand up and slug her.

“What? On what grounds?”

“On the grounds that they conspired to defraud the bar association, every client they ever had, and the people of the United States. Also the fact that Mr. Specter is the defendants fiancée,” she sounded smug and he hated her more with every passing moment.

“There are no laws stating that a lawyer can’t represent their fiancée or family members for that matter. You have no grounds.”

My chambers. Now,” the judge ordered.

“What I know is, the last time you came to me, I told you I never wanted to hear Mike Ross’s name again, and once again, here you are, asking me to do something for the person that destroyed our relationship.”

Harvey could barely look at her. Here he was standing in front of his former girlfriend about to beg if he had to to keep her mouth shut about his fiancée. Especially since she was right. Mike was the reason for their breakup. Harvey was in love with him even back then.

“Just let me tell you something. They don’t have conjugal visits in federal prison. And even if they did, I know your fiancée’s type. He’s smart. He’s handsome. He’s cunning. He’ll let you take the fall and he won’t stick around no matter what he says.”

Mike tried not to let it show how much the Marshal’s words affected him. He knew that wasn’t Harvey. He knew that he was only saying that stuff to get in mike’s head to get him to confess. That he didn’t know Harvey and if he did he would never believe that for a second but still, it hurt…

“I might go to jail.” Mike had to make him see to understand. There where no guarantees. They might lose, they would probably lose.

Harvey’s eyes softened. “If you do I’ll be here.” He took a step forward reducing the space between them. “I’m never going to leave you.”

Mike knew in that moment exactly how true those words where..