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Good boy. It’s perfectly normal to listen to your assigned files whenever instructed. Yes I know interns don’t often wear suits but today you were told to dress in one of the suits supplied to you. You don’t know why today was a suit day but it feels good to follow special orders, right. You are wondering if you might get to attend a special event or perhaps you might be my date for dinner. You didn’t think I noticed but I’ve noticed with each passing day you lust for me. I’ve noticed.

I’ve also noticed you have been enjoying other perks of your internship…the company gym, the company salon, the company Drs. You probably don’t even notice that your life is a little different now than when you joined the intern pool. You had a girlfriend when you arrived didn’t you? Planned to continue long distance? You forgot all about her didn’t you. Well you broke it off quickly. Better to spend personal time at the gym than chatting up some meaningless girl.

Your grooming changed. No more beard. No more body hair. To succeed you knew your looks would be very important. Your listening preferences changed. Now you just play playlists that get passed to you from the trainers at the company gym. Plus you listen to the motivational files sent to you by the company dr. At first you thought every employee got the same file to listen to but you have learned differently. Still, you listen to the file selected for you as instructed. Yes. Good. Boy.

About 15 minutes ago (or 1 hour ago - who needs to count) you got the ping to listen to a new file. Good boy. Yes you do want to keep listening as you get up from your desk in the intern pool. Take the elevator. Out to the street. To the limo. Driver opens the door. Get in. Yes sit next to the man. You remember him from other nights. Who is he? A client? Yes listen: program open: horny himbo trophy. Devoted to daddy. Character: Preston the dumb kept slut himbo. Reboot.

Yes Preston. You love your daddy. Off you go to a special night at the opera. Yes Preston loves fucking his billionaire daddy in the box. You will find lots of other new ways to please your daddy. Just listen to your files as instructed. See you next week (or maybe never if he decides to acquire you). Use your eyes Preston. Good boy.

I Chose You... - 7 (James T. Kirk/Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six

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“Aye yi yi yi yi…” Kirk glanced to the left at Chekov staring at the torpedo.

“I hate you…” He looked to right at Bones staring at his own torpedo.

“Guys…come on we’re gonna be fine.” Kirk told them as he zipped up his jacket, “We have drop suits, oxygen, and our supplies are all ready loaded.”

“I hate you.” Bones repeated again shaking his head.

“Gentlemen if you’ll board your vessel we can get you under way.” Scottie smirked at them all. As they started to get in, “Now, you’ll have some control over the drop as we’re  dropping you into the atmosphere.”

“What?” Bones stopped strapping himself inside, “Jim, you never said anything…”

“Cause you would’ve said no…this just…made it easier…” Kirk mumbled as Scottie continued.

“This unit has also been equipped with a chute. I do suggest releasing it, though it will cause some drift.” Scottie finished, “Any questions?”

“These things aren’t live, are they?” Bones swallowed as he finished locking himself in.

“Only yours.” Scottie smirked at him as he closed the lid. He stepped back to the console putting in the calculations that he and Chekov had worked on. He looked up to the captain giving him a thumbs up only to receive a nod.

Kirk felt like the whole process was wrong. Instead of the normal fuzzy feeling he got when teleporting, it was cold and harsh as he could see out the small view window. Instead of the solid feeling of structure, it was falling.

After the disorientation subsided he gained control correcting his decent enough to release the chute. The remaining part of the journey was not pleasant or smooth. He could barely make out anything as the torpedo shell bounced and crashed against hard objects in the twilight.

He groaned as he started unlatching the hatch, “Yeah…hindsight…not a good idea…”

 He dropped out with a grunt and reached back in dislodging his supply bag. Already he was feeling the lack of oxygen Spock had mentioned. He tried to take long slow breaths as he reached into bag for the mask. He strapped it on instantly feeling more air coming to him. 

There was a cracking noise behind him that made his hair stand on end. Whipping around quickly he raised his phaser. Where ever he was it was dark. He felt like he was in a forest but there was this eerie green glow from the structures.

He swallowed sweeping the horizon slowly making a circle. It could’ve just been local wildlife…he wasn’t willing to risk it. 

He stopped when he saw the movement…His eye twitched as he strained to see what it was. More cracking noises as the movement became more rapid, “My name is James Kirk! I’m here to find someone you took…do you understand?”

“Vaso nock’ ishnofganocknay emsabe sabe’ yoshrobo.” The voice was deep getting a swallow from Kirk.

“I would like to not fight, but I will.” Kirk could see them starting to emerge more. Just like the ship, shadow figures in the dark.

“Lay gado sabelay ishdosaabe, Suri.” Another voice from behind.

Kirk swiveled on his feet the other direction cursing, “I will shoot!”

“Emsabe’ naysabe nayrobo saabe vaso nay?” Great…a third.

“This is your final warning!” Kirk shouted at them swiveling back and forth between targets. Whatever this species of people were…they were big…and tall…6 feet at least maybe 7.

“James!” Pause.

He spun around looking for the voice in the dark. Crunching of feet…short intervals… your gate…it had to be…

“James!” Out of the darkness you came running toward him past the giants.

You smacked into him with a force that would move galaxies. Feeling your arms wrap around him, his defenses drop, “I’m here…are you okay?”

Feeling his arms enclose around you, you nodded, “I’m just glad you’re here.”

“Are…a…these…” He licked his lips as the towering figures glaring down at him, “you’re new boyfriends?”

You looked back at them raising your hand up to them, “Uh…please…Bregon…please uh…”

“Do ga vaso?” The biggest of the three pointed at Kirk.

“Yes…” You nodded at him then looked at Kirk. You reached down quickly taking his hand putting it over your heart and took his other putting it over his, “Layro…layro.”

Kirk watched as the three seemed to relax. The one started to talk again rapidly pointing up at the sky, “Are we good?”

“Yeah…” You looked at him then at the phaser, “You can put that away. They’re not going to hurt us.”

“You sure? Biggie looks kinda mean.” Kirk glanced back at the one ordering the other two around.

“That’s Bregon…he’s…tense.” You told him staring at the trio, “Did more people come with you? I saw three chutes.”

“Yes.” He nodded, “Chekov and Bones.”

“Right…Just…give me a minute.” You stepped toward this Bregon getting his attention. He knelt down looking at you as you obviously struggled to convey that two members of your crew were still out there. After a moment he nodded slowly before standing going to the others.

You walked back over to Kirk, “Are you okay? I’m sure the ride down was not gentle.”

“I’ve…had better rides.” He smiled looking down at you, “But I’ve definitely had worse too.”

“You’re bleeding…” You reached up to his head.

“I’ll be okay…When we join up with Bones, I’ll have him take a look…” He reassured you.

You smiled a little letting your fingers touch his mask, “You were able to get enough of a reading to get oxygen levels…”

“Yeah, we tried hailing too…but…” He looked at you seeing that you already knew you couldn’t be reached, “Y/N…what’s going on?”

“It’s a long story…and we should get back to the city before I explain.” That’s when he noticed how tired you look. The dark circles under your eyes, the trying to remain happy when you were stressed.  The second week he was seeing you, you got like this. You almost broke up with him.

“Y/N…” He put his hands on your face concerned.

You smiled at him leaning into one of his palms, “I’m okay…I promise I will tell you everything.”

“Just…you trust these people?” He asked as the two took off into the dark.

“Yes. Yes I do.” You told him as Bregon walked you, “They just need help, but don’t know how to ask.”

“Y/N…” Bregon looked down at you then glanced at Kirk.

“This next part … “ You looked at Kirk an amused look on your face, “you’re not going to like.”


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NBC to team up with various high end products, and actually do something with the marketing for the show.

Seriously, hannibal has a younger, higher income demographic than most of the stuff on TV, this is a demographic that is buying new things. 

If the show teamed up with a tailor in NYC or some bespoke suit company, people would buy those suits. Ditto for cooking supplies, a kitchen knives, expensive shoes, the list is pretty much endless. 

Like you can do product placement which isn’t loud and obnoxious, see Breaking Bad’s car episode, where the company gave them a ton of money to incorporate it into the plot. They can be even more subtle in Hannibal, and just have people use the item. A large part of the show is watching the nice stuff. People already spend loads of time trying to find exactly what products and clothing are used in the show.