What to wear on Weddings: Newest Trends for Men

Arguably, a wedding is one of the biggest commitments anyone can make in their lives. Thus, even as you deliberate the wedding venue and work out a list of who you want to be present, it only makes sense to also dwell on what you’re going to wear as a groom. This should take into account not just the suit, but the shirt, socks, shoes and jewellery as well. The same should apply even where you are only attending as a guest; there’s no room to look dull and boring. You have to keep up with the style and pace set by the couple of the day. In light of this, here are some trends to have at the back of your mind even as you go shopping for wedding attire.

Suit Colour

Blue suits have been and all-time favorite for men during weddings and even though there’s no rule that dictates that you should stick to this color, it still remains the trendiest this year. The good thing is that you have room to go for slate, navy, or midnight blue, depending on whether the wedding you are attending is in the day or evening, and whether or not there’s a requirement to match with other men. Opt for a blue suit with a shawl lapel and you can be certain to stay comfortable and stand out from the crowd throughout the event.

Waist Coats

Slim fit waistcoats are currently being very much favored in weddings throughout the globe. To keep up with this fashion, therefore, you need to factor in the slimness as you get the waistcoat fitted. The best part about this though is that you don’t have to keep things plain; you can go all out and get a patterned waistcoat borrowing from what has made a mark on the catwalk. You have a variety of options to pick from in this regard—you can settle on a checked, swirled or floral coat depending on your taste and style.

Flannel Flannel

is also a trend to look out for this season and even though it seems rather unofficial, it might just be what you need to look fashionable during that marriage ceremony. If you have never thought of flannel for a wedding, maybe it’s time you gave it a second thought. The important thing to do in this case though is to make sure that the item you go for is lightweight and high quality.

Sneak Peek into Wedding Trends in The Past

 Compared to the marriage events that were organized in the past, weddings today are big and lavish. In the 1960’s, for instance, ceremonies would be planned with as little as $85; which is obviously nothing compared to the whopping $25,000 or more that couples are willing to put into formalizing their union of late. Similarly, the changes in wedding attire have been significant not just for brides, but for the grooms as well. High waists were, for instance, very popular among grooms in the 1960’s until the 70s when they had more room to customize. Then, men would wear colorful and less formal outfits, sometimes trimmed with ruffles and velvet. The 20th century however brought with it the greatest changes and men now have a wide variety of options—from frock coats and morning coats to customary tuxedos and lounge suits—the selections are endless.

Nonetheless, if money is a non-issue for you, you will have very many alternatives. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find something nice with a small budget - it all comes down to where and how much you are looking for. On a small budget it’s worth looking for some voucher codes like these.


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