suitor no. 1

Seven concerning traits in a suitor

1. They are always at the start of every list, curling around the number one like a playful snake. You first found them on the compass rose of an old map. They leave ink in your bed at regular intervals and smell slightly of mildew.
2. You are unable to talk about that day you playfully pulled open their trenchcoat and found that they were in fact seven piglets standing on top of each other. Dinner has become especially awkward. Once a week you order sausages from the local takeaway and spend an hour silently looking at them.
3. Her pockets are always full of damp gravel. You cannot meet her parents, because she was born from the scarred rock of the nether mountains, and they are under a glacier at the moment, and (as she is fond of telling you) this is as clear a do not disturb sign as they will ever give.
4. He has a succession of suspicious great-aunts; although you have never met them, whenever you discover something dead in his vicinity it was always one of the great-aunts who was responsible. You have tried calling one of the aunts; she appears to run a pizzeria and cannot come to the phone right now.
5. She likes to wear a cloak three hundred kilometres wide, under which you have reason to believe she may be hiding a substantial portion of Greenland. You have talked to her about the risk to the Earth’s albedo of doing this, but she remains unbothered.
6. They are an alien being on a desparate mission from a distant planet and find the Earth’s atmosphere distressingly toxic. You believe they may only be snuggling up close to you on a night out so that they can breathe your exhaled carbon dioxide.
7. They do not listen to what you have to say. In fact, they do not listen to what anyone has to say. In part because of this worrying trait, they are about to crash into the Earth and destroy the human race.

Prince Jason Todd falling in love with a "Commoner"

•The people knew very little about Jason.

•He never went to high society social events or paraded around the public like what his brothers had to do.

•He was however, the commander for the regiment.

•You only saw him when the regiment was out fighting or training.

•He was as a mystery.

•Not that many high class suitors were into him because #1 you could barely meet him anywhere or #2 he was very tight lipped.

•Jason said little to none and mostly lived with his soldiers rather than his castle.

•So when a very attractive man was roaming around your village with the regiment you and basically everyone had no idea that he was a prince.

•You hunted a lot in the deep woods.

•With a bow and arrow you became very well known throughout the state for your skills.

•You heard twigs cracking and immediately fired an arrow to the noise.

•The noise however was a man with a stream of scared curses.

•You quickly ran to the man and apologized profusely.

•"I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to shoot you I thought you-“
•"It’s fine really, You’re skills are amazing… almost as good as mine.”
•"Oh really?“

•You began to talk to the man who said his name was Jay.

•He proposed a competition on who could shoot better.

•And he lost.

•"I let you win Y/N”

•After a couple of talks together in the woods he begins to fall for you.

•Unlike his brothers, his prince status doesn’t get in the way.

•But as the relationship between you two start to get serious he thinks a lot on how to tell it to you.

•Jay does the most cheesiest pick up lines to get you to laugh.

•"Y'know you had my heart when you shot that first arrow.”
•"Yes, my arrow was dangerously close to your heart when I shot it.“

•When you two kiss he feels like the happiest guy alive.

•But then remembers he’s hiding apart of himself from you.

•He feels like you deserve better and distances himself from you.

•You not taking any of Jay’s shit, go out looking for him after days of ignoring you.

•Spotting him next to a tree sitting glumly you join him.

•"What’s been going on?”
•"That’s the worst lie you ever told.”
•"It’s just… the kiss, I- We.“

•You thought he wasn’t into you no more.

•"No no! Y/N, I loved that kiss it made me feel so happy… it’s just, I’m the pri-.”


•A young man riding a horse storms up to Jason.

•It was prince Tim.

•"Why did you storm off at dinner! You didn’t even tell us about that Y/N… oh… hello.”

•Everything clicked, Jay was Prince Jason.

•Jason groaned while covering his face.

•"Thanks Tim, I was trying to explain that to Y/N right now.“

•"Oh well… glad I can be of service.. er… see you back at the castle.”

•Jason gave you a questioning look whether you’d accept him or not.

•You merely shrugged.

•"You’re a commander and a prince, that’s pretty hot. Think that your nobles would accept me?“

•"They absolutely would… even if they didn’t I wouldn’t care.”

•It took a very long time for Jason to bring you to the castle.

•He wasn’t much of a glamor person himself.

•Everyone was jealous of Tim because he saw what you looked like before anyone else.

•Prince Dick practically loves you and casually questions when the wedding date will be.

•According to Dick, you two aren’t allowed to be married unless he is present.

•You and Jason spend most of the days together in a small cottage in the nature.

•The boys love to visit to get away from their princely duties, much to Jason’s dismay.

•But what is for certain.

•Jason loves you too much.


Fantastical Masquerade part 2 (MidCinJP)

@rosyangel95 you said you could not wait to see the rest of them! Here they are!

Byron samaaa!! so sublime with that mask, so wonderful!!  (*▼◡`* ) (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄) Byron my love!!!  σ(≧ε≦σ) ♡

@juzbijou save your energy for part 2 of the event ;) 

@tykira45 @narsi-dafna-blog ;)

(so glad this event was in MidCinJp before the fullscreen option disappeared, got to make lots of screenshots, few with the other suitors, lots lots lots with Byron (≧◡≦) ♡ Byron samaaa ) 

Suitors + travelling pt. 1 (because come on, they need a break)

Alyn: Sick and tired of forests. Goes to the big city and strolls. Good with directions like he’s been there (no it’s actually his first time). Visits pastry shops and probably takes a short crash course in cooking local dishes. Photos are landmarks without him as he doesn’t want to bother anyone taking pictures for him, nor does he take selfie sticks.

Louis: Vacation is volunteering. He goes to the east to visit some foundations (mostly children’s foundations) and helps out. Doesn’t stay in fancy hotels, he’d live at the local building and help prepare things for their activities. He’s actually not picky for someone pampered. Sometimes the power goes out for the whole day and it’s frickin’ hot, you’ll find him swimming in the rivers with the kids. One time though, a gecko jumped on his back while he was taking a dump in an outside shed and since then he doesn’t do his business often. Photos are taken by other people and he keeps getting tagged in them.

Byron: Summers are his favorite. Hits an exotic beach somewhere 2476327563487 miles away from Stein. Soaks up in both the sun and sea, sippin on pineapple juice. Also likes watersports, but leaves Albert by the shore because he almost drowned one time. Photos are taken by Nico. Everything is chill.

Leo: Travelling is immersing himself to a new culture, so we find him staying for months in one place. Learns the language, follows their customs like a local, and is like the best bud of everyone in the street. Shops like a local, gets discounts because he’s cute. Forgets to actually bring souvenirs home because they’re too much of a baggage. So Alyn, have this picture of him eating balut, because he swears it’s tasty you have to see it. Photos are mostly selfies with landmarks in the background, some tribal tattoos, and more of locals.

Sid: Actually extravagant with travelling because it makes him feel good. Infinity pools, partying, shopping for brand, and all. Spends nights at the casino and wins almost every time. Maybe he’s cheating the system? lol. Talks to big shots while playing and actually connects with them and grows his network. Okay, maybe he’s actually working. Photos are him half naked in the pool with a bunch of other people.


Cuttlefish meets cuttlefish, a tale as old as time. Rival suitor challenges Male Cuttlefish 1 to a duel, and deep in the sea, mating games are afoot. While conducting undersea research, scientists happen to catch the encounter–the first time such behavior has been filmed in the wild. National Science Foundation-funded researchers at the Marine Biological Laboratory say this behavior suggests a “mutual assessment” model of game theory: Each individual evaluates his next action based on his opponent’s ability and his own ability to prevail. And mutual assessment requires more cognitive ability. This analysis through game theory is a big step in studying aggression in the animal kingdom. And the observations and analysis set up a way to do lab experiments differently.


Secret date with Drake 😍😍😍

We only pay 16 diamonds because our relationship with Drake will only as far as kissing goes. PB still want us end up with the Prince or should i say the King now 😒😒😒

They only give us a little taste of Drake. Meanwhile the rules of engagement and endless summer we can date more than 1 suitor @playchoices

Master List

Series and AUs

Taken: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5: An AU diverging from the end of Dragonfly in Amber. Claire is stopped by a redcoat soldier just as she tries to flee through the stones before the battle of Culloden. Complete.

Survivors: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: The sequel to Taken. With Claire and Jamie reunited after Culloden, they must find a way to survive British revenge upon the rebel Jacobites. Complete.

Small Blessings: A modern day AU focusing on Claire and Jamie’s family. Each chapter can stand separately. Third Word and Une Nouvelle Famille follow.

The Dunbonnet’s Cave: Chapters 1, 2, 3, and *now with an additional chapter 4*: In response to this prompt: “Anonymous asked: What if Claire had a medical conference in Scotland, in her time, and couldn’t resist visiting Lallybroch. She then finds a stone or discovers the cave Jamie stayed in and sees something Jamie carved there.” Complete.

  • New Life: A follow up ficlet to the Dunbonnet’s Cave, in which the Frasers welcome a new member of the family.

Pre Wedding Fics: series complete

  • Mistress Beauchamp: A little ficlet inspired by the following anonymous prompt: Pre-Wedding Jamie and Claire are my weakness and I’ve always thought Jamie’s crush on her was incredibly adorable and obviously the sexual tension was pretty great too. Perhaps a missing scene from these episodes where Jamie thinks about her (naughty or not)? Or something like that :) Complete.
  • The Innkeeper:  Response to an anonymous prompt: “I’ve always wanted one where Jamie/Sam is jealous and can’t stand that Claire/cait is getting to much attention from another suitor, pre wedding?” Complete.
  • Infatuation, part 1 and Part 2: Response to an anonymous prompt requesting Jamie as a voyeur, watching Claire. Complete.
  • The Night Before: The night before the wedding, from Jamie’s point of view. 
  • The Night Of: The wedding night, from Jamie’s point of view. Last in the series.

Another Life: PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8. Explores an alternate universe in which Black Jack actually is Frank’s direct ancestor. Therefore, when Jamie castrates him, Frank is never born, causing enormous ripples in time that completely change the course of their lives. In progress.


The Occasion of Sin: missing scene from Outlander book 1, set in Leoch after Jamie and Claire were married. It’s my explanation as to why Laoghaire left the ill wish beneath Claire’s pillow. Complete.

Need (Part 1) and Need (Part 2): A little Jamie x Claire ficlet set within DIA. Complete.

The Heart of a Vow: This one’s for @thatwetwomaybeone, who requested a story with the following prompt: “After the spanking and Claire turning Jamie away and Leghair trying to tempt him, Jamie went to Claire to try and resolve matters. Could we see what Claire would have done had it been her approaching Jamie to resolve things? I guess I just want some more smut!” Complete.

The ParadoxAn alternate version of Chapter 21 of DIA, in which Claire explains what might happen to her if Frank is never born. 

The Five Senses: @a-tourist-in-the-waking-world asked for some S2E8 (The Fox’s Lair) smut, but not in the obvious place. Very NSFW, with no redeeming plot whatsoever. Complete.

A Bed of Grass: missing smutlet from S2E8 (The Fox’s Lair) that explains how Claire got those teasel heads in her hair on the way to Lord Lovat’s. Complete.

Only a Momentthis little ficlet is a little missing smut from S2E9 (Je Suis Prest) from a request from @a-tourist-in-the-waking-world. Complete.

Transmedia Theory: Ruby Gillis

I wrote this post already! Once upon a time. And now I’m doing it again.

Having Ruby on multiple platforms presents multiple access points to her personality. I’ll look at all of them and also share some of the Easter eggs I revealed in the old post!

Ruby’s Twitter

This was originally focused on her love life, her social life, and her interactions with friends/boys. Ruby is mostly outgoing and upbeat on Twitter, and doesn’t complain often. She has enthusiasm for all elements of her life and likes to share that with others. Emoticon use: high. 

The most fun thing about her Twitter was slowly increasing the number of mentioned suitors. I lost track of how many beaus (or baes) had been added. And now, a brief tangent into the origins of these gentlemen: 

*most names are taken from ex-suitors of Lucy Maud Montgomery*

1. Will: also known as Will Pritchard, brother of LM’s friend Laura. Originally friends, Will tried to take their friendship further but LM resisted, she moved away but they stayed in touch until his death. In our adaptation, we made Will the “Billy Andrews” of the original books, aka, Jane’s older brother. No awkward proposal to Anne, though. He just dates Ruby for a bit, then moves on.

2. Nate: Nate Lockhart, a young boy from Cavendish who LM met at age 14. Flirtatious friendship, ended when LM rejected Nate’s proposal. We made Nate pursue Josie after Ruby and Gilbert started dating.

3. Ed/Eddie: Edwin Simpson, to whom LM was engaged for a year.

4. John: John A Mustard, theology teacher who tried to impress LM with his knowledge of religion. I built this in a bit with Ruby’s tweet that John “…just talks ON and ON and ON about church sermons. It’s kind of weird, but cute.”

5. Tom: No original connection to the books or L.M. Montgomery. 

6. Spencer is Herb Spencer, Ruby’s last love interest. He’s a few years older, doing an internship at the hospital where Ruby receives treatment for her auto-immune disorder and later, pneumonia. He’s a medical student who takes Ruby seriously and tries to help her understand her illness as best he can.

Ruby’s Pinterest

I think Ruby is a big dreamer and very future-oriented, so her having Pinterest seems logical. It’s a way to share her “vision boards” with viewers and demonstrate some of her deepest desires. Boards like Adorable Animals! and FOOD are a surface-level presentation of her interests, but boards like Weddings! <3 and Babies are more vulnerable (and coincidentally, more viewer-manipulating). They stand in contrast to her often-casual take on dating and romance that we see on Twitter. Her Pinterest boards show an intense desire for authentic romantic love and eventually, a family. 

Ruby’s Instagram

Many of Ruby’s Instagram posts mirror the aesthetics she aspires to on Pinterest, in a more down-to-earth and realistic way: baking and desserts, going for coffee with friends, cut flowers, makeup and earrings. The colour scheme is generally bright and cheerful (pink and yellow, warm tones).

She also likes to ship her friends, in very unsubtle ways, both on Twitter and Instagram. Despite her many suitors/love interests/beaus/baes, she’s old-fashioned at heart and believes in finding her soulmate. And in helping other people find theirs:

♪ ♪ ♪

Love’s Melody Fashion Grab Bag is Now Open!!

Make some beautiful music with your love! Giles plays the piano… Alyn plays the violin… Louis plays the harp… Leo plays the accordion… but they all love the sounds you make the most!

Get musical instruments to place in your room and dress up like a conductor!

Special Love’s Melody Princess Lessons featuring all seven suitors will be available 7/1 midnight PST to 7/3 6PM PST!

What instrument do you think Sid, Nico, and Byron can play best?

♪ ♪ ♪

My Queen, My King.

TITLE: I Will Wait, My Darling.


AUTHOR: no-life14

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine taking Loki up to your cabin in the mountains during the winter, and snuggling multiple times during the day, and all through the night.

Imagine being Loki’s closest friend, your relationship is completely platonic, to the bewilderment of others. But when someone comes into Loki’s life as a suitor, everything in the friendship is brought into question.


NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings, I don’t think. I hope you like it!

It was a bright and sunny day in the little cozy cabin we lived in. A soft breeze blew through the opened windows, gently swaying the expensive silken curtains. Birds chirped cheerfully outside, perched on the fruit trees. The sweet smell of grass, rain, and nature filled the cottage.

I dreamt fondly of Loki, like I had done the many nights before. Each time was a different memory.

The first time we’d met was one that I’d have every so often. It was some sill banquet both of us had tried to recall countless times, but never could. “The only thing I remember,” Loki would sigh, “was seeing those ridiculously bright blue eyes staring back at me, my wanting to just at least know your name.”

Keep reading

Eadlyn and Her Suitors (1/6): Eadrik

“Did you put your name in?” I asked suddenly. “For the Selection, I mean?”

He smiles and shook his head. “No.”

“Why not?”

He shrugged, searching for an answer. “Because…who am I?”

“You’re Eikko.”

He stood there, slightly dazed at the sound of his given name. Finally, he smiled again.

“Yes, I’m Eikko. But you barely know me.”

“I know Eikko as well as he knows Eadlyn. And I can tell you, you are enough as well.”

He rubbed his thumb against the back of my hand, the tiniest movement. And I could sense we were both wondering what would have happened if his name had been in one of those baskets. Maybe he’d be one of the contenders, maybe he wouldn’t have been picked at all…it was hard to say if the risk would have been worth it in the end.”

The Bleach Dating Game: Starring Rukia

As requested by anon. :)

Previous dating games have starred Hanataro, Ichigo, and Bambietta. The “dating game,” for those who do not know, is a game with three mystery suitors and a contestant. The mystery suitors answer the contestant’s questions from behind a wall, and then the contestant picks one of them for a date. In this case, the suitors have been RANDOMLY chosen! So let’s see who Rukia picks!

1. Rukia asks: “What’s our first date going to look like?”

Suitor #1: I pick you up after sundown. We go to an all-you-can-eat buffet, where we eat to our heart’s content!

Suitor #2: If it’s nice out, then how about a nice stabbing spree? But if it’s raining, let’s stay inside. Rain sucks.

Suitor #3: I dunno. We’ll go to a restaurant, I guess. A nice, clean one. Then we can go out for donuts, if you want.

2. Rukia asks: “If you’re being totally honest, what do you think is your *least* desirable trait?”

Suitor #1: Well………… do you feel about tentacles?

Suitor #2: I sunburn easily.

Suitor #3: Some people might say I’m too angry.

3. Rukia asks: “And what is your best trait?”

Suitor #1: I can be whatever you need me to be!

Suitor #2: I have an awesome smile.

Suitor #3: I’m VERY cute.

4. Rukia asks: “If I’m slated to be unjustly executed, what would you do?”

Suitor #1: Try to convince you to take your friends down with you. You know, for fun.

Suitor #2: I’ll kill all the people who are trying to get you killed! Maybe a few who aren’t.

Suitor #3: I’d help you if I had to.

5. Rukia asks: “What’s your closet like?”

Suitor #1: Large.

Suitor #2: Don’t think I have one. Just use Ichigo’s.

Suitor #3: Full of THE most adorable clothes you’ll ever see, thank you very much!

6. Rukia asks: “My brother can be - intimidating. How will you get him to like you?”

Suitor #1: That depends. Was he a fan of Kaien?

Suitor #2: Jump out and scare him. I think he secretly likes that!

Suitor #3: I’d make his Admiral Seaweed plushie come alive. Or would that be creepy?

7. Rukia asks: “I can’t get my juice box open! How will you help?”

Suitor #1: I’d remind you of all of your past failures. For, um, context.

Suitor #2: I’d show you how much better I am at opening juice boxes than you!

Suitor #3: You seriously can’t open juice boxes??? Well, I guess I could do it for you.

8. Rukia asks: “Do you draw?”

Suitor #1: I’ve eaten a lot of different people. So yeah. Probably.

Suitor #2: No, I’m a little short of art supplies in here, thanks.

Suitor #3: Yeah, some.

9. Rukia asks: “If I’m having a bad day, how will you cheer me up?”

Suitor #1: With a visit from an old friend of yours!

Suitor #2: With a nice riddle game!

Suitor #3: You can hug some of my stuffed animals, if you want.

10. Rukia asks: “Why should I pick you?”

Suitor #1: Because two heads are better than one!

Suitor #2: ‘Cause you can’t say no to my hair!

Suitor #3: Because frankly the other two people in this game suck a lot and seem to be psychopaths!

Rukia: Uh……I think I kinda have to go with Suitor #3.

Suitor #1 (Aaroniero): I hope you realize you’re rejecting Kaien too!!

Suitor #2 (Hichigo): Well, at least I’ll get to tell the king that you don’t like his soul.

Suitor #3 (Riruka): Yay?

The Bleach Dating Game: Starring Ichigo

As requested by anon. :) And also hyourinmarutoshiro and anon. ;)

Last time, Hanataro was the star of the dating game. This time, as per the anon’s request, it will be Ichigo. The “dating game,” for those who do not know, is a game with three mystery suitors and a contestant. The mystery suitors answer the contestant’s questions from behind a wall, and then the contestant picks one of them for a date. In this case, the suitors have been RANDOMLY chosen! So let’s see who Ichigo picks!

1. Ichigo asks: I’m a student, and I do volunteer work saving the world. How will you help me fit romance into my schedule?

Suitor #1: I will help you see that romance isn’t a choice, it is a necessity! Once you’ve heard me serenading you from outside your window, there will be no going back!

Suitor #2: I too have such concerns. I imagine we will spend a lot of time eating at midnight.

Suitor #3: You’re 17, and you haven’t figured out scheduling yet?

2. Ichigo asks: When you were in school - or whatever - did you get in trouble a lot?

Suitor #1: In school, no. But I have since had some trouble with…false accusations.

Suitor #2: I ran away from home to go to school.

Suitor #3: I took my school and family duties very seriously. You should try it, sometime.

Ichigo asks: Do you like fighting? I kinda like fighting.

Suitor #1: In the grip of necessity, all men will choose to band together and fight!

Suitor #2: I fight because I must. I would not say that I enjoy it, except as a sort of savage fury.

Suitor #3: I have no interest in fighting. But at least, I’ve heard, you have talent.

4. Ichigo asks:
 I like Shakespeare and chocolate. Do you?

Suitor #1: Of course! And now I think I know what our first date should be!

Suitor #2: I can’t eat chocolate. It’s poison. I don’t know what Shakespeare is, but it sounds exciting.

Suitor #3: Chocolate is an unhealthy snack. But Shakespeare is good.

5. Ichigo asks: What do you like to do in your free time?

Suitor #1: Compose, write, and play music!

Suitor #2: Sometimes I like to catch frisbees.

Suitor #3: My job allows me very little free time.

6. Ichigo asks: If I don’t pay attention to you, will you stab my friends? I only ask because I’ve had some trouble with that.

Suitor #1: Despite what you may have heard from the authorities, I’m not a psychopath.

Suitor #2: Of course not!!

Suitor #3: Maybe you need better friends. 

7.  Ichigo asks:
 Would you move into my house without telling me?

Suitor #1: Of course not! I would prepare a very romantic proposal to convince you to ask me!

Suitor #2: I think I would be noticed, if I tried.

Suitor #3: I would not move into *your* house if you begged me.

8. Ichigo asks: Where would you take me on a date?

Suitor #1: Let’s not ruin the surprise!

Suitor #2: To the park!

Suitor #3: To dinner, I suppose. How do you feel about hospital cafeteria food?

9. Ichigo asks: What do you think is your best quality?

Suitor #1: My artistry!

Suitor #2: My loyalty.

Suitor #3: My intelligence.

10. Ichigo asks: If you saw some bullies picking on someone, what would you do?

Suitor #1: I would make a grand entrance, and save the day!

Suitor #2: I protect people who cannot protect themselves.

Suitor #3: I would step in…if I had to.

Ichigo: Well…Suitor #1 sounds a little too romantic for me. Suitor #3 kinda seems like a dick. I think I will choose Suitor #2!

Rose (Suitor #1): There is no such thing as TOO romantic!!

Komamura (Suitor #2): I-I was chosen???

Ryuken (Suitor #3): I get that a lot.

The (Quincy) Bleach Dating Game: Starring Bambietta

Quincy dating game requested by anon. :)

I’ve done dating game posts twice before (x x). Basically, in these posts our Bleach contestant asks questions of three mystery suitors, and then picks the one he or she would most like to date. The participants are randomly chosen - and it’s up to you to try to guess who they are before they are revealed! In this post, as per the anon’s request, all participants are Quincy! And Bambietta (also randomly chosen) is the contestant!

1. Bambietta says: “If I’ve had a rough day, what will you do to provide me with the ‘stress relief’ I need?”

Suitor #1: Well, I know what I WON’T do, and that’s bring any men to your room! 'Cause your habit of bisecting them is just WEIRD!

Suitor #2: I would need more information about why you need stress relief. I would obtain that information. 

Suitor #3: Look, I’m not gonna coddle ya! Get your own damn stress relief!!

2. Bambietta says:
“I like hats. Do you like hats?”

Suitor #1: Hell yes! Hats make my hair look great!

Suitor #2: I am more of a mask individual.

Suitor #3: As if I’d cover up my best feature with a HAT!

3. Bambietta says: “Would you murder me to get your way?”

Suitor #1: Murder? Probably not. Fight? Definitely!

Suitor #2: I would not murder you. I would threaten to murder those you love. Much more effective.

Suitor #3: If you’re in my way, then you have murder coming!

4. Bambietta says: "How do you feel about zombies?“

Suitor #1: Well, I’d never let myself be turned into one, that’s for sure! Unlike some people I know. 

Suitor #2: I think only living beings can become zombies. 

Suitor #3: Seems like fighting zombies would be pretty boring.

5. Bamnbietta says: "What’s a romantic evening for you?”

Suitor #1: Uh….I don’t know. Dinner or something I guess.

Suitor #2: I don’t think I am programmed for romance.

Suitor #3: Candles, compliments, and nice hot food! And then later things will get REALLY hot!

6. Bambietta says:
“I don’t want a partner who’s too….controlling. Are you a controlling person?”

Suitor #1: You can do whatever you want. I don’t care.

Suitor #2: Yes, I like being in control.

Suitor #3: Only if you try to control me first!

7. Bambietta says: “If we got a pet together, what would you pick?”

Suitor #1: A lizard. So that if you get “stressed”, he can grow his limbs back!

Suitor #2: I think a roomba would make an adorable pet.

Suitor #3: I’ve heard that roosters are useful as pets. Good-looking, too!

8. Bambietta says:
“How will you make me feel good about myself?”

Suitor #1: I feel good when my hair’s on point. Maybe getting your hair done would help.

Suitor #2: I would list all of the positive data I have on you.

Suitor #3: I’d compliment your best features!

9. Bambietta says:
“Would you ever drink my blood?”

Suitor #1: Ew!!!! Are you fucking KIDDING me?! Only Gigi does that!!

Suitor #2: I do not eat or drink. 

Suitor #3:  No………why?

10. Bambietta says:
 "What can you bring to a relationship?“

Suitor #1: Our relationship will be electrifying!

Suitor #2: Data.

Suitor #3: Really talented fingers!

 "Well…you are all terrible. Just really terrible. But I guess Suitor #3 had a FEW answers that weren’t so bad.”

Candice (Suitor #1): Well I’m frankly relieved.

BG9 (Suitor #2): I cannot believe you did not pick me. Our roomba would have been adorable.

Bazz-B (Suitor #3): HELL YES I WIN!!!

Eadlyn and her Suitors (1/5): Kile Woodwork and Eadlyn Schreave

As we swayed together, everything else stopped mattering for a little while. His lips moved from my mouth and onto my neck. These kisses were different than before. They were aggressive and demanding, pulling all my focus. Without thinking about it, I dragged his shirt upwards.

He laughed devilishly into my cheek. “Okay, if clothes are coming off, we really ought to go to a room.”