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RFA + V and Saeran fall date hc? i luv your blog btw



  • jumin would cancel the whole day to spend with mc and start off the day with strawberry pancakes 
  • he’s been meticulously planning this for a month now so it had to be perfect down to every piece of his three piece suit
  • makes arrangements with driver kim to be at certain places exactly
  • would probably start it off with a stroll in the rose garden by the penthouse
  • he’d look at all the flowers with mc and talk about where the flowers originated from and he’s basically the tour guide throughout the whole garden
  • forgets that he’s even talking for a moment because he’s so busy admiring how beautiful mc is and trails off his words a lot 
  • he’s so fond of mc and finally having someone that could see his strings and still love him for it is such a wonderful thing he’s been deprived of his entire life
  • once the tour of the flowers is done he takes mc out for a lavish dinner at some insane five star restaurant and buys the most expensive bottle of wine
  • he has no problem buying whatever mc pleases on the menu and literally gets lost looking at mc again
  • he’s nearly always in work mode so he doesn’t always get the chance to marvel at how lucky he is to have someone like mc and tells mc this when they’re in the car after dinner, slightly tipsy off of wine
  • probably ends up delivering an emotional speech about how mc has changed his life in the most frightening way for the better, and that he loves mc and wants to spend the rest of eternity with them
  • a tipsy little sap at the end of the night who loves mc so much he can’t take it


  • the cutest coffee date you could ever imagine
  • jaehee got someone to cover her responsibilities at the bakery for that day and cleared her whole schedule
  • took mc out to their favorite coffee spot and got cute lattes with foam art 
  • everything is just so warm, with the sun shining and the leaves paling with fluffy scarves and hand holding and quiet discussions
  • jaehee was so grateful to have mc not only as a friend but as a lover and it was an unfamiliar thing jaehee had to get used to
  • she was for once so relaxed after working for jumin for so many years
  • jaehees never been so relaxed and happy and carefree and her demeanor is so much lighter than it was working for jumin, where her default expression was either a compliant grin or a slight scowl 
  • she’s finally happy and enjoying life with someone that she’s in love with and the day is just so… relaxed and happy? there’s no other way to describe it besides that 
  • afterwards jaehee and mc probably spend their time walking around and looking at the views, scouting for new restaurants to eat at or new cafes they’d need to take note of to see next, maybe a little window shopping if anything at all
  • and once they head home it’s a small movie marathon with blanket cuddles and forehead kisses and tea 
  • it’s a calm day in a chaotic life for jaehee and even though it doesn’t seem much to others and considered lazy, it’s a luxury for jaehee
  • poor warrior princess has been working so hard all of her life to get into a good college and then get a good job and then keep a good job and so n, she’s never had a chance to slow down and finally just live her life
  • and the best part about it is that it’s with mc


  • zen is all about being extra so mc needs to mentally prepare themselves for the day when it comes to a fall date with him
  • and of course mc is waken up at smack 5 in the morning by an already dressed and overenthusiastic zen who’s already dragging mc by their arm and shoving some random sweater he found in the closet over mc and out the door!! 
  • he makes sure to grab a floofy scarf on the way out for mc cus he doesn’t want his bb to be cold
  • and immediately to kickstart the day, they’re on his motorcycle and heading to his secret spot which is one of the highest points of the city to see what else? the sunrise.
  • fall season means the sun rises later and sets earlier so he decided this was the perfect time to head out!
  • and even though it’s freezing cold and mc is mentally kicking him for waking them up at such an ungodly hour it’s undeniable that zen put a lot of thought to this
  • afterwards they watch the sunrise and he’s already being cheesy saying that mc is the love of their lives and all that stuff
  • they head down to breakfast and make a game out of how to avoid the press, they’ve gotten very good at it and they even have disposable fake mustaches in the car just for good measure
  • after a brief breakfast zen is already dragging them to a movie theater he rented out to play mc’s favorite halloween movie 
  • they had the whole movie theater room to themselves while mc’s favorite movie played and stuffed each other’s faces with popcorn
  • some other things might have ended up happening in the movie theater later on


  • yoosung is such an enthusiastic little bugger for fall because of halloween and parties
  • so what does he do?? pumpkin carving!!
  • yoosung drags mc out to go to a pumpkin patch to go buy pumpkins and then to a convenience store to buy the carving packs 
  • he gets slightly sidetracked at the pumpkin patch because he wants to see every pumpkin and they even had one of the world’s largest ones there!!! and a pumpkin carving artist!!
  • they end up bringing like 4 pumpkins home all that are extremely heavy 
  • yoosung gets exhausted half way hollowing out the first pumpkin so they go at a slow pace, watching a scary movie while doing so and snacking on some honey buddha chips
  • once they’re hallowed out the cutting begins!!! there’s newspaper and pumpkin guts everywhere
  • yoosung attempts at carving the faces of LOLOL characters and somewhat achieves this because it looks scary and menacing regardless
  • he kinda messes up a lot n starts cursing like a sailor and mc needs to remind him that the last time he went that hard swearing people thought they were having sex, which they weren’t actually doing for once
  • once the pumpkins are carved he’s so excited he turns off the lights and puts the candles inside the pumpkins
  • they’re placed out the window for everyone in the dorms to see and he is so proud, so so sososo proud
  • yoosung reeks of pumpkin after spilling the guts on himself so when they try to cuddle afterwards that literally doesn’t work 
  • yoosung and mc just end up showering together and passing out on the sofa together


  • of course he wanted to go to a haunted corn maze. of fucking course he would because its scary and it’ll be fun
  • when they got there immediately they were chased by someone holding a (hopefully fake chainsaw) and saeyoung breaks into a run, dragging mc along
  • they did not sign up for this. romantic fall date? sike hahaha of course he would choose the option that would scare the life out of mc
  • his reasoning is literally just “it’ll be fun we can cuddle any time of the day but we can only go into scary corn mazes once a year”
  • he’s so lucky mc loves him
  • they’re half way being scared through the maze until saeyoung vanishes out of nowhere
  • only to come back after five minutes of shouting his name to scare mc himself too and everyone swears he should’ve died that night
  • the rest of the maze is insane and they keep reaching dead ends and scary people in costumes keep jumping out of nowhere
  • saeyoung promises to be the knight in shining armor and walks in front 
  • but he has shit navigational skills in the corn maze (well there’s no gps for a corn maze, he said)
  • he ends up getting them lost again until they stumble their way out 
  • by then he’s just dead tired and when they reach the end he’s actuallly?? thanking mc???
  • and randomly just wraps his arms over their head and you’d think he’d thank mc for coming out for a night of hell or something romantic and sentimental but instead it’s just
  • “i’m gonna start scaring you at home too”

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Hi! I don't know if anyone's asked you this yet or not, but how much did it cost to make the suit for your fursona? Also, where can I get a suit made?

I didn’t make the suit so I couldn’t tell you how much it cost to make it. But if you’re looking for a suitmaker I recommend checking out the “makersdatabase” blog on here. It provides a database of thousands of suitmakers with several varying styles to choose from. 



I really love those kind of videos, you can learn a lot justb y watching them.

And I’m always amazed when suitmakers can work with the bucket head foam method. I love this but I never get this to work out for me XD