Sciamat AW18 - Pitti Uomo 93 Preview

There’s not much more to be said about Sciamat besides the inherent luxury that their garments portray. “Fit for a king” is their motto and rightfully so… a range of luxurious fabrics paired with meticulous construction results in a superb array of bespoke and RTW offerings. While the trademark roped shoulder construction was too aggressive for purists to handle, a subject which I can relate to some extent, Sciamat’s latest collections have presented a softer construction and more natural shoulder line. 

Personally I find their double breasted jackets pure works of art - the uncanny softness of the wide lapels makes them drape in a truly unique fashion, encouraging to wear them with the single inner button fastened. For AW18 they took luxury to another level with the addition of fur collars and armbands that simply elevated their already high standards to new heights.