Top 10 Naruto Ships

So I was tagged by the lovely @mschifknight! Thank you >.<  It’s been a while since I did one of these so I’m going to follow your format, okay? Let’s get started!

1. Sasuhina. A crack ship, aye, go figure! No interactions? Do they even know the other exists? HAHA, in the name of imagination, angst, good plotting, nice color scheme, dojutsus, ancient clans, and polar opposites, I declare this ship a renewed submarine of glory and pain! Welcome aboard. Be sure to stop by our tag and have fun. We got ‘em cookies on the dark side, so come have a few.  

2. Naruhina. Lol, my first ship in the fandom and the #1 ship until sasuhina was pleasantly discovered back in 2012. Haha. Glad to see they have a family and got together, tbh. They learned to support one another, love each other, and have a beautiful marriage and family. I can’t wait to see even more NH moments in the Boruto anime! Seeing what we’ve received so far, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. 

3. SaIno: Okay, but they are actually sort of made for each other? because Ino knows how to express herself wonderfully, but Sai? She balances him, plus, their sassy Inojin baby just makes the Yamanaka family so much better. Oh, what was that? Sai goes by Ino’s family name?! Um, heck yeah. Sign me up for that!

4. ShinoKarin: I CANNOT believe no one has given them a second thought. The pain of crack shipping characters is unbelievably real. JUST THINK ABOUT THEM AS AN ITEM. I want them to swarp goggles/glasses tbh. Their personalities and tendency for clinical views makes me ship them harder. I think of them as mad scientists? lol.

5.NaruIno: Dude, these blondies are gonna end me. Seriously? They have a bunch of potential and energy. Gotta love them. *weeps. Imagine Ino using her mind jutsu on Naruto and meeting Kurama inside his head. She has always been very supportive and able to make the dullest person shine with confidence. He’s a nice and sweet boy that if given a chance, would become the most loyal and fiercest of friends/lovers.

6. SuiTen (SuigetsuxTenTen): Talk about crackshipping hell. I feel like she’d stand for none of his wet fish crap. If someone can keep Suigetsu in check, it’s definitely TenTen. On the other hand, I feel like Suigetsu could bring some excitement to Tenten’s life, because really? This girl needs it. Kishimoto has given her a monotonous life and I WANT HER TO LIVE DAMMIT. Also, imagine if they were to spar *cries. Suigetsu with his Kubikiribocho and TenTen with the Treasured Sage Tools she found in the war. 

7. GaaHina: Actually, this should be on a spot higher on the list, but oh well. This ship makes me melt, and you know why? Because I sense its imminent potential. In an alternative universe in which Hinata doesn’t fall for Naruto, I’d wish for her to consider Gaara. We could have had it allllllll~. They are sweet children to heart, despite their abusing households and harsh fathers. They deserve the world, okay? No one can convince me otherwise!!

8. MinaKushi: Best canon couple, tbh. Their love was so pure and sweet and they CARED SO MUCH FOR ONE ANOTHER I CAN’T EVEN. They were so protective of each other. The emotions between them felt too damn real. That episode in which she told him she was pregnant and he was like, “A baby?!” with a bowl and spoon in his hands just gets me every time, dang it. 

9. YahiKonan: MY HEART. Excuse me but everytime i think about them, my dark heart withers just a little bit more. Do I even need to explain? No, I am sure I don’t need to go through this trauma in order for y’all to get it, am i right.

10. BoruSumi: I promised myself not to watch Boruto but here I am, dragged in by my humongous curiosity. Plus, the boy is adorable, okay? Sumire is such an interesting character (she reminds me of Gaara!) and so badass, so of course I can’t resist pairing my favorite male and female characters together for this one. Plus, they look so cute and the past 3 episodes ensnared me. *sobs. Im crossing my fingers for more interactions in the far future (since romance is not a goal here. I like their chemistry tho.)

Bonus Crossover:

I am pretty sure I have a few crossovers, but only a Naruto/Death Note and Naruto/Bleach comes to mind…huh. o.e. 

For a pairing, I’d think of HinataxByakuya or InoxLight bwhehehe.


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  • Suigetsu likes Tenten’s buns. He likes them so much that he tries to imitate her hairstyle all by himself. Tenten sometimes finds him with poorly made buns in his hair and a sad look on his face that she just starts LAUGHING. Tenten then tells him that he needs to grow his hair out.
  • Tenten always makes sure Suigetsu has enough water. Sometimes she puts flavor packs in there without telling him and he gets so surprised at the change of water…but then later he changes color to the flavor of water and Tenten is like SHIT I BROKE HIM.
  • Both Suigetsu and Tenten love to watch comedy and dorky movies together. They build a fort of pillows, blankets and Tenten’s stuffed animals and watch movies until 3 in the morning.
  • Sometimes Suigetsu thinks that Tenten likes his sword more than she likes him (sometimes he’s right). Tenten named the sword Spike, and Suigetsu cries a little bit about that.