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Oldboy in t-minus thirty minutes, if you guys are still down! It’ll be through rabbit, and we’ll have two rooms because so many people wanted to join. 

Below I tagged people who’s tags above were being finicky. 

suitemilk  asked:

What do you suggest as far as dusting? I feel like once it's gone, it's only moved somewhere else and it's a perpetual traveling thing. Is it my paranoia?

Static dusters! I use Swiffer cloths to dust, generally. Also, keep in mind that if you’re using a rag, a little furniture cleaner or something else damp-ish will help the dust particles adhere to the cloth.

Oh, and vacuum. Always vacuum (or mop) after you dust so it doesn’t all settle on your floors.

…so i’m on the toilet this morning and i’m wondering if this is me peeing sitting down or a preface to [explosive diarrhea] then i read on my phone “what if Taylor Swift and Adele dated and then broke up” and then it all came out. tmi?
—  Quill