I just found the best thing in the world. How could Jaime possibly die in 11 minutes? And I’m just going to rename them, cause Jessy and Micheal are silly names. 

I don’t think I’ve ever liked it when Jaime was straight before…I like this.


Eddie McClintock & Jaime Murray lovin’


Suite 7 - That Guy

Written by: Russ and Dino

Directed by: Milo

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In episode 7 of Suite 7 an emotional guest (Shannen Doherty) copes with loss whilst the hotel manager (Wlison Cleveland) is a disconnect individual.

This is a really good one room drama with a really good script. Shannen Doherty produces such an emotional performance making her character very believable. In addition, Wilson Cleveland creates a character who clearly finds the situation very awkward which I find to be quite realistic.

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