<< helping your mental health: back to school >>

we all know that school is tough. really tough. and your mental health can suffer, which can lead you to burning out or becoming exhausted and unmotivated for a long period of time, which you don’t want. 

self-care. as we all know, i am a massive lover of self care. i think it’s so important and it’s enjoyable too, so what reason could you have to not want to practise it? it can be simpler than you think, too - i might make a list of self care things, although i’ve reblogged a bunch and linked them in other masterposts - for example: standing outside your front door/building and taking a few deep breaths or brushing your teeth or washing your face. 

know your limits. know how long you can study for until you start getting distracted, and begin to set timers. for example, i can work comfortably for about half an hour before i need a break, so i’ll set a 30 minute timer, then have a five or ten minute break depending on what im doing in that break (if im eating then five but if adding to my bullet journal then it could need ten minutes), then continuing this until my work is done or it’s late etc. 

talk to people. for me, my friends are my therapists. i go to them and spill out my thoughts and they help me - they give me a hug and give me advice and tell me that i will be fine, i’ll always be fine, i can get through it, and that they will be there for me every step of the way. find someone you can wholeheartedly trust and talk to them every time you feel yourself beginning to bottle things up. bottling. up. is. not. good. 

reward yourself. if there’s a particular day on your timetable that you hate or that is really difficult for you to get through (last year on a monday i would have 200 minutes of business - our timetable having three 100 minute lessons a day, and on mondays we would essentially have two business lessons) make sure you reward yourself at the end of the day. maybe that’s taking yourself to a coffee shop after school to relax, or to the bookstore and buying a new book or a nice new pen (don’t do this one too often since it spends a lot of your money over time) or visiting the library to talk to a regular you’ve made friends with or to read for a while, or have a bath or tidy a room or area in your house or call a friend or anything else you can think of. 

breathe. i do this thing called the 7-7-8 breaths, but you can change this to 5-5-6 or 6-6-7,, whatever suits you. breathe in for seven seconds, hold it for seven seconds, breathe out for eight seconds. repeat this until your heartrate has slowed to normal, you’re breathing comfortably, and you feel calmer. 

this is all i have for now, it’s not much but hopefully it helps in some way. feel free to message me if your mental health isn’t okay; we can talk or i can give you some self care things to do. ily all, stay healthy. 

xo carrie

I Want You [Jay Park]

Warning: Contains heavy smut. Do not read if you are underage. 

A/N: Thank you to @admincl for the input and helping me decide on how I wanted this to end. 

The first package had arrived just before a meeting on a Monday morning, the stark red of the large bow against the tanned box the only reason your secretary had called out to you as you left the office, her voice enunciating the curled white letters with a thick french accent.

‘Louboutin’s… Jay won’t be pleased when he sees the credit card bill this month.’ She’d winked slyly, sharing a knowingly smug smile with you.

‘Honey, I know you don’t think I use a man’s money to buy my shoes… They’re probably a gift from him to apologise for canceling on me tonight. Leave them on my desk, I’ll return them later. I don’t take bribes.’ You’d said with a laugh, swishing the thickness of your hair over your shoulders before leaving, loud heels clicking with authority on the tiles as you departed.

If it hadn’t been for the rush you’d been in, you would have checked them a lot sooner. You would have noted the blank card, gold script scrawling anonymous across it. You would have understood that the lack of sender was an indication the shoes weren’t for the reason you’d thought. But you hadn’t. With the stress of your day, they’d fallen completely from your mind. It wasn’t until you’d sauntered back from your meeting that you’d spied them, perched dutifully on your desk and patiently awaiting your return.

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Things Widely Accepted as Fanon in GTA AU For the Weirdest of Reasons

headcanon: Gavin is obsessed with gold. he wears gold make up and has golden weapons and golden jewelry and eats gold for breakfast
reasoning: the golden sunglasses his gta character wears

headcanon: Ryan is obsessed with plants
reasoning: i’m pretty anarchetypal made a one off headcanon and them being the Headcanon God they are, it got popular

headcanon: b-team does something, we just aren’t sure what
reasoning: b-team does something, we just aren’t sure what

headcanon: Geoff wears suits 24/7/365
reasoning: Geoff’s gta character wears a suit often and we just accepted it, despite wearing other clothes sometimes

headcanon: Gavin has insomnia
reasoning: ??????

headcanon: Gavin is a hacker
reasoning: ??????

headcanon: Gavin is a smooth talker
reasoning: ??????
note: we gave the guy that says shit like “I’m pretty sure I can make a new triangle” the smooth talker trait, well done folks

headcanon: Ryan has insomnia/Ryan chooses not to sleep
reasoning: fuck if I know dude 

idk thats all i got i’ll add more if i think of any


First promo for Suits 7. The dream team is back, bitches 😍😍


So, in the “Not Today” MV, in this close up shot of Jungkook’s eye, you can CLEARLY see that’s he’s watching himself kill the other members.

Now, we all know the theories from the “Spring Day” MV involving the short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula K. Le Guin. If you’re not familiar with this concept, here is a short summary of the story via Wikipedia:

“The only chronological element of the work is that it begins by describing the first day of summer in Omelas, a shimmering city of unbelievable happiness and delight. In Omelas, the summer solstice is celebrated with a glorious festival and a race featuring children on horseback. The vibrant festival atmosphere, however, seems to be an everyday characteristic of the blissful community, whose citizens, though limited in their advanced technology to communal (rather than private) resources, are still intelligent, sophisticated, and cultured. Omelas has no kings, soldiers, priests, or slaves. The specific socio-politico-economic setup of the community is not mentioned, but the narrator merely explains that the reader cannot be sure of every particular.

Self-admittedly, the narrator reflects that “Omelas sounds in my words like a city in a fairy tale, long ago and far away, once upon a time. Perhaps it would be best if you imagined it as your own fancy bids, assuming it will rise to the occasion, for certainly I cannot suit you all.”[7] The narrator even suggests that, if necessary, the reader may include an orgy in their mental picture of Omelas.

Everything about Omelas is so abundantly pleasing that the narrator decides the reader is not yet truly convinced of its existence and so elaborates upon one final element of the city: its one atrocity. The city’s constant state of serenity and splendor requires that a single unfortunate child be kept in perpetual filth, darkness, and misery.

Once citizens are old enough to know the truth, most, though initially shocked and disgusted, ultimately acquiesce with that one injustice which secures the happiness of the rest of the city. However, a few citizens, young and old, silently walk away from the city, and no one knows where they go. The story ends with ‘The place they go towards is a place even less imaginable to most of us than the city of happiness. I cannot describe it at all. It is possible it does not exist. But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.’”

With that being said, I have seen a couple of sources on Twitter saying that maybe Jungkook shot the others to prevent them from escaping their “Omelas” (or an ideological way of thinking perpetuated by a mass of persons such as a culture). Though this poses an interesting viewpoint and question, I don’t believe Jungkook shot the others to prevent them from leaving. Rather, I believe that Jungkook killed the others in order to save them from that ideological way of thinking.

I think he shot them because the only way to leave “Omelas” (or a Utopian society that controls your thoughts) is through a death to that old self and old, community imposed beliefs. Whether it be an actual death or simply a metaphorical death, an offering almost, is up to the reader/viewer.

Now, the next part of this theory is that after killing the other members, Jungkook then joins them through suicide as we see him here in the “Spring Day” MV looking lost:

and then quickly becoming relieved once he joins the others in their walk away from their cultures’ perceived norms and ideology:

I think that Jungkook’s killing of the others is almost sacrificial in the idea of him maybe being the last one to get out? (He may be willing to stay behind and take all the pain like the child lost in the darkness of Omelas)

That concludes this part of my theory.. Stay tuned for more!