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what do they all wear on dates? If you can?

Eyes up! Today, visuals.

Alexander Hamilton-

A suit, tie, and… jeans. Thanks, Lin at the White House.

Thomas Jefferson-

Magenta suit + tie. Pocket square, shined up shoes, fro on fleek.

Angelica Schuyler-

A tunic top and skinny jeans.

Eliza Schuyler-

A sundress. (I know this doesn’t show a full dress, but pretend it does.)

Peggy Schuyler-

A fit and flare dress.

Marquis de Lafayette-

A tracksuit.

Hercules Mulligan-

Slacks, a dress shirt… and a beanie. Nobody can talk him out of wearing the beanie.

Aaron Burr (sir)-

A vest.

James Madison -

Not pictured. He worries about being over/under-dressed, so his outfit depends on the location. He refuses to let his date surprise him.

Excuse the horrible editing. Paint Tool Sai is not ideal.

Cameron Dallas

Okay okay. Cameron Dallas was just in Harry. Its a tv show. Anyway…Harry’s daughters ask can questions and literally I answered ever single one of those questions right. I know him so well. Questions asked- what’s your favorite song to song in the shower? My answer-anything drake. His answer-drake. Boxer briefs or tighty whities? My answer-boxer briefs His answer-boxer briefs Suit and tie or jeans and a t-shirt? My answer-jeans and t-shirt His answer-jeans and t-shirt Okay okay…Cameron girls unite!! Like for fucksake hes my soulmate. 😂💙

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Originally posted by camerondallasstan

Another You And Me

A/N: The lovely @destiel-carry-on-my-wayward-sons asked me to write a story based on this really cute giftset; so credit to the creator! I hope you enjoy :)

Dean and Castiel looked around the suburban street with pure confusion. One moment they had been facing Balthazar alongside Sam and now they were somewhere completely unfamiliar. They had been conducting interviews for their latest case when the Angel had jumped them.

“Something isn’t right” Castiel stated as he looked around at the children playing and the cats roaming and the people tending to their gardens. 

“Yeah” Dean agreed. “This place looks so…perfect” he said with a grimace and a slight shudder.

“Yes, but there’s something else." 

"You think we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto?” Dean asked. “Balthazar does seem to have a fetish for screwing with our reality.”

“Yes. This isn’t the world we are used to” Castiel affirmed. “The whole structure feels different. I’m not getting any Angel radio but my grace still seems to be intact. I don’t think Sam came with us either." 

"Great so you can just mojo us out of here” Dean said. “We’ve gotta get back to that Limey bastard before he does anything to Sam." 

"No” Castiel shook his head. “Balthazar sent us here because there is something he wants us to see. He won’t let us return until we figure out what that is.”

“Great. Well where do we start looking for…whatever it is we’re looking for?” Dean said with exasperation as he looked around the street. “Cas?” He said with the Angel didn’t reply. 

He looked around and saw Castiel walking slowly towards the house that they were stood closest to. It was almost like the Angel was in a trance; Dean frowned as he followed after him.

Castiel travelled up to the doorstep of the house with the perfectly mowed lawn, decorated windows, and blue door with a knocker.

“We have to go in here” he said firmly.

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