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All the cast got together tonight to live tweet - and then there’s Cole.

And for some odd reason, i’m still more interested in the 10 seconds of him eating an apple with M. Moseby aka Phill Lewis aka Riverdale’s number 1 fangirl 😂

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having a daughter with cole would include?

i’m gonna try a new layout for headcanons, so i’ll be doing it right here on the ask. send some in!

• ok but first off let’s talk about cole finding out that you’re pregnant in the first place

• he would laugh it off and then see how dead serious you were, and then he’d stop laughing

• “holy shit”

• cole would lowkey freak out and just nod once or twice

• and then he’d start grinning and laughing and happy crying with you and you two would hug and embrace and just be surrounded by love and happiness

• he would spoil you your entire pregnancy

• “what if we named her jellybean??” “oh hell no cole, i am not naming my daughter after your fictional character’s little sister.”

• once your daughter was born he would freak out over every little thing

• smudge on the fridge? he would bring out every little disinfecting product you can find on planet earth.

• when she woke up in the middle of the night he’d force you to stay asleep and take care of her

• he would rock her and hum a little and she’d be back asleep in no time.

• he’d freak out when she went to preschool

• then he’d freak out more in kindergarten

• he’d be The Cool Dad™ because he’s cole sprouse for goodness sake.

• she’d grow up on the suite life of zach and cody and suite life on deck, and then act like her father and uncle dylan all day

• as she got older she would begin to watch riverdale (who wouldn’t?) and then say “why didn’t you name em jellybean?” and cole would give you this look and you’d roll your eyes and walk away because your daughter and husband would always gang up on you like that

• and when she gets her first period he’d freak out more than the first day of kindergarten

• let’s not talk about the sex talk because he’d be all over the place

• and let’s not get started on her dating. he’d kill everyone saying “i’m on riverdale and i’ll kill you like [SPOILER] clifford killed his son!” to all the boys/girls your daughter took interest in

• but honestly cole would make such a good dad ugh

Developmental Consciousness Spread

- This spread was intended to be open-ended and intuition-based so it will likely produce the best reading with a deck which suits that description. The reason for this is that pragmatic evaluation is useless in the superconscious realm, so you’re going to need your “third eye” to reach up there.
- You can draw multiple cards for positions 3, 4, 5, & 6 because just one tends not to be conclusive or cohesive enough, in my experience. Start by laying out the spread, and if you need additional insight or elaboration, draw more.
- In position 4, the word “why” can be replaced with “if,” and probably should be when you’re reading for yourself. This will not only provide you with more specific insight but it will also elaborate on the nature of position 1. If you wish, you can draw an additional card for “why” after drawing for “if.”
- This spread does better with prior meditation.


For Paris is full of men, and I plan on ShAK1nG MY B0n b0N’s for each and every one of them!


👑✨my favorite Jaebum looks✨👑  #8

       ↳ MBC Gayo Daejejeon 151231


Can we talk about the fact that it’s Cole fucking Sprouse playing a lead role in Riverdale and that it’s been years since he last played in a production.
I can’t be the only one who still can’t believe it because she remembers exactly how much she loved “the suite life” when she was a kid.
I waited since the last episode of suite life on deck for something like Riverdale - new movie or tv stuff from one of the Sprouses.
Everytime I read something about Riverdale a/o Jughead or see a new edit on youtube I immediatly feel like a proud mother.

This piece of art is one of my favorites since 2007 and I just feel so lucky?

Why has no one started a Fallen London tarot?

I mean, a companion reads tarot, there’s implied to be a special Nethean tarot deck (with suites like Hunger)…

Fallen London tarot.

I’m gonna save up pictures to start photomanipping when I get a real computer.

00′ kids: Hannah Montana was your idol, Nick Jonas was your first crush, you knew every High School Musical song, wished you could be a wizard like Wizards of Waverly a place, suite life on deck was awesome, used to play H20 with my friends

Veronica x Reader: Sick Date

Warnings: none
Requested: no

*your POV*

“ACHOO!” I sneezed, scaring my dog, Harley off my bed to which he ran out of the room. I was extremely sick and was home from school for the day. I never got sick and I didn’t know where I had picked it up, but this cold surely paid up for all the ones I skipped out on. I was throwing up non-stop and my nose was increasingly red from all the wiping. I laid back down in bed and relaxed for possibly the first time in days and as soon as my head touched the pillow, my phone rang.

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Midcentury Farmhouse

Surprise! We bought the farm!! And by farm I mean farmhouse on a little bitta acreage. Adam and I have always had dreams of living with a little more open space to roam. Moving with a newborn and a toddler? Selling a home (or attempting to!) at the same time? Are we crazy?!

Maybe. Probably. Definitely. Yes.

Adam had been asking me while I was pregnant if I’d be open to looking at what was on the market. On our list: 2000 sq feet of house, five or more acres and a good location for schools. We started casually looking when we saw a cute little spot in the country. It had been on the market for four days when we first saw it and I knew the second I stepped in the door that I wanted to call it home. Adam saw it again a couple of days later and we decided we should get some professional opinions on our house price wise to see if we could afford to move. And then we got a call that another offer was on the table. Without pre approval on a loan all we could do was write a letter to the family and share our dream of raising our kids outdoors and growing our own food. They loved the letter but had to do what was right for them and take the full prices offer.

We were crushed but decided to continue moving forward with listing our home and searching for another homestead. Nothing else felt anywhere near as magical as the country house. Or in our budget.

Then on the afternoon we returned from Florida we got a call from the listing agent. The deal on the country house fell through. Did we want to make an offer? Long story short, between racing across town with an earnest check, lots of inspections and questions, we closed on the house this afternoon. We joined a co op for our electricity and water. We’re scoping out plans for chicken coops. We’ve ordered seeds for a late harvest. I’m reading books on growing vegetables for fun! This is happening!!!

We won’t call ourselves farmers just yet. Think LARGE gardens. We’ll start with herbs and flowers (and pumpkins) and chickens. The outdoors are under Adam’s supervision while I get to plan how to paint and decorate a quirky and character filled seventy year old home.

I can’t wait to show you guys around! Welcome to my Midcentury Farmhouse!! I’m planning on getting lots of before pictures before I do any work on the place!  In some ways I wish I had a small fortune for new flooring and a master suite and a deck and and and…but I also like the confines of a tight budget. It forces a little more creativity and patience into the mix. I want to be mindful of all the details and this way, I really get to plan on what I want!

We are so excited about this new chapter in our lives and what it means for our family. Pardon the literal and figurative dust while we get settled!