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Can we talk about the fact that it’s Cole fucking Sprouse playing a lead role in Riverdale and that it’s been years since he last played in a production.
I can’t be the only one who still can’t believe it because she remembers exactly how much she loved “the suite life” when she was a kid.
I waited since the last episode of suite life on deck for something like Riverdale - new movie or tv stuff from one of the Sprouses.
Everytime I read something about Riverdale a/o Jughead or see a new edit on youtube I immediatly feel like a proud mother.

This piece of art is one of my favorites since 2007 and I just feel so lucky?

Why has no one started a Fallen London tarot?

I mean, a companion reads tarot, there’s implied to be a special Nethean tarot deck (with suites like Hunger)…

Fallen London tarot.

I’m gonna save up pictures to start photomanipping when I get a real computer.


👑✨my favorite Jaebum looks✨👑  #8

       ↳ MBC Gayo Daejejeon 151231

anonymous asked:

What's the main differences between Tarot, Angel, and Oracle cards?

Tarot cards are all generally similar (they have a major arcana, and a minor arcana of 4 suits like a playing card deck) and they all have the same meaning (like the Fool card means generally the same thing in every deck, they just have different art work depending on the deck).

Oracle cards are completely different depending on the deck. I see them sort of as advice cards? Each deck has different cards depending on each deck, they are really lovely! 

And angel cards I’m preeeetty sure (correct me if I am wrong) are pretty much just oracle cards but are decks that have “angel messages” on them?

This is what Harry Potter's grown-up family looks like

Harry’s decked out in a suit befitting his employment at the Ministry of Magic, a look that’s giving off some Sean Penn vibes; Ginny looks like the movies’ Mrs. Weasley with an updated haircut; Albus Severus is wearing hand-me-down robes that keep his house assignment a secret for now.

Previews for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child start June 7th. 

|| king of candles || (wands)

The first suit card is done! As you can see, I have decided to rename the suits for this deck. I like decks that do this, and I promise I chose equivalents to the traditional suits that are…suitable, haha. In the Numinous Tarot, Wands/Rods will be Candles! It keeps the fire element and as you can see, the King’s staff is sprouting the flowers you typically see in Wands illustrations.

I will keep the other suits a mystery for now ;)


See the rest of the Numinous Tarot (so far) here! When it is finished, I will be selling decks and prints. 23/78 cards complete.