suite life graduation

I just "liked" ten posts about Suite Life.

I didn’t realize how big of a kid I am at heart still, even though I’m 17 :/

I guess watching the Graduation hits me especially hard is because I’m graduating this year too. I feel like the milestones in that show marked milestones for me too, in a way.

Well, I won’t post any more about Suite Life, because I doubt any of you actually care about it like I do.

Thank you Disney, for making the finale of your last good show really mean something.

Beautiful song, great photos. I'm gonna miss this.

I didn’t expect this reaction…

Again, it’s a DISNEY television show. But it’s the LAST EPISODE. I just… it’s been a staple in my life. I’m not ashamed that I’m practically in tears. Shit, I’m like this for every other episode of Glee. It just feels like a big part of my life is over.

Yeah, I’m done. Sorry for my rants :D