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If you guys need even more proof that Lena is whipped, take it from a business major who learns daily about the life of a CEO. 

CEOs of any company, but especially a large one like L-Corp are extremely busy. We (or at least I) assume that L-Corp most likely operates in the tech industry, maybe manufacturing too, but don’t know for sure. But the tech industry is highly competitive and fast paced. The time of a CEO is extremely valuable to a company. 

Lena is the type of person who takes her job seriously. She is dedicated to rebranding and repositioning L-Corp, separating it from the evil of Luthor Corp. Hence most of her time is going to be spent strategizing how to do that. She doesn’t focus on small details like hiring and firing of employees (unless it’s like C-suite levels executives or other high ranking people), budgeting, marketing strategies, financial plans, etc. She will most likely delegate that to the CMO, CFO, COO, etc. She’s going to be making business deals, hence all of her meetings, listening to business pitches from R&D as well as other executives, attending board meetings to learn about the state of the company, etc. I was in my business to business marketing class last night and my professor was basically like “The CEO of a company got where they are because they know how to manage their time effectively, they time slice. If you’re pitching an idea to your CEO, you’ll have 10-15 minutes max. Maybe an hour if you’re good. That’s it.” Lena’s time is extremely valuable. 

The fact that she takes time out of her day to meet with Kara on social visits, takes time out of her day (most likely at least an hour or two) to meet Kara at CatCo to go out to lunch at some new Kombucha place, randomly drops by Kara’s apartment and her place of work to ask for a favor that she could have either called or asked Jess to contact Kara for her, spends her evenings when she could be working on her company, trying to help Kara find a bunch of missing aliens and her own mother is a testament of how much she actually cares for Kara. Even in just a platonic sort of way. In fact, I think it’s much more compelling if it is platonic. 

Also consider that when Kara forgot about their lunch outing, she wasn’t angry or annoyed in the slightest that Kara forgot. She was completely understanding and even offered to help her friend. As a CEO, when your time is that valuable, it would be completely understandable if Lena was even the least bit frustrated that Kara forgot. But she wasn’t. And we all know that they probably just ended up rescheduling and causing Lena to rearrange at least a couple of meetings to spend time with Kara.

So in short, Lena is whipped as fuck. 

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Bts reacting to a rzcy pic of you


Okay, Jin would be slightly taken aback. He’d pick up his phone after feeling it buzz to find a picture of you, pulling on a tank top just enough to reveal the tops of your breasts, but not enough to fully expose yourself. Couple that with you gently biting your bottom lip and gazing into the camera, Jin is sure to be a blushing blubbering mess. He’d frantically look around to double check he was the only one in the room then he’d hunker down, phone held close to his face so he could fully appreciate the wonderful photo in solitude. He’d make sure you knew how he felt when he got that photo the next time you two were alone.


Yoongi was certainly not a virgin to receiving rather “bold” pictures of you. In fact, he had become so accustomed to it that whenever he saw your name appear on his phone screen, he’d automatically turn the device away from anyone’s line of sight except his own. This time was no exception. When Yoongi saw a teaser of what you had sent him on his lock screen, he immediately stood from his chair and excused himself from the office where the rest of the boys were. When he knew he was safe behind the locked bathroom door, Yoongi unlocked his phone to find a picture of you laying in bed wearing the lacy black two piece lingerie that he loved so much, paired with the caption “coming home soon?”. A smile grew across his face as his lust for you settled in.

“very soon.” he responded before thinking of an excuse to get out of his meeting early.   


Hobi isn’t exactly great with his poker face. It was a hot day and you were lounging by a pool wearing a very low cut bikini top and some rather skimpy bottoms. The over exposing bathing suit made your confidence levels skyrocket. You pulled out your phone and snapped a pick of your body, squeezing your arms together to accentuate your breasts, then sent the picture to Hoseok with the caption “wish you were here!”. Upon receiving the photo, Hobi gasped, peaking the interest of Jungkook and Taehyung who were now demanding to know what was on Hoseok’s phone screen. He held the phone tightly against his chest as he frantically fought off his younger brothers and fled the room. When he got into the hallway, he took a moment to catch his breath and cool his red cheeks before unlocking the phone again to admire your photo.

He wished he was there too. 


It was date night for you two and Namjoon was treating you to dinner at one of Seoul’s finest food establishments. You decided to wear your extremely figure hugging red dress paired with black stilettos and a bold makeup look. Before Namjoon got to your house, you took a picture of yourself in front of your full-length mirror, hiking up the side of your dress to reveal more than it already was. You sent it to your boyfriend with the question “What do you think?”. When Namjoon got the text, his stomach jolted with excitement and his pupils dilated with desire. He typed back with shaking, eager hands, “Change of plans. We’re staying in tonight. I’m on my way over now. Keep that dress on.” 


Jimin, being the little squish that he is, would blush so hard he’d have to cover his face with his hands to keep the other members from teasing him too much. You sent a picture of you sitting cross-legged on your bed in one of his oversized t-shirts which was hiked up to reveal the lace of your underwear perfectly hugging the curve of your butt. He jolted so hard when the picture appeared on his screen, that he almost dropped his phone and showed the photo to the other boys. His cheeks burned red and he tried to cover his embarrassment with his hands but it was no use. He quickly slipped out of the room before any of the boys could grow suspicious of him and looked at the photo once more, a smile growing on his face. 

“Why are you doing this to meee?” he texted back, trying to gather himself before going back into the room with his members. 


Blame it on his impeccable acting skills but Tae is very good at hiding his emotions. He was playing video games with Jungkook when his phone went off to signify that he received a text. He put down his controller and grabbed his phone. On his screen was a picture of you wearing a very small crop top which was pulled up enough to show that you were not wearing a bra, which also meant that your nipples were peeking through the thin fabric.

“like my new shirt?” you asked him.

His whole body went rigid as he stared at the photo. He sat in silence long enough for Jungkook to ask if something was wrong. At the sound of his younger brother’s voice, Tae snapped back to reality and stood up, muttering about needing to take care of something before slipping out the front door. 

“I’m coming over.” he sent you as he raced to your house.


Jungkook was alone in the dance studio, working on perfecting his new choreography. When he heard his phone buzz against the wood floor, he decided now was a good time to take a break. His face lit up when he saw your name appear on his phone screen, but his stomach quickly dropped when he saw what you had sent him. You were wearing an oversized black t-shirt, that hung over your shoulder far enough to show off your lacy red bra, which you had bought specifically for him. 

“Just a little something for you to look forward to when you get home. Don’t over work yourself, okay? xoxo” you sent him. 

His breath faltered while sweat dripped down his face, and it wasn’t because of all the dancing he’d been doing. He smiled to himself as he wondered how he got so lucky to have a girlfriend like you. 

“Actually I was just getting ready to take a break. I’ll be over in a few” he sent back before calling it a night on his dance practice. 

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"games like classic Traveller, in which it’s actually possible to die during character creation!" tell me more

(With reference to this post here.)

Sure thing. In a nutshell, after rolling up your attributes (everything in Traveller is randomly generated), your character starts out as an 18-year-old with no skills or resources to speak of, and you have to pick a career path. Early versions of the game assumed that all player characters would be military veterans, so various types of military service were the only options available, while later iterations add post-secondary education, civilian career paths, and even being a “wanderer” (read: space pirate).

Your character’s life is then divided into four-year terms, and you play each term out as a simple minigame to determine what you learned, what you experienced - and yes, whether you survived. As you can imagine, there are lots of random tables. In the earliest versions of the game, blowing your survival roll simply means that your character is dead, so there’s a tension between staying in longer in order to gain more skills, and the risk of blowing a roll and having to start over. Later versions of the game offer a variety of potential consequences for failing a survival roll, including scandal, imprisonment, or simply being horribly maimed.

Here - I’ll walk us through a basic example right now. For reference, I’m using the second Mongoose Publishing edition of the game (there are several) - you can find a bit of prior discussion on that subject here.

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Unknown has given me...

… Unknown happiness

… Unknown banks of feels

… Unknown depths of horniness

… Unknown levels of love for a title so unknown.

Damn you Arashi and especially you Sakurai Sho!

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“You threw our rings into the wishing well,
Your best friend didn’t know what to do.”

[Will] [Oliver] [Hannah] [Ian] [Sean]

Haechan’s fashion level: suit up + cap, cause I’m the boss today 😂😂

The Writer Workout - 11 Minutes Keeping Your Word Count High and Your Calories Low

Writing is a stationary sport. And no one knows that quite like my butt.

The fact of the matter is, it’s a struggle for writers to maintain our health while also maintaining our word count. If you’re like me, you’ll be noticing your pants fit a little different after crunching for a deadline; and your back will sure let you know about it after NaNoWriMo.

We make time for writing, but working out or staying mobile is something that gets pushed to the back burner. Because, really, who wants to do that? I deserve to scroll through Tumblr a while longer or go curl up with a good book, not commit to an hour of jogging or twenty minutes of sit-ups.

Okay then, don’t commit to that.

Commit to 11 minutes.

Just. 11. Minutes.

I know, right?

I’m not talking about click-bait – there isn’t a plot twist. The only catch I could find in this workout regimen is that you have to stick to it. You don’t have to give up coffee or do a crazy amount of work or even extend the time later.

These 11 minutes can be placed before writing, during a break, or after writing; that’s the time it takes to reblog a handful of posts. You don’t even need to go to the gym or get equipment.

Hit CTRL + S on your document and step away from the writing desk for a minute to get a taste:

Step One:

  • Toe touching for two minutes

“Stand with your feet apart and your arms up. Now, bend over so that you can reach the floor with your fingertips and then rise and stretch backwards. Keep your legs straight, but do not strain.”

Step Two:

  • Sit-ups for one minute

“Lie on your back with your arms by your sides and with your feet about six inches apart. Sit up enough to enable you to see your heels. Your legs must remain straight and your head and shoulders must lift up from the floor. Return to the start position.”

Step Three:

  • Leg raising for one minute

“Lie on your front with your arms at your sides and with your palms under your thighs. Raise your head together with one leg. Return to the start position. Repeat with the other leg. Count once when the second leg is returned to the floor. Your legs must remain straight and you should lift the leg up so that it is separated from the palm.”

Step Four:

  • Push-ups for one minute

“Lie on your front with your hands placed under your shoulders and with your palms down on the floor. Keeping your knees on the floor, lift up your upper body by straightening your arms to their full extent. Bend your arms once more to lower yourself to the ground until your chest comes back into contact with the floor.”

Step Five – Only Six Minutes to Go

  • The stationary run and scissor step for six minutes

“The run: You count one step each time your left foot leaves the ground. You need to lift each foot at least four inches above the ground. Once you have counted out seventy-five steps, carry out ten scissor steps.

Scissor steps: Stand with your right leg placed forward and your other leg placed behind you. Your left arm should be extended at shoulder height forward and with your right one extended behind you. Now jump, reversing these positions.”

In 11 minutes, you have worked all the key parts of your body and now can reward yourself with Tumblr guilt-free. The FIT KIDS technique works for writers of all ages, even the fledgling ones, and is scalable to suit whatever level you’re at.

You can buy it at Amazon HERE to get more exercise techniques, charts explaining the workout in more detail, and tips on how to even get kiddos to jump in after your nap-time writing sprint if you’re a parent.

Do it to stay healthy; do it to get stronger and faster just like your characters; or do it so you can have an extra donut as a writing reward. I know that’s why I’m doing it.

Andre Burakovsky #1.2


id0lizes said: This is literally my family, including what they want in their coffee. Spot on lol. More pls!!!

Anonymous said: can you do a part 2 to the andre imagine please?

A/N: Alright so this got a little long my apologies, but hope you liked it!

Word Count: 2,422

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Playoff games were the core of stress in your house these past few days. Washington was standing strong at the top of the standings and somehow Andre seemed to forget all about that and see the worst in what could happen in tonights game. 

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thinkin about my progen Ezra, who is convinced they’re next in line for godhood after ????? happens and flamecaller gets killed, tryin to practice using goblins to expand their sight.  They can’t really use blazing goblins because flamecaller’s got dibs so they substitute in Ignited Imps because that’s close enough right?

It’s not going well but you’ll never hear them admit it

Study Tips- Reading

I started writing my study tips post, but it was getting waaaay long because I talk too much, so I decided to break it down~ Here are some of my tips for effective reading!

The best way to improve your reading is to, well, read! Practice reading as much as you can. Honestly, I think one of the hardest parts of doing good, effective reading practice is finding something that suits your level. I think a good thing guideline to go by is something that you can mostly (perhaps 70~80%) understand. If you’re reading something and can just breeze through it, chances are that you’re reading below your level, and while that can be good for maintaining your current level, it won’t really help you progress. On the other hand, choosing something too hard will have you running for a dictionary every few words, which will break up your flow and will ultimately be more frustrating than useful.

That brings me to my next point… avoid the urge to grab the dictionary every time you see a new word! “But how will I learn if I don’t know all the words?” In the context of whatever you’re reading, the meanings of new words should make themselves apparently, if not totally than at least enough for you to have a pretty good idea of what the words mean. Also, a lot of unfamiliar words (moreso when reading things like storybooks and novels, a lot less so when reading factual pieces) will be descriptive adjectives and adverbs without which you can still understand the bones of the sentence. Remember that you can always read something over again for deeper meaning, but especially on that first read, focusing on a ton of descriptors can be really distracting.

“So when should I use my dictionary?” If a word seems to be a key word, if it reappears a lot, or if you really can’t understand what’s going on without that word, definitely look it up. I’m not saying the dictionary is evil, but it can be way tempting, and I personally find that reading without checking every word I don’t know goes a lot more smoothly and faster and is ultimately more satisfying than making a lot of dictionary pit-stops.

Also, another good reading practice is reading out loud. And I don’t mean just whispering it to yourself—I mean reading in a conversational voice, if not a bit louder. It’s surprisingly difficult at first because you have to see the words, process and make the right sounds with the right intonation and all, AND you have to try to catch the meaning as you do all of that. It’s a workout for the brain, and I’ve found that my reading speed has gotten better since I started practicing this, and now when I read unfamiliar things out loud, I can get most of the meaning even though my brain is working in multiple directions all at once.

Remember that reading should be (at least in my opinion) enjoyable! If you want to practice reading with comics, do that! Like reading news articles? Go for it. Novels or story books? Knock yourself out :) Don’t make reading practice any harder on yourself than you need to!

Happy studying~