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draco is taller than harry by a few inches as we all know
but he’s got super long legs so when they’re both sitting down he actually becomes shorter and uses this circumstance to nuzzle into harry’s neck whenever it’s possible
i just felt like y’all needed to know

My adopted sons will be home soon, but not soon enough. And yes, this is an appropriate and necessary use of the wages I’m earning right now.
Here I goooo!

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What would you suggest is the best method for reading a book in a foreign language? Or if you had any more specific help for reading smth in Russian, French, or Japanese? Sorry if this isn't the best question

I’ve read somewhere (probably here on Tumblr) that you should look for a book that suits your level which means you could/should be able to understand about 95% of the words. Reading should be fun but having to look up every second word isn’t. You don’t have to understand everything. As long you understand the content without having to think about it too much, just go on reading without looking up words.
You can pick a book of which you already know the content because you read them on your first language like Harry Potter, maybe some Kafka, I don’t know. But I wouldn’t go for such long books on a low level of proficiency. I tried reading Metro 2033 in Russian and it didn’t go well :D I ended up with Masha and the Bear which was exactly what I needed.
Speaking of Masha and the Bear: Books for children are a good option. They often use vocabulary of basic daily actions like “random girl goes to the supermarket” or “random boy’s first day at school”. However, I don’t recommend fairytales because those are full of old words, words only children would use.
Some book publishers may offer books for language learners. Those are newly written books for learners or simplified version of already existing book. I own a simplified Pushkin book which is for level B1.
Maybe an encyclopedia for children can be a nice thing, too. Like “you know what a panda is. Here is a 100 word text about pandas in French”
I think, reading in a foreign language should mainly be about strengthening your knowledge, not about studying. So it doesn’t have to be a whole long book. Just go for anything that suits your level and practise. But sure, when something is completely unclear (like a grammatical structure) write it down and look for an explanation.
There are likely to be way more (and better) methods and advise.