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The Tenth Doctor in front of the TARDIS

I love that sticky-up hair and those mournful doe-eyes.

Happy Tennant Tuesday (or whatever day it is when you happen to stumble across this post)


4. Inazuma Eleven Everyday!! Plus, presented in the show last december, is confirmed on iOS and Android ! It’s a suite of Inazuma Eleven Everyday, an application released on 3DS a few years ago.

Kidou will be there too. He has been added to Inazuma Eleven Everyday !! Plus.

The creator of the game plays herself to show what there is in it ! Here are some scenes from Endou, Gouenji & Kidou’s point views !

In fact, the game actually proposes to follow the daily life of each member of our break trio. And it resumes the events of season 1 of the cartoon. We can follow the three characters and interact with them.

The game will be paying. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release date yet.

(Forgot to add, this is for everyone who made a request that had a tree in it, i.e. climbing a tree, carving initials in a tree…)

DID I MENTION? | Shawn Mendes Imagine | Mrs. Mendes

I looked to the invitation for the third time. It was saying: “Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello would like to receive you for their wedding party on November 9th.” I started to cry. How it was possible? They’ve known each other for four months. I know Shawn for five years. I’m in love with him for five years. I’m his best friend for five years. When Shawn told me he met Fifth Harmony I didn’t believe him. It was my favorite musical group. We went to a concert once, and he said something about Camila and Austin Mahone tour. After a month they were on tour together. Shawn is exploding on his career and after that tour, he became super famous. I wasn’t bothered about the idea of not having him around, I just couldn’t stand that he was spending his days with her, and before everything, he usually spend them with me. I stared again the invitation. Today is November 2nd, so I have seven days before the wedding. Seven days of torture, knowing that every second was closer for the moment that would destroy everything. “Hey princess.” “Hi. What are you doing?” “I was going to try my suit on. And I think you read my thoughts, I was going to call you. I want you to come with me. Meet me outside your apartment.” “You live across the hall…” “Exactly. I’m late. Come on. Quickly. Love you.” We went to the store and he proved eleven suits. I decided the dress I was going to wear. After two hours trying the clothes on, we went for an ice cream. “So… A week. Are you nervous?” “No. I’m not. Actually I’m concerned about Camila.” “Why?” “I think she is cheating on me.” “With who?” “I don’t know. She received some strange messages yesterday.” “Fans, maybe?” “Yes, maybe. And you? What about your romantic life?” “Fine.” “Y/N, I know you for a long time. You can’t hide. What’s bothering you?” “Nothing.” “Y/N… You can tell me.” “There’s nothing I want to tell you.” “Ok. Are you going to the party on the day before our wedding?” “Sure. And your flight?” “It’s in forty minutes. I have to go. Love you princess.” “Love you too.” He kissed my forehead and left. The two old ladies that were there started to smile. “You look cute together. He loves you, girl.” I started to cry and ran to my apartment. I would be under my blanket till the party day, where I’ll probably tell him what I’m feeling, or at least, try. The days passed slowly and when the party day finally arrived Shawn knocked on my door. “Hi love.” “Hey, I was getting ready. Something happened?” “No, I just thought you would like a ride.” “Sure, just five minutes.” He took me to Camila’s house, where were a lot of guests. “I will look for her.” “Ok. I’ll be right here.” “Hey, Y/N, have fun.” I smiled and started to walk around the place. It was lovely. I found a bench, where I sat and started to look the party. Shawn passed twice, so I knew it was time to tell him everything. When I was on my way, I saw Camila Cabello kissing Austin Mahone. Everything made sense. I needed to tell Shawn about it, but Camila saw me first. “Y/N!?” “Hi. I can see that I’m interrupting. I think I’ll tell Shawn that he’s ruining your relationship.” “Don’t you dare.” “You don’t know me.” “Yes, I don’t. But tomorrow, when I say yes, I’ll make sure that you disappeared from Shawn’s life.” She stayed with him the whole night, so I couldn’t tell him. He was going to ruin his life and I couldn’t warn him about it. When I got to the church I saw Shawn with the suit I chose. He was freaking out. “Hi.” “Hey princess. How do I look?” “Gorgeous, as always.” “Thank you.” “Can I talk to you?” “Sure.” He pulled me to the parking “What?” “Ok. I need to tell you that… Hum… I need to tell that I saw Camila with Austin yesterday. I couldn’t tell you before.” “You’re inventing things, Y/N.” “Does it look like I’m kidding!?” “I know what you’re feeling. You’re jealous. I will have time for you, as always. I’m just getting married princess, I’m not leaving.” “No, it’s not that. It’s… Ok the truth is that I’m in love with you. Since the moment we met. Yes. Yes, I’m jealous, but it’s not because you’re not going to have time for me, it’s because I wish I could be entering in the church. Shawn, I love you. I know isn’t the best moment to tell you but it’s the truth.” “Y/N… I…” “SHAWN?! You’re late. The ceremony!” “Camila?” “What are you doing with her?” “We can’t get married. Sorry.” “I don’t know what she told you, but she’s lying.” “You don’t know her.” “I do. She’s a envious girl who wanted so bad to have my life. She doesn’t have her own ideas and try to destroy the others happiness.” I don’t know what happened, but I ran to the lake near the church’s parking. I heard I scream, but really wanted to be far away from that place. I sat on the grass and looked at my reflection on the lake. My make up was ruined. I was trying to clean my eye mask when a saw Shawn’s foot. “Hey princess.” “Hi.” “I think we were interrupted.” “Yeah, but know what was your sentence: I don’t love you, sorry.” “Nop. You got it wrong.” I looked at him and saw his smile “I think I forgot to mention that I’m love with you too.” “Really?” “Yes. For five years. I felt for you when you looked at my face and said: sorry, but the music class was canceled.” “What are you planning to do? Like, you canceled your wedding.” “Well, the priest is available and I have a ring right here, so I was wondering if you know a gorgeous girl that would like to marry me?” “I think this would be me.” “Yeah, I think so.”


The Impossible Astronaut

↬ She was clever and brave and kind and funny. And had more love in one heart than I could ever have in two.

Alice Marie

Raven cry and fly away, you’ll return to me one day.
Let me lie, and sleep, and pray, deep in my Master’s library.
Keep my ‘nine’ close to my chest, upon the wings that bear it best,
when his iron shoots it down, his name will suit him well.

Darling, red shall both us be, in the night that welcomes me.
Drop a tear or two or three, deep in my Master’s library.
Your ‘eleven’ heavy lies, I’ll see my whole aviary fly,
when all the feathers meet the ground, his name will suit him well.

Raven dear, I’ve gone away, I hope you’ll fly someday,
‘till then, I wish you sound and safe, from deep in my Master’s library.
I will hold the token yet, with ‘ten’ I could ne’er forget
when my raven has no voice, his name will suit him well.

Darling, red shall both us be, when ‘nine’ is on the air and free.
‘Ten’s the token made for me, his name will suit him well.
His ‘eleven’ heavy lies, his name does suit him well.
Raven, love, why can’t you fly? His name does suit him well.

Song written for ’Nine Eleven Ten’, one of the most fantastic X-Men fanfictions I have ever read.