Every Word - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Words: 890
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Featuring: a lot of people
Warnings: swearing, sick
Requested by @lclb12
You’re sick with the flu and no one wants to come near you except for Bucky. Bucky gets you everything you need, but the only thing you ever wanted was his love. One night you were half asleep when he tells you he’s in love with you. You had heard every word he said and you tell him you love him unconditionally.
Authors Note: sorry it’s a bit shorter i didn’t have much time to write this one.

Masterlist. Request List.

You had been in your bed for two days now. You only got out of bed when food was placed outside of your room, and when you had to use the bathroom. Which, the bathroom had been a “(Y/N) ONLY ZONE” until you got better.

You didn’t really know how you got the flu, but you did know that it sucked. No one wanted to even go near you in fear that they would catch it, and you could barely leave your bed.

Everyone just seemed to assume that it came from all the missions you’ve been taking on recently. You were pissed, nonetheless, you really just wanted to help the team out and take down the bad guys.

You also had a problem of zoning out and having major daydreams or flashbacks while being sick. You were only brought back to reality by your phone buzzing with texts.

From: “Man made of Iron”
How are ya doing?

From: bird suit
are you done being sick yet

From: Wanda: the awesome telekinetic
Do you need anything? I can send it to your room.

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