It’s so hard to believe how far this blog has come in only one year. I started this blog around may/june 2k13 and till now I’ve got more than 1k followers and almost 10k pageviews. Wow! I’ve talked to so many amazing people ,gotten inspired and taken my “White Collar obsession” to a whole new level. Thank you each and everyone for sending me mail, reblogging, asking, and just beeing awesome. I love you!  

Inspirational blogs who light up my dashboard like motherfreaking suns aka superawesome people:

♛ mattbomerworld  ♛ coopbastian ♛ hemlock-gross


I truly admire these blogs with all my heart  ❥

archivistsrock ❥ bomerarmy ❥ bomerhell ❥ meetperfection ❥ moonchild30 ❥ perfection-bomer ❥ 

rebeccacaffrey ❥ suitandmrssuit ❥ thorinss ❥ theperfectionthatismattbomer 

Go follow them! 

And thank you for a lovely year!