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What is your view on the tumblr user Iguanamouth letting their pet Iguana naked Wasabi free roam around the apartment? Isn't free roaming a bad idea for reptiles? :c

With iguanas, it seems to be acceptable to free roam as long as you are prepared to deal with the issues such a set up creates. As long as the animal’s heat, UV light and humidity requirements are being taken care of, and there are precautions in place to keep the animal away from rooms where food is being prepared (both to prevent the iguana from eating something it shouldn’t and to prevent it from contaminating food with salmonella), then I don’t see much of an issue.

It should be noted that I’m not an iguana keeper and can’t really speak from experience on this. My research, however, informs me that free-roaming an iguana is difficult and time-consuming but certainly doable. As long as you have an iguana-proofed room, a top-notch humidifier, and a suitably warm basking spot, it seems to be a workable system. 

I don’t follow iguanamouth so I can’t really make a judgement on their iguana’s living conditions, but just free roaming the animal isn’t particularly questionable.

Any reptile keepers want to chime in on this?

Finally got around to mounting/ framing the prints I got from @yaboykeiji!! Now to find a suitable spot on a wall 😁

Mars, you’re such an amazingly talented artist! I’m so glad that I was able to be supportive by buying your art.
They truly are beautiful!
Keep up the fantastic work. I look forward to seeing what’s next and how you grow and develop your style from here on out~

update on the tank situation

we’re looking for new homes for the fish atm, a few people at my mums work are interested but it ultimately depends on their living situations, I’ve decided to sell the whole thing for about £900-1,000 as the tank alone cost £500 when we bought it, otherwise the fish have been priced based on whole shoals (I’m not selling individual fish if they’re shoaling). A guy on a fish forum I go on has shown interest in my rummy nose tetras so at least there will be some progress. I’m debating keeping the actual aquarium, cabinet and equipment though since I def want to get back into fish keeping in the future, and the tank can always be used for a multitude of other pets should be want to keep things like reptiles or even small rodents.

My dad hasn’t disagreed to let me keep the 30L in his house under the condition that I care for it (which I intended to do anyway) and if we can find a suitable spot for it in the house. I can take the tank with me to uni as well as my living situation will likely be a shared house with my friend (worse comes to worse the accommodation there allows pets that can be kept in small cages).

Anyway yea, still looking for an alternative company to fix the walls, that way it will be cheaper for us and  I can still keep my tanks (or atleast whatever will be left by the time we get an answer).

Spiny sand stars scour the seafloor incessantly for suitable sleeping spots and scrumptious sunken snacks.

Timelapse alert—Each second of this video represents 5 minutes in the life of these sea stars!

The tube feet of sand stars don’t have suction cups like their reef-dwelling cousins. Instead, they walk on triangular tippy-toes to run swiftly (for a sea star) across the shifting bottom. Once settled, they burry into the sand with their spines and mull over their meal hidden in their personal sandcastle


This is such a good video, it made me smile. Look at how the opossum really doesn’t put up a fight, and the guy explains a little bit about the animal, then finds it a suitable spot. A little cave! Poor opossum was probably just cold, they freeze easily. :( I hope it made it. 

Don’t try to pick up a wild opossum unless you’re trained. 

Fai Changed | Closed


Maybe if Isaac super glued Hermes’ stuff to him he’d stop forgetting things in the worlds he popped into. But that was not the case this time, so off he went to go find the Councilman of Knowledge’s things. At least this time he had a specific area to search in and not just the usual “Oh, I think I lost it somewhere in that world” response.

With the sun setting, a weary Isaac started looking for a suitable spot to set up camp when he saw a group of familiar travelers. “Fai!” He called out, greeting the others as he approached, but came to a stop when he saw an eye patch on his friend. It wasn’t the only difference though, Fai’s whole personality seemed different. If the usual Fai was like the sun, then the current Fai was more like a new moon.

“Fai, what happened?” He asked quietly.