#SanversWeek in just a few days!!!!

Are yall suited up???

Day 1 (Sunday) – Intimacy

Day 2 (Monday) – Nerd Girlfriends

Day 3 (Tuesday) – “You’re drunk.”

Day 4 (Wednesday) – Hogwarts AU

Day 5 (Thursday) – Domestic

Day 6 (Friday) – Smut

Day 7 (Saturday) – Soulmates AU

Make sure you tag all of your creations with the hashtag #sanversweek and #day1 #day2 or whatever is appropriate within the first five tags.

Otherwise, I won’t be able to reblog!

Also, make sure whatever you write for #day3 (”You’re drunk”) is 10000% consensual!!!! (Remember that Alex or Maggie don’t have to be the ones that are drunk, and yall will get your fill of smut on Friday #day6, so I’m just sayin.)

Happy creating, yall!!!!