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/APPARENTLY/ we could be seeing spideys underarm webbing in the new movie!! Fancy suit upgrades! 

more Lena headcanons ft. the SuperSquad

  • Winn having a total huge nerd crush on her because holy shit she is SO GOOD at science and she’s so pretty and he’s just so awestruck by her all the time
  • Winn teaming up with Lena to make some badass suits for the DEO that protects against aliens and metahumans
  • James initially being weary of her because she’s a Luthor, and her brother did try to kill Clark multiple times
  • Lena not being sure about why James is cold to her, but after she learns about Kara (and about Clark) she realizes and isn’t sure what to do bc she knows she didn’t do anything but the association to the name and the pain is very much there
  • Lena asking Winn to help her and together they create an amazing camera for James that he can also use as the Guardian, helping him get some wicked action shots and also in identifying the bad guys
  • Lena giving James’ suit some badass upgrades and additions and extra protection without sacrificing mobility or power
  • Lena supporting the Guardian and convincing Kara to let James continue to be a vigilante because it’s his choice and no one should make it for him
  • James seeing Lena in a whole new light, realizing she is not her brother, or her mother, she is Lena, and she is actually a warm and kind and a wonderful person
  • Okay maybe James has a little crush on her
  • But lets be real everyone does
  • Lena drunkenly confessing to Alex one night that she thought Alex was so hot the first time they met
  • And the huge shock of seeing her in Kara’s home
  • Also the relief Lena felt when she realized Alex was Kara’s sister and not something else
  • (Maggie agreeing with her because she also thought that Alex x Supergirl was a thing the first time they met)
  • Lena getting into arguments with Alex and Winn about science
  • Sometimes they’re serious but most of the time its ridiculous things
  • Like which element is the best
  • Alex argues it’s phosphorous because everything needs phosphorous to live
  • Winn argues its actually carbon because it’s an organic molecule
  • Lena arguing that they are BOTH wrong and that the True Best Element is Krypton, because it’s also the name of the planet where Kara is from, aka the best gift Lena has gotten, (even though an entire planet had to die for her and Kara to meet)
  • Everyone gaping at Lena when she says that, Kara turning as red as her cape and Alex and Maggie aww-ing at how cute they are
  • Alex and Winn wholeheartedly agreeing that ‘fine krypton is the best element but also you’re a huge sap’
  • Eliza taking Lena under her wing, even more so when she learns through Kara about Lena’s past and her relationship with her own mother
  • Lena going to Eliza for advice or calling her late at night when she can’t sleep and Kara is off saving the world
  • Lena helping save Jeremiah from Cadmus and helping him and Eliza reunite
  • Lena going to Alex for advice on her sister
  • Alex grinning smugly at Lena the entire time because she can clearly see that Lena is head over heels for Kara
  • Lena rolling her eyes and makes a snide comment about Maggie that makes Alex turn red
  • Alex and Lena casually hanging out, getting coffee and talking about anything and everything, quickly becoming friends and geeking out over science
  • Alex calling Lena and vice versa when a new scientific discovery is made and they nerd out over it
  • Maggie continuously egging Lena on when Kara is in the room with them which is ALL THE TIME
  • Lena making Alex and Maggie some light, bullet proof vests for when they go out in the field
  • Lena also upgrading Maggie’s gun to very literally have a ‘stun’ setting that Maggie is grateful for since she hates shooting it esp with her feelings about aliens
  • Lena and Maggie gushing to each other about the Danvers’ sisters
  • Double dates all the time
  • Lena becoming an unofficial ally of the DEO and J’onn asking her opinion on certain technology and methods used for containment
  • J’onn super weary of her, more so than James, but eventually warming up to her
  • J’onn rolling his eyes anytime Alex and Lena are together because they are so unpredictable even more so when they work together and they give him headaches
  • J’onn giving Lena the shovel talk bc they both know Alex is more protective when it comes to Kara but he still cares about her
  • Reading Lena’s mind and knowing full well she loves Kara with all her heart and won’t do anything to compromise her identity or endanger her/her family/the DEO
  • Lena inviting the whole SuperSquad to her extravagant parties and making sure all their fav foods are there
  • The hug pile that ensues when Lena’s mom is sent to jail and even tho Lena and her mom never got along she is still visibly upset
  • Steve: Wanda is a kid, she can't be locked into the facility!
  • Steve: she needs to come and join the battle instead
  • Fandom: yasssss team cap!
  • Tony: Peter is a kid, so I'm going to upgrade his suit to make it more efficient, I'm going to bring him in just to stay on the edges of the fight and do some webbing, I'm going to tell him what to do in case Steve attacks him and how to defend himself. He's a superpowered kid but I won't blindly throw him into a fight.
  • Tony: *immediately sends Spidey home after he gets hit once*
  • Fandom: evil man has recruited a child :/
  • (Bonus)
  • Steve: drops a huge thing on Peter with no previous knowledge that Peter is superpowered, expects him to hold it up, walks away with Peter struggling
  • Fandom: badass Steve!
  • Khaji da: Jaime Reyes, you are staring at the Impulse again.
  • Jaime: I-I was just thinking it's been a while since he upgraded his suit. I mean, he' grown a lot and his uniform is spandex and he looks kind of tight... the suit! Looks kind of tight. On him. Like, uncomfortably tight. Just something I noticed.
  • Khaji da: Jaime Reyes.
  • Jaime: Uh, Si?
  • Khaji da: if I possessed a body of my own, I would currently be looking into the proverbial office camera.

tony managing to fly to new york, get peter, upgrade his suit, and fly back to germany within 24 hours is definitely the cap 3 equivalent of casually having all materials necessary to build a particle accelerator just chilling in the house and then proceeding to build said particle accelerator in your basement and THEN succeeding at synthesizing a new, stable, usable element in the space of a single afternoon

Shop Unlocking/Upgrading Guide

I find this really useful so I know what needs to be done to upgrade and unlock new shops!

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would include:

- Peter complaining
- You wondering off
- Peter freaking because he “lost” you  
- Eventually he finds you and never leaves your side
-”hey pete, will this make my boobs pop out better?”
- Him blushing 
- Hand holding 
-”Wonder if Mr.Stark is upgrading my suit?”
- him apologizing… a lot for little things
- You eventually give up on finding Christmas presents
- “finally. I thought we weren’t going to leave… kidding”
- come back to Aunt May baking (burning) cookies for you two 

So if you know Metroid Lore, the latest point in the chronology is Metroid Fusion.  In that game we find out Samus is fused with Metroid DNA.  I got to thinking… what if the next installment dove deeper into that fact?  What if the Metroid DNA (along with Chozo, X Parasite, Phazon and whatever her gene pool is infested with) started drastically changing her appearance and ultimately her mind…

Folks, say hello to the METROID SUIT: a set of armor that combines the ferocity of a Metroid with the Chozonian relics Samus is used to.  Because of its much more organic design, its better for close range combat and gives Samus more agility than any other suit beforehand.  Of course, being born from Metroid DNA, it loses defensive prowess when against cold temperatures.  Also some of the Chozonian weapons don’t work as well with this suit.  The most notable difference however is the energy cannon.  It has a mouth, fang and extending tentacle that latches onto and even draws in enemies so Samus can absorb their life-force.  Because of this however, it’s rate of fire of beam weapons is greatly reduced and missile range is extremely limited, acting more like grenades.  An  addition to the morph ball is that Samus can float in midair for a limited time in a pattern similar to Metroids, and the spider ball upgrade can be used to latch on foes and drain their life force as well.  Last but not least, the beam weapons can enhance the fang blade, allowing Samus to cut through nearly any material.

The Galactic Federation built this suit seeing as it’s the closest thing to having the Metroid army they dreamed of.  Samus, not one to follow orders (Other M doesn’t exist in a perfect Metroid canon) tries to escape the Federation only to be attacked by Space Pirates, who want to use the blood of the hunter to revitalize Metroids.

So the race is on to not only escape the clutches of the Space Pirates, but also her old allies the Galactic Federation, all while trying to not let the Metroid DNA corrupt her human mind…

Check Out Iron Man's New 'Spider-Man Homecoming' Armor Thanks to New Action Figure Pics

We know Tony Stark gives Peter Parker a Spidey suit upgrade for Spider-Man: Homecoming; turns out, Stark has also been busy tweaking Iron Man’s costume in time for the forthcoming film. Although we got a brief glimpse of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) zooming into action alongside the wall-crawler (Tom Holland) at the end of the trailer released in December, there hasn’t been a clear look at the latest iteration of Stark’s battle armor until now. Hasbro, which has been busy releasing images of its upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe toys ahead of next week’s New York Toy Fair, has revealed the new-look Iron Man as part of its Marvel Legends line of highly detailed 6-inch action figures.

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(Courtesy of Hasbro)

The new gear is a departure from the previous Iron Man suits seen in the MCU, featuring more grey mixed in with the familiar red-and-gold scheme. The colors hark back to Marvel’s Ultimate Iron Man comic.

(Courtesy of Marvel)

For comparison, here’s the suit Stark was rocking when last on screen, in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

(Photo: Marvel)

The Iron Man action figure will be available in the Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Two-Pack (available this fall for $39.99), accompanied by this deluxe Spidey figure.

(Courtesy of Hasbro)

In addition to the multipack, there will be solo 6-inch Legends figures featuring variations on Spider-Man’s suit, including his low-budget homemade outfit and his web-winged costume, as well as Michael Keaton’s villainous Vulture sans wings. The individual figures will be in stories this spring for $19.99 apiece; each package will include pieces that will form the previously announced winged Vulture build-a-figure.

Spider-Man, Homemade Suit (Courtesy of Hasbro)
Web Wings Spider-Man (Courtesy of Hasbro)
Vulture (Courtesy of Hasbro)
Vulture Build-a-Figure (Courtesy of Hasbro)

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7.

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In the time I’ve spent with No Man’s Sky, I have discovered 20+ alien words, have reached “Partner” status with an alien race, have discovered three Monoliths, have gained an Atlas Pass, have gone through six weapons, and have purchased a new starship. I have crafted warp cells, suit upgrades, mining upgrades, and grenades that let me excavate terrain. I have been in battles with starships that I’ve barely escaped, forcing me to land on the nearest planet in the hopes that I could find materials to repair my shields and refuel my pulse drive. I have discovered minerals and fauna, bipeds, and quadrupeds. I’ve had to fight plants. I’ve carved into large formations of gold and nickel to survive toxic weatherstorms. I’ve made an underwater expedition, despite radioactivity, to find ancient ruins—I discovered these ruins by breaking into a space station and using both my wits and translated alien text to solve a puzzle. I’ve hijacked countless systems to help me find colonial outposts on planets beaming with life and lush fauna. I’ve disabled countless security systems just to get upgrade plans. I’ve become a merchant, selling unearthed treasures at space stations, playing the intergalactic stock market, and have sold the alien relics that I’ve discovered.

So yes, maybe you do have to make your own fun in this game; there’s barely a story, and the driving force of what’s at the center of the universe isn’t very compelling. But I’m having a damn good time playing the game how I want to play it and living out my childhood fantasies of being a space pirate who travels to different planets and encounters alien life—my fantasy of being Han Solo, essentially. Not only did the game live up to the expectations I had, but based on the 12-15 hours I’ve already put into it in only two days, it’s exceeded them.

     “Still isn’t fast enough,” Gogo muttered before blowing a bubble with her gum. While her newly designed disks did well against friction they still didn’t allow for quick enough motion. Upgrading her suit would take more work than she thought. Tossing them into the pile with the others she labelled as failures she noticed someone watching and popped her bubble. “Didn’t you go home already?”

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A while back @sapirzz asked me what I thought Tallowe would look like older- something I’d never thought about at all ! Hahaha the problems with a dead OTP… :);; I drew this and totally forgot to post it, I didn’t even realize I colored it? But I hope you like! ♥ OTPs never die in our hearts :)

the space between us (chapter 13)

chapter title: ch-ch-changes    
words: 4.4k
story summary: What’s a ladybug to do when her kitten becomes a cat?

previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

a/n: In which Adrien and Marinette are unbearably cute and Ladybug gets some new suit upgrades.

AO3 | FF

Radiant. Beautiful. Mine. Us.

These are the few words that float through Adrien’s mind as Marinette pins him against the wall in a secluded corner of the restaurant and kisses his neck in ways that eventually make him stop thinking entirely as he quietly moans and lets himself succumb to pure sensation.

As he reaches his arms around his girlfriend’s waist and pulls her even closer, he can practically feel the electricity crackling between them as she trails kisses up the side of his cheek before he shifts the angle of his face and suddenly their lips are touching and her hands are underneath his shirt and sliding up his back as he shivers with pleasure.

I want you so much,” he whispers, almost reverently, and he whines as Marinette pulls away to smile at the sight of his flushed cheeks and lovestruck eyes.

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Tony Stark Headcanons

Requested by anon. Enjoy!

  • He’s super protective of his team, especially after the events in Sokovia 
  • If anything goes wrong on a mission, he blames himself, thinking if he had just upgraded their suits and equipments more nothing would have gone wrong 
  • It could have absolutely nothing to do with him but he still gets upset over it 
  • The rest of the Avengers try to help him realize it’s not his fault when they catch on to this behavior 
  • Aunt Peggy Carter is one of his favorite people in the world 
  • She played a huge role in raising him (not more than Jarvis, of course) 
  • When Steve found out about this he was really surprised, even though he really shouldn’t have been (after all, it makes sense)
  • He’s actually a really good musician, his mom taught him to play the piano when he was really young
  • Only Pepper and Rhodey know about it (but they both love to hear him play)
  • He rarely plays anymore but occasionally he’ll sit at the piano bench and play a few songs he memorized a long time ago 
  • He definitely has a bunch of Captain America merchandise hidden somewhere 
  • Hell, he has a bunch of team merchandise stockpiled in a closet that he’ll give to the team members as Christmas gifts or something (he’s not sure)
  • Nat scares the shit out of him by sneaking up behind him 
  • It’s something he never gets used to (and with the amount of times she does it, you’d think he would’ve by now) 
  • He opens up a little about his terrible anxiety 
  • Only to Rhodey (who already kind of knew about it) and Pepper at first. He eventually talks about it a little more with Steve and Bruce
  • Steve’s especially understanding of it and tries to help (he has PTSD, he gets it)
  • He talks about it a little with Bruce when they’re working in the lab (but not too much, he doesn’t want to excite him and Bruce has a tendency to zone out when he talks for too long) 
  • He’ll also talk about it with Sam a little more, and they start to help each other (Tony tries to help Sam with his PTSD and Sam helps Tony with his anxiety)
  • Making up nicknames for his fellow team members is one his his favorite activities 
  • He actually keeps lists of possible nicknames 
  • Tony has a vine account dedicated to random videos of his fellow Avengers
  • It has a surprisingly large amount of followers 
  • He also browses tumblr when he needs a laugh
  • It’s always fun to troll people on there too 
  • If he’s feeling especially daring he’ll search his name or someone else’s and see what comes up
  • But he doesn’t do that often, for obvious reasons 
  • He really wants to find out how Thor’s hammer works 
  • But it’s hard to science something he can’t even move 
  • So when Thor’s not looking he’ll run over and try to run some tests because this stupid hammer really bothers him (anything he can’t figure out bothers him)
  • He gets a lot of joy out of sassing government officials (Rhodey does too but he has to act otherwise in front of them)
  • The media criticizes him a lot and he tries to act like it doesn’t bother him 
  • But it does and the team gets really defensive of him because that’s what they do 
  • When he does sleep it’s rarely in his bed, it’s usually in random places around the tower (most often wherever he happened to collapse) 
  • Classical music is always playing from his iPod when working - helps him focus (Not to mention, Bruce likes it too)
  • He talks out loud a lot when he works, mostly to himself, but sometimes Bruce will respond 
  • He thinks of the new avengers as his little siblings to train in the art of avengering 
  • He has an obsession with Bucky’s arm and Sam’s wings
  • Very quickly he figures out at least eight different ways to improve on them
  • When Steve gets Bucky back and introduces him to Tony, they become the number one source of Steve’s teasing 
  • Tony has so much more ammo, which Bucky happily supplies 
  • He’s a complete and utter Star Wars nerd
  • He had a working lightsaber for a period of time (that he made, of course), but Pepper confiscated it when he accidentally sliced the dinner table in half 
  • He still had time to have an all out lightsaber battle with Rhodey before she did though 
  • Half of him really wants to see Asgard, the other half of him wants to avoid space and it’s inhabitants as much as possible 
  • When he’s really stressed, sometimes he calls Harley just to talk 
  • He finds the kid a bit annoying, but also a massive help to him, since he reminds Tony he’s human 
  • This helps him calm down 
  • He kind of wants a normal life, but also probably wouldn’t trade it for the world (he would happily get rid of the danger though)