suit of evil souls

since i draw farina so often anyways, i decided to finally do something like a character sheet for her

With Grace: Eyes on Fire

Title:  “With Grace: Eyes on Fire”

Author: Sands

Original Imagine Link: XXXX

Warnings: Language, kissing, a certain amount of depiction of violence.

Word Count: 2233

Summary: Dean and Sam hear of a new hunter in town taking down monsters far too easily than it is humanly possible. What will happen when they finally run into her? What secrets are she keeping? (Loosely based off the song, “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation.

A/N: It’s part of a series based off the above imagine, and I’d be writing the rest.

Fic/Link to Fic: tumblr | | AO3

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What wears a dark suit, is completely evil, and is about to suck out all of your souls?

Why didn’t anyone tell me it was #villainmonth!? This is basically telling me there’s 31 days in which I have an excuse to just draw my favorite characters, and I’m 15 days behind!! So let’s get started: here’s Handsome Abadad– I mean Hunson Abadeer!