suit of amor

Quando parlava in tedesco, specie con quel tono di comando, la sua voce assumeva una sonorità vibrante e metallica che procurava all’udito di Lucile un piacere simile a quello di un bacio un po’ brutale che finisce in un morso. Si portò piano le mani alle guance brucianti e disse a sé stessa: “Fermati! Allontana i tuoi pensieri da lui, sei su una china pericolosa…”.
Mosse qualche passo verso la porta.
—  Suite Francese - Irène Némirovsky

en la ceguera
solo el amor
es sed y agua

Carlos Frías de Carvalho
La sustancia de la sombra
Ed. Visor, 2014

Vídeo: Suite for viola d'amore strings, and basso continuo in D minor GWV 426
Christoph Graupner (1683 - 1760)
Performed by L'Ensemble des Idees heureuses
Featuring Helene Plouffe, viola d'amore
Directed by Genevieve Soly

The Gala

A/N: Spencer and reader attend an FBI gala (disclaimer: idk if this is a real thing it just sounded cute and fun in my head) and Spencer sees how beautiful the reader looks, which leads to his confession of his love for the reader. Please enjoy the fluffiness! :-)


It was the night of the FBI Gala – a night where everyone in the FBI (and when you say everyone, you meant everyone: agents, receptionists, even a few senators??) gathered together for a big party held at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.

You spent hours getting ready – you wore a long, black strapless dress with a short string of pearls just touching your collarbone. Your makeup was professionally done, along with your hair which was in an up-do with a few loose curls. You walked in and immediately found Penelope.

“Oh sweetie, you look absolutely stunning!” Penelope squealed as she pulled you into an embrace. You smiled as you took in her appearance as well. “Thanks, love! But I must say, you look even better” you gave her a wink.

You both grabbed a glass of champagne and made small talk with other colleagues from different departments. A few other members of the BAU trickled in – Hotch came with Rossi, both dressed in their usual black suit and ties.

“Mi amor! You are looking ravishing as ever!” Rossi exclaimed as he hugged you, along with kiss on the cheek.

“Look at you, Rossi! Let me guess, hand-made Italian suit?” you smiled as you gave Hotch a hug too.

Morgan and Savannah came next, with J.J. and Will not far behind them. Last but not least, Spencer came last.

You blushed as you saw how handsome Spencer looked. He wore a basic black suit, but instead of his usual tie, he wore a little black bowtie. You had worked with Spencer for years, and from that first day you immediately felt a connection with him. There were times when you wanted to tell him how you felt, but it never felt like the right time.

“Y/N you look… absolutely beautiful. I mean, it’s not like you’re not usually beautiful… I um just mean that you look really great… all the time” Spencer said as he came up to you and the team.

You smiled at his rambling. “Thanks, Spence. You’re looking quite handsome yourself” you said as you grabbed yourself and him a glass of champagne.

“Smooth, Pretty Boy” Morgan elbowed Spencer in the ribs, making Spencer blush a deep red.


After about an hour of going around the building making small talk with colleagues you barely knew, soft classical music began playing and many people began slow dancing. You were in the middle of a dance with Rossi when you felt a small tap on your shoulder.

“Mind if I butt in?” Spencer asked.

Rossi gladly let him have a turn at dancing with you. Butterflies started fluttering in your stomach as he wrapped one arm around your waist and the other grabbed your hand.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you all night – have you been having fun?” You asked Spencer as you made slow circles.

“Just talking to some other agents, so much small talk… I needed to come talk to someone I could actually have a real, comfortable conversation”

You loved your talks with Spencer – you could learn so much from the ramblings he went on almost constantly. After a few songs of dancing and a handful of fun facts about the Smithsonian, you could tell he wanted to say something to you.

“What’s on your mind, Spence?” You urged him on.

He stopped dancing and said “Can we go somewhere private?” You smiled and grabbed his hand “Follow me”

After hopping over some security ropes, you made your way to Ancient Egypt exhibit and sat down on a bench. Your heart was pounding in your chest as Spencer took your hand.

“Y/N… I don’t even know where to begin…”

You sat and rubbed his hand as he took a deep breath to continue.

“I think… no, I know I am in love with you, Y/N… I guess it all kind of started when you came to the BAU… we just clicked so quickly. But I think the moment I knew was one of the first cases we were on together – it was a particularly bad one. We went to your apartment and watched T.V. and made homemade brownies… It was when I looked over at you, eating those gooey brownies, getting it all over your face in that big, oversized t-shirt you like to wear to bed” he laughed. “It was such a simple, domestic moment, yet made my heart swell” he stopped for a moment when he saw tears collecting in your eyes. “Look, Y/N, you don’t have to say anything back, it’s just… I just really needed to get that out, because I’ve been feeling this way for so long. And when I saw you tonight… you look so lovely”

You couldn’t believe what you just heard and smiled while you thought about that sweet memory he reminded you of. “Spence, I am in love with you too… I absolutely feel the same way… you’re my best friend, and just the greatest guy I know” you gave his hand a squeeze.

Spencer’s face lit up as he reached out and cupped your face to give you a light kiss, which soon deepened as his soft lips explored yours.

And there you were, stuck in a moment you had always longed for – a moment you wished would last forever.

«Come la madre cinese che mandando in guerra il figlio gli raccomanda prudenza “perché la guerra non è priva di pericoli”, la prego, in mio ricordo, di avere cura per quanto è possibile della sua vita.»
«Perché vale qualcosa per lei?» domandò lui con ansia.
«Sì. Perché vale qualcosa per me.»
—  Suite francese,  Irène Némirovsky