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your sotW alternate ending reminds me of X Men Days Of Future :D

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this is a thing that exists and it is about time I share it with you guys.

stand in awe before this masterpiece of clothing, a honking dream come true for our favorite trash clown. (it’s a miracle)

A Recap of Lil Cal’s Timeline in the 4/22 upd8.


  • Gamzee chucklevoodoos Lil Cal into Dream Dave’s room (Derse Pajamas).
  • Lil Cal is dumped onto the Rocket board, and is brought by the Authority Regulator/Aimless Renegade (AR) to the Frog Temple.
  • After ectobiologically creating the B1/B2 kids, John gives Lil Cal to baby Bro/Dirk.

Pre-Scratch (B1 Session)

  • Bro and Lil Cal arrive in the B1 session (Cal Shirt).
  • Dave slices up Lil Cal during the rooftop Strife with Bro.
  • Bro repairs Lil Cal and enters the B1 Sburb Session.
  • Lil Cal is claimed as a trophy by Bec Noir after killing Bro.
  • Bec Noir throws Lil Cal at an Aradiabot during the fight at the end of the A2 Sgrub session.
  • The Aradiabot and Lil Cal (Cal Shirt) are teleported through time into a portal, crashing on the Alternia in the A2 universe.
  • Aradia finds a newly damaged Lil Cal in the crater.
  • Lil Cal is given to Kanaya to be repaired (Felt Suit).
  • Cal is ectobiologically combined with the Beta Troll’s genetic code and one of Doc Scratch’s cue balls to create Doc Scratch, the Troll’s first Guardian.
  • (Offsceen) - Dave insults Gamzee’s religion by showing him “Miracles” by the ICP.
  • (Offsceen) - Enraged and under the influence of B1 Lil Cal (Felt Suit), Gamzee begins his murderous Rampage.
  • (Offsceen) - This is also when he Chucklevoodoo’s Lil Cal into Dream Dave’s Room.
  • Lil Cal (Felt Suit) is in the Secret Music Room during Terezi’s crime scene investigation.
  • Gamzee teases Terezi with Lil Cal and steals her glasses to troll Karkat and Dave.
  • During Cascade, Gamzee does something to, or merely watches, Doc Scratch’s corpse which activates and allows Lord English to emerge.
  • (Offsceen) Cod Tier Gamzee keeps B1 Lil Cal (Felt Suit) and goes to meet Caliborn.

Post-Scratch (B2 Session)

  • Lil Cal arrives on B2 Earth with Dirk (Derse Pajamas).
  • Caliborn convinces Dirk to throw Lil Cal into the sea while Earth is being destroyed by HIC.
  • Caliborn drags abandoned Earth into his dead session, presumably with B2 Lil Cal on it.
  • Gamzee finds B2 Lil Cal (Derse Pajamas) and gives it to Caliborn.
  • Gamzee gives B1 Lil Cal (Felt Suit) to the courtyard droll.
  • The courtyard droll appearifies Lil Cal into Beta Jack Noir’s cell on Prospit.
  • B2 Jack Noir gouges out his eyes and replaces them with B1 Lil Cal’s, and is controlled by Lord English/Caliborn.
  • Dirk shoves Caliborn’s, ARquiusprite’s (Lil Hal and Equius), and half of Gamzee’s soul into B2 Lil Cal (Derse Pajamas).

Minor Speculation

  • Presumably, this would lead us to the conclusion that the Lil Cal (Derse Pajamas) that is sent into Dream Dave’s Room on Derse is the one that Dirk trapped all the souls in, meaning that Lord English was inside of B1 Lil Cal (Cal Shirt/Felt Suit) the whole time, and B2 Lil Cal (Dirk’s) was empty.