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faux amis #1

- prune (f) : plum / pruneau (m) : prune

- raisin (m) : grape - NB : uncountable : you eat “du raisin”, not “des raisins” / raisin sec : raisin

- pain (m) : bread - indénombrable / douleur (f) : pain

- bite (f) : dick / bouchée (f) : bite

- bras (m) : arm  / soutien-gorge (f) : bra

- castor (m) : beaver / huile (f) de ricin (m) : castor oil

- figure (f) : face / chiffre (m), silhouette (f) : figure

- point (m) : dot / dot (f) : dowry / bouton (m) : pimple, button

- préservatif (m) (or “capote” (f)) : condom

- monnaie (f) : change / argent (m) : money - indénombrable

- coin (m) : corner / pièce (f) : coin

- grotte (f) : cave / cave (f) : cellar

- star (f) : celebrity / étoile (f) : star

- balance (f) : scale / équilibre (m) : balance

- occasion (f) : opportunity, secondhand

- morceau (m) : piece / pièce (f) : room

- surnom (m) : nickname / nom (m) de famille : surname

- preuve (f) : evidence/proof / évidence (f) : obviousness, ex : entre nous, c’était une évidence! 

- permis (de conduire) (m) : (driving) licence / licence (f) : bachelor degree 

- programme (m) : agenda / agenda (m) : diary / journal (m) : private diary + newspapers

- conférence (f), cours (m) : lecture / lecture (f) : reading 

- librairie (f) : bookshop / bibliothèque (f) : library

- retard (m) : lateness

- faculté (f) : skill, university / corps (m) enseignant : faculty

- prudence (f) : caution / caution (f) : deposit

- voyage (m) : journey / journée (f) : day

- location (f) : rental / endroit (m) : location

- public (m) : audience / audience (f) : hearing (law)

- attendre, v : to wait for / assister à v : to attend

- réaliser, v : to achieve, direct, realise / réalisateur/trice : director / achever, v : to complete, finish

- décevoir, v : to disappoint / tromper, v : to deceive 

- passer, v : to go, to drop in, to take an exam / réussir, v : to pass

- envier, v : to desire

- jalouser, v : to envy / il suit, 3PS, v : he follows / costume (m) : a suit 

- blessé-e : hurt, wounded / béni-e : blessed

- joli-e : pretty / gai-e, enjoué-e : jolly

- rude : harsh (rare) / malpoli-e : rude

- éduqué-e : brought-up / instruit-e : educated / cultivé-e : cultured 

- satisfait-e : content / content-e : happy

- intoxiqué-e : addict / ivre : intoxiquated

- malicieux/euse : mischievous / méchant-e : malicious

- correctement : properly / propre : clean

- actuellement : currently / en fait, vraiment : actually

- finalement : eventually / éventuellement : possibly


(( musings for the boys ))

Envy Analysis/ Letter of Advice.

DISCLAIMER: This is an essay I wrote for an English class, in which we were asked to write someone a letter of advice. We could choose whoever we wanted, whether fictional or real. We were required to relate this letter to one previously read article or essay from our English book, but don’t worry, you don’t have to read the essay to understand this prompt.  This is my letter to Envy the Jealous. And sorry, it’s really long.

Dear Envy:

For someone whose roots are strongly connected to us, you and your siblings have a rather bleak outlook on what it means to be human. Some of your other siblings seem to merely think we are weak, foolish, even laughable creatures they can manipulate to their disposal.  Triggering humans, pushing and pulling to create hostility, facilitating wars and massacres—even being the head of an entire militaristic country!—it all comes too easy to them…to you. Your entire family is righteously proud of who they are, being almost immortal homunculi. You are stronger, more resilient, powerful… But you, Envy, are slightly different.

What your family see as worms, not dignified for a second glance or thought, you see as a threatening race. When they couldn’t be bothered by actually having an emotional reaction to us, you actively hate mankind, and it delights you to see them suffer. It causes you unadulterated joy and happiness to see a human’s eyes crumble in grief and despair. You have no regrets in shooting an innocent little Ishvalan girl in the face for the mere purpose of starting a war. You don’t even blink when you kill an innocent brave man for merely being intelligent and putting the pieces together of your creator’s too-ambitious plan to sacrifice the people of Amestris in order to become akin to a God (which will fail, I guarantee it). In fact, recounting the fact made a certain light glint in your sinister purple eyes, and you laughed at the simple fact on how easy it was to make humans turn against each other. You were just following orders after all, and they are all worth scum right? It’s such a typical example of self-justification from your perspective, it’s almost expected from every one of us, as explained by Vincent Parrillo’s short essay Causes of Prejudice (506, 10). He assures all humans want to feel not-at-fault in any type of situation, and we often denigrate the maltreated person or convince ourselves they are inferior in order to justify our actions. Just like you do. You have a highly inflated ego, but at the same time, it’s so delicate it makes for an interesting but yet confusing contradiction.

Sadist, the people call you. A sociopath. This term obviously does not fit you, since you feel plenty—almost all negative emotions. The envy that is your core envelops you, and that resentment, that misery (all because you want what you can’t find in your own kind) to want fulfilling relationships (to actually want LOVE) makes you hate us with a burning fire.  But why do you hate humanity, who gave birth to you? Your passionate loathing to your ancestors seems illogical, if not misdirected. Why do you feel superior to us, when the obvious basis of your essence is still human? What gives life to you is 100% pure human! I guess in a way, your disdain is almost understandable—what can you expect a homunculus to feel about humans when his (or her) creator sees humans as insignificant insects which he can use and abuse in whatever way he sees fit? What can one expect when all he hears from his siblings, the ‘closest’ people in his life, are the musings about how “the human race is made up of violent miserable fools”?

You’ve been a victim of socialization (pg. 513, 2). I have to give you that, but it definitely does not even begin to excuse the atrocities you’ve committed in your almost 200 years of life. It’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Arrogance befitting your brother Pride does not suit you Envy. Ethnocentrism (pg. 505, 4) is not an appealing quality, regardless of what you might think or believe. You may have once wondered to yourself the why’s in your thoughts. You may not give a damn at all since you are so undoubtedly trying to pass yourself as a perfect God-like being who knows everything about everyone (especially about himself) but you will know today. You’ll open your eyes and ears just how much you are exactly like humans.

Parrillo’s essay delves into the key cores of what makes people think and act like they do in regards to prejudice. The classic basic motives for many of our negative attitudes are reflected on you almost perfectly. All of them! Psychologically speaking, there are three levels of prejudice and I will explain with great detail how this relates to you. First, there is the cognitive aspect (pg. 505, 3) to the prejudice: or the beliefs and perceptions of a certain group to be view negatively or not, threatening or unthreatening, inferior or of equal status. You just happen to think all of the above! You already have a schema on what a human is: an inferior race, a threatening one, something to be ashamed of being. Schemas (whether good or bad) are so difficult to shake off once they’ve been cemented and this is true to all humans. Every time anyone of us sees experiences or hears something to contradict our schema we pass it off as an ‘exception’ to the rule. Yet, if we experience something that supports our schema, it often reinforces our thoughts and we think to ourselves “See? I’m right about all blanks being blank.” In other words, you process the world around you exactly like us.

The second level of prejudice is the emotional (pg. 506, 1) one: it revolves around all the emotions you feel when confronted with the group in question or even the thought of the group. And this is when your hidden emotions come to play. You see us and you immediately become miserable (whether or not you can actually admit it to yourself, as the envious never can), because you’re lacking something we possess. Your homunculi family does not offer love or acceptance. They do not comfort you when a particular comment hurts your feelings (because in reality you have a truly sensitive persona and insults or criticisms easily cut through your extremely thin skin), nor do they grieve other homunculi’s death after it comes. They see you as disposal as the rest of the humans around you. They don’t care about each other. But you care and it’s a source of shame to you. You feel like you can contain it well. You think you hide it ingeniously, but sometimes that feeling bubbles up and resurfaces like a volcano about to burst, especially when the situation calls for it. You raged and screamed when the Flame Alchemist killed your sister Lust, and your eyes turned black in revenge. You wanted Roy Mustang’s head on a platter. Her death disturbed you (as did Greeds’ but you were not vocal in his execution since it was Father himself to order it) but it hurts so much to even think about because you know if the person that had been killed was you, none of them would even shed a tear.  And knowing we have that concern for our close friends or family, builds up the bitterness and the resentment in you. It comes to a boil, and all of that emotions festers into ugly hate. All you are really doing is displacing your aggression to a powerless group who did absolutely nothing to you in order to cover up your fears and insecurities (508, 15)

In a subconscious level, you know you hate us because of something within yourself; it’s not us you really hate but yourself for portraying such typical human-like needy behavior. So you end up masking your hate for arrogance, and put on a detestable egocentric face for everyone to see that ‘no I don’t feel inferior to humankind, but really they should feel inferior compared to me!’ You have a problem of self-worth, of self-conflict. There is a world of turmoil in your head you are projecting to the weaker more defenseless group: humans. They are much easier to blame than yourself, obviously. We become your scapegoat (pg. 510, 4).

Finally we arrive at the last level: the action oriented prejudice, which is the predisposition to have some type discriminatory behavior. You believe us inferior, we make you feel saddened (and byproduct of anger), and it comes to you eagerly and sadistically antagonizing us. Without the other two levels, your potential to discriminate against us would be slim to none. And afterwards all the cruelty and inhumanity you’ve committed, you self-justify yourself by degrading us. We are inferior, we are lesser, and we deserve every maltreatment you send our way for being so idiotic. It’s something you might say, but can you really say you think it? After all, you think exactly like us. Wouldn’t that make you an idiot too? There’s a small part in your head that nods to this direction, but this makes you panicked and scared. You don’t want to feel vulnerable, nor break that perfect illusion that you are the epitome of cool calm and collected (it’s so perfect, even you believe it).

You need a reality check Envy. You need to speak one on one with yourself, as it seems to be your worst enemy at all times. Deep down, you have to admit to yourself the truth. You have to admit you have a serious self-esteem problem. There is a reason common wisdom says the one who suffer from your Envy are the most miserable people in existence. If you want something another one possesses, and plan to destroy the other’s possession just for that reason, happiness will always elude you. The reason you want something that you don’t already have makes you feel incomplete, like you are not a full person. Hash out everything you want to experience, like the comfort of a loved one, and embrace it. Do not attack the idea because it seems impossible for you to obtain.

Instead of lashing out, of displacing your anger and bitter feelings to others, you need to confront it all with your own mind. Say to yourself, “Who am I really? Am I really that different from the humans?” You need to get rid of the fake arrogance, of your mindset, your erroneous schema that being human equals being weak and shameful. You need to get away from the negativity of your ‘household’ and I use household very loosely as many would call it an evil lair instead. With your Father pushing these ideals, drilling them literally in your head until they rung 100% true, it’s no wonder you think like you do. But blindingly following and assimilating what you hear over and over again in the common socialization process isn’t what intelligent people do.  It’s what commonplace uneducated humans do. Humanity is present within you from your overactive child-like joy, your horrible temper tantrums, your mortality (because you can die, Envy) your mindset; everything. The only difference between you and me is that your makeshift heart holds thousands of captive suffering souls within, while mine holds only my own. But rummaging through enough, you are bound to find a soul you can actually call your own. Be human, be loved. Be empathetic.  I hope you take this advice to heart (well philosopher’s stone, but whatever) and actually do something to further your ultimate pursuit of happiness. Be a better person, and I really hope you stop getting joy from killing people.




Un regard, une rencontre. Un été, un sourire. Un numéro, un mail, une attente, un souvenir. Un appel, une voix, un début, un rencard. Un horaire, un endroit, une venue, un espoir. Une terrasse, un café, un dialogue, un moment. Un soleil, une lumière, un cœur, un battement. Une seconde, une minute, une heure, un plaisir. Un au-revoir, une prochaine, une promesse, un désir. Un après, une durée, une patience, un silence. Un doute, un pourquoi, un regret, une distance. Un retour, une surprise, un déluge, une marée. Une suite, une envie, un projet. Une soirée. Une pleine lune, une virée, un instant, une pulsion. Un frôlement, un baiser, une magie. Un frisson. Un accord, un avenir, une force, une destinée. Une étoile, un poème, et un verbe : aimer.
—  Grand Corps Malade

They boarded the plane
Earlier this morning, a very fine day
Some billion passengers climb aboard
Their smiles unwavering

As they enter the massive craft
People go to their places
Pride, greed, lust tickets on the first deck
Corrupt politicians suit themselves

Sloth, wrath, envy tickets on the second deck
Pardoned criminals join together
Clasping the hands
Of their politician friends

Truth, kindness, justice, mercy tickets on the last deck
Those people who live in poverty
The victims and the oppressed
Grouped together below the lavish decks

The pilot sees that the plane
Is badly balanced
But ignored as he fears
The people on the first two decks

Everyone is settled
The plane is flying with stability
But it is in the afternoon
The the sky started to cry

The pilot trembles with fear
Heart slamming against his chest
As a lightning struck
One of the plane’s wing

Wailing inside can be heard
The first deck curses
The second deck whimpers
The last deck prays

‘Mayday! Mayday!’ The pilot moans
'This is Humanity, speaking
We were hit by a lightning.
Mayday! Mayday! Our craft is falling!’

No response.
'Mayday! It is Humanity, speaking!’
The chaos inside begins
The fire spreads from the wing

The first deck grabs their bags first
Then looks for a parachute
The second deck does the same
The last deck, with nothing to carry
Hold on to their lifesavers, ready to jump out of the burning plane

'The plane is not balanced’ the pilot wails
So the last deck is ordered to jump
By the first two decks
Who wanted to be saved

'For once, you have done a good thing in your entire life’ the pilot says
The first two decks are perplexed
'You saved those people
Whom you’ve asked to jump’

Cries increase in volume
The burning plane violently falls
With one last call, the pilot whispers,
'This is humanity, signing off’

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Her complexion - oh my gosh! Makes me salivate and pull my hair out in envy. It suits her so very well, too. And she looks magical when she wears black haha random, I know

I think her decision to dye her hair darker was spot on, the combination of dark hair with her light skin really suits her, makes her look like some kind of porcelain doll. My random fact for the day: I think she should wear navy blue more often, I think it would really suits her :)

Aujourd’hui je veux vous dire que je suis heureuse.

Les gens que j’aime me comblent de bonheur.

Et mon regard ne suit plus que mes envies et ne cherche plus seulement à imaginer un futur meilleur.

Mais il sait désormais apprécier le présent, ce que j’accomplis et chaque instant.

Alors merde à mon cerveau pleins de sacs de nœuds, c’est tellement fatiguant à démêler !

Je veux des regards francs, droit dans les yeux, sans peur.

Je souhaite des sourires dévoilant nos dents, sans complexe.

Je veux rire fort pour ne plus entendre les cons,

je veux chanter, danser.

Je veux vivre mes émotions avec passion.

okay so the newest Fantastic 4 movie got a lot of flack for being miserable, but seriously it’s the gayest sci fi superhero movie I have ever seen, and that includes the Captain America movies

if you want to see an established gay couple in a superhero movie, you need to watch childhood sweethearts Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. (there is no romance between Sue Storm and Reed - not even an implied ‘lingering gazes’ one, and certainly no kisses.)

Minor spoilers:

Ben is the one Reed calls in the middle of the night. Ben helps Reed move into his dorm room and worries about being left behind now that Reed has gone to University. Reed sends selfies to Ben to document his progress on the inter-dimensional travel machine. Reed refuses to make large, life-altering decisions without Ben. Ben rolls out of bed in the middle of the night just because Reed needs to see him. 

Bigger spoilers:

When the whole team is injured, it’s only Ben that Reed calls out for, desperately, frantically, and drags himself, severely injured, across a wreckage to find. When he wakes up, it’s with Ben’s name on his lips. During containment, it’s only Ben that Reed asks after, and tries to find. While they are separated, Reed has a literal shrine to Ben on his wall, as he searches for him, and a way to cure him. Ben takes Reed’s leaving as a lover’s betrayal and reacts in kind. Neither of them mention anyone else, not when Reed is determined to escape, and not afterwards.

Ben and Reed are in a little bubble, separate from the others. Only Ben understands and adores Reed, whereas Johnny views him as a geeky friend, Sue looks at him clinically in scientific terms rather than human ones and is happy to betray him when it suits her, Victor envies him and Franklin sees him as an asset, a tool. Reed is Ben’s only real friend, and only connection to the Institute. No one is much concerned that Ben is being used by the military, aside from Franklin and Sue not wanting the same thing to happen to Johnny. Only Reed actually gives a damn about Ben for Ben’s sake.

In conclusion:

The only thing that would have made it more obvious they were a couple that get into a rocky situation (rocky, geddit? sorry.) and have to find their way back to one another, is if they had shared an on screen kiss. Just a peck when Ben arrived in the middle of the night or a deeper kiss when he had to leave Reed behind. Reed kissing Ben’s rocky new face and swearing that he still loves him anyway. That’s all that was needed to make their relationship perfect. It’s still clear enough to be canon though.

Et là, tout de suite, j'ai juste envie de ta peau contre la mienne, de nos mains qui se lient et qui se nouent sans jamais se lâcher. J'ai envie de te laisser parcourir chaque parcelles de mon corps, te laisser découvrir chaque parcelles de mon âme.
J'ai tellement envie que tu sois là, entre mes bras. De sentir ton odeur près de moi, de te voir, te toucher, t'embrasser, t'enlacer, parcourir chaque parcelles de ton corps, découvrir chaque parcelles de ton âme.