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David Tennant on the Tenth Doctor’s outfit


Happy Birthday! (June 9th, pt. 1)

  • The Hitachiin Twins (Ouran High School Host Club)
  • Chinami Komuro (Cinderella Girls)
  • Ko Kawashima (Big Windup!)
  • Marach Galthena (Final Fantasy Tactics)
  • Mondo Oowada (Dangan Ronpa)
  • Cater (Final Fantasy Type-0)
  • Yuto Akama (Mikagura School Suite)
  • Shinobu Sengoku (Ensemble Stars) 
  • Solo Iron Man Films: Meet Tony Stark. Over the course of a trilogy, he progresses from a war profiteer who turns a blind eye to his culpability in bloodshed and who refuses to let even his closest friends fully into his heart, to a man who realizes he can't do everything alone and call all the shots, who is coping with trauma and realizing that there's more to his life than putting on a suit of armor and -
  • Ensemble Films: Yeah that's great and all but step aside we need Iron Man to do a reckless thing without consulting anyone else to kick off our plot
His Love (M) // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Summary//Request: You never really get insecure about being a little chubby, but upon Jaebum sensing you feeling bad about how you look in your new dress; he decides to show you just how wrong you are.

This scenario is rated M for Mature as is contains smut/sexual content and insecurities about weight or body type.

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Looking for blogs to follow!

My dash has gotten quite dead lately, and I’m looking to enliven it up and diversify my interests a little! So REBLOG if you post a lot of:

  • Idol hell! (mainly Love Live, although I’ll also consider Ensemble Stars and maybe Idolmaster?)
  • Vocaseries! (Mikagura School Suite, Kagerou Project, Shuuen no Shiori Project, Honeyworks, Neruke, Heipro, anything~)
  • Vocaloid!
  • Pokemon! (preferably Pokemon Special, but I also like the anime and the games)
  • Anime! (mainly Osomatsu-san for now? I also like Haikyuu, Baccano, Nichijou, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Fullmetal Alchemist, Noragami, Barakamon, Oregairu, Digimon, Kuroko no Basket and many more!)
  • Art! 
  • Funny stuff!
  • Memes! 

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Teach Me How To Forget

Summary: 17 year old Daniel Howell is abused by his father and finds comfort in school, especially English class, where his teacher of 22 years old, seems to have much in common with him on famous literature, and connect on an emotional level. All is well at school, that is, until Dan notices his emotions for his teacher are far from innocent. What will happen to Dan when his father finds out about all of this?

Genre: Angst, Fluff, (Possible smut warning for later chapters) AU

Warnings/Triggers: Alcohol, Depression, Rape

Part 2 (x) Part 3 (x)  Part 4 (x)  Part 5 (x)

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Monster Falls AU Fic

Here’s my newest story, a Gravity Falls fanfic based on the Monster Falls Au! This is my first story on tumblr~ (POV changes are based on their symbols, which is Pine Tree for Dipper and Shooting Star for Mabel :) )

Chapter 6

Chapter 5

Chapter 4

Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Chapter 1


The sun was high in the sky when Dipper came across the creek. The 12 year-old had nearly fallen into the body of water before his ears picked up the sound of rushing water. He jumped back from the bank, gazing at his surroundings. Various coniferous and birch trees surrounded the stream’s rocky shores, sunlight trickling through their branches and dancing on the water. It was so blue, and it fell perfectly into a little waterfall.
The Fluvius Cantatis.
Dipper had just been reading about it in the ever-elusive Journal #3. After successfully preventing the little trolls Gideon from obtaining the deed to Grunkle Stan’s shack, he decided to talk a walk in the woods and read more of the journal in an attempt to relax.
He sat down on a fallen log that was half overrun with a bright green fungus to examine the page.
“The Fluvius Cantatis is HIGHLY DANGEROUS! DO NOT TOUCH!
"Located deep in the forest of Gravity Falls, the creek appears beautiful and inviting. I am not sure how far it runs. Upon contact, the victim will be transformed into a monster/mythical creature within a span of anywhere from six to twenty-four hours. If a creature come within contact, it will become human! The cure, however, is unknown.”
Finishing the last sentence, Dipper backed a little farther away from the creek. An illustration in the book was identical to the scene that lay before him.
A woodpecker sounded from within the trees as he stared at the stream, contemplating as to how the magic within it worked, and exactly how far the stream went. Everything seemed so peaceful, with the golden shafts of sun stretching to the earth, and birds chirping in the woods. Nothing disturbed the mysterious brook. Dipper wondered whether or not he should label it as “Toxic,” or something.
He decided to tear out one of the journal’s blank pages in the back and wrote “DO NOT TOUCH” on it in the click-pen that he had brought with him. He then stuck the paper through a branch of one of the birch trees.
“There,” he said to himself, satisfied. That had been his goal; find the stream, and label it.
Feeling a sense of accomplishment, Dipper stood up from the log, stuffed the journal in his vest pocket, and set off toward the Mystery Shack, wanting to share his discovery with his twin sister, Mabel.


The next day was a Saturday- usually the busiest day at the Shack. Grunkle Stan was kicked into high gear, his full suit and fez ensemble on before eight in the morning, without a single shout to Dipper and Mabel about how his pants were missing. Even Wendy, the Shack’s cashier girl, seemed to actually care about her work just as much as Soos, the handyman, did.
Dipper and Mabel, after breakfast, were called into the Shack’s gift shop for what Stan called a ‘pep-talk,’ even though it was usually just the old man barking orders to his 2 employees and niece and nephew.
“Dipper,” he began in his gruff voice, “I need you to wear the wold costume again today.
"Actually,” Mabel cut in sheepishly, “I shredded that thing.” She recalled the time when Stan had challenged her to a bet, and she had won, out-conning the con man. Shredding Dipper’s wolf costume was just one of the beneficial events that had happened that weekend.
Grunkle Stan frowned. “Okay, whatever, fine. Instead, you can work the ticket booth. Wendy, actually do your job today, Soos, you have to fix the golf cart again, and, Mabel, you just…” Stan put his string of commands to a pause.
Within that moment of silence, Dipper and Seuss had gone outside into the blazing heat, and Wendy had assumed her place behind the register. Mabel stood in front of her Great-Uncle, awaiting an assignment.
Stan furrowed his eyebrows in what Mabel deemed deep thought. Then, it looked as if a light bulb had went off inside his head.
“Mabel, it’s, what, 100 degrees out, right? Take these bottles-” the man gestured to a pile of plastic water bottles that, for some reason, was in the Mystery Shack, “-and go into the woods and find a stream or something with really good-looking water in it, and fill them up. I’m gonna sell the bottles as 'Stan Water’- patent pending.”
As he announced his new product idea, Stan used is hands to exaggerate the success of the water he wanted to bottle.
Mabel, obliging, stuffed the bottles into a big bag and left the Shack with an “Okie-dokie!”
Mabel noticed that cars had already filled up the 'parking lot’ of the attraction. Grunkle Stan had been right, it was really hot out. She decided to take off her purple sweater (with a cat on it, of course), and leave herself in her blue t-shirt, wrapping the sweater around her waist.
She had lost track of time as she ventured through the forest, eyes peeled for a clear looking stream. Finally, deep in the woods, she stumbled upon a shimmering blue creek, with water that looked so fresh and clear that it had to be perfect. Mabel dipped a finger in the water and beamed a braces-filled smile when she discovered that it was practically ice-cold.
Cupping her hands, Mabel took a sip of the liquid. For random forest water, it tasted wonderful. She excitedly filled up every bottle with the water and capped the,. Her load was heavier now, so it would take a while to get back. But, when she did, she found Grunkle Stan in the gift shop and handed him the bag of bottles.
The old man took one out and examined the water inside, a smile creeping onto his face. “Good work, kiddo! Here, take one on the house.”
He tossed the bottle he was holding to his niece, and then Mabel went to go find her brother, smiling broadly as she heard Stan advertising her find.
“Dipper!” Mabel called, catching sight of him talking to Soos.
“Oh, hey, Mabel,” Dipper greeted as his twin approached.
“'Sup, dawg,” Soos added.
Instead of replying, the girl just smiled coyly and took and took a long swig of the water. It was intensely refreshing.
“Can I have some water?” Dipper asked.
Mabel nodded and handed him the bottle. Her sibling chugged the liquid until Soos grabbed the bottle and poured some of the stuff down his throat as well.
“Dude, this water is great! Where did you get it?” Soos asked.
“Just a creek in the woods,” Mabel shrugged.
Dipper’s eyes flickered to the empty bottle in Soos’ hand and widened. “Wait, where?”
“I dunno, far back in there. But it was so blue and clear and I just knew it was perfect!” Mabel explained excitedly.
“Was it, like, oddly tranquil?”
“Sure,” Mabel shrugged, a bit confused as to why Dipper was getting so hyped up over the fact that the water had been from the woods. Mabel was positive that he wasn’t a germaphobe, so what was the matter?
Dipper whipped out Journal #3 and anxiously flipped through the pages, showing one to his sister. “Did it look like this?”
“A little bit, but there wasn’t a waterfall. But it had a ton of birch trees and rocks and stuff like in that picture,” Mabel pointed out.
Dipper looked horrified, and the faint dark circles under his eyes seemed to darken.
“What’s the matter, bro-bro?” Mabel questioned, concerned.
“This is very bad…” Dipper murmured to himself, pacing around the golf cart.
Just then, a sea of tourists flooded out of the Shack, drinking the 'Stan Water’ and getting into their cars, obviously happy with their purchases.
“Dipper, dude, what’s wrong?” Soos asked, “you’re seriously freaking me out.”
“We have to talk to Stan.” Dipper declared, and rushed into the Mystery Shack. Mabel and Soos, bewildered, trailed behind him, leaving the summer sun behind.