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Suit and Tie

Imagine Denmark, getting ready for a meeting. He scrambling around because he’s going to be late, his S/O telling him that they would tie his tie for him as he was too scattered to do it correctly himself.  While in the process  of making it perfect, his S/O feels him staring at them. They then look up to see his eyes meeting theirs, focused and intense, just watching them, taking everything about them in.  His S/O swallowing hard and looking down to the tie, tightening it and telling him he was ready to go. The Dane then leaning forward and pressing his forehead against theirs and saying lowly “Thank you,” as he pulled away. Leaving his S/O tongue tied and in want as he grabbed his jacket and said goodbye.

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How would they feel if their s/o randomly started doing their hair ie: braiding, or like putting it in a ponytail, while they were cuddling. Love ur blog

Haha that would be so cute! And Thank you love (^∇^)

Sweden: When cuddling with his S/O the world seemed to be non existent. It was nice just to enjoy their company. As hey felt their hands move to his hair he would like the feel as his S/O  started to gather the blonde locks telling him if it was just a little bit longer they could put it in ponytail. Sve would chuckle as he looked back to them telling them ‘if it was a little bit longer, he’d let them’ With a little smile on the corner of his lips.

Finland: Fin would feel his S/O talking little pieces and attempting to braid them, only coming with short ones the Fin not even minding or paying attention. He pretty much would let his S/O do whatever they pleased. Not noticing anything until a little giggle came out and they told him he was  cute in braids. To which them Fin would cleverly reply, ‘I know,’ his S/O Finding his confidence adorable as they gave him a little kiss on his lips.

Iceland: When Icey felt his S/O running their fingers through his hair and messing with it, he would ask what they were doing. His S/O not saying much as they would laugh a little seeming to be too interested in their activities. He feeling a tug, they would tell him he looked cute with a baby ponytail on his head. Ice reaching behind feeling it. He turning to them asking how they even did that?’ His S/O snickering replying simply, ‘Magic.’ he rolling his eyes as he let them continue to play around with his hair.

Norway: His S/O woke up one morning, their arms around him, they would look to his hair and could no longer help themselves. Taking the rubber band from their own hair, they would pull his back into ponytail. Norge being fully awake at this point. Commenting that whatever they were doing felt nice. His S/O fishing telling him to sit up. He having to make coffee anyway , would comply and feel the what their S/O had done. A little laugh as he turned to them. His S/O realizing that this ponytail, actually made him look kinda hot. They beginning to blush, he asking what they thought of their handy work, his S/O replying, ‘it suits you.’

Denmark: Cuddling on the couch one evening, the Dane would lay in his S/O’s arms as they watched TV and the Dane drifted in and out of sleep. His hair tickling their nose every once and a while. They began to take little sections, putting little braids in here and there. The Dane feeling their hands working. He asking what they were up to. His S/O telling them exactly what they were doing. The Dane just shrugging it off and telling them, ‘make sure I look pretty,’ as he fell back to sleep. His S/O getting more amusement and happiness than they even expected from this.

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One time before a world meeting, Norway's floating curl got stuck to Denmark's suit without either of them knowing. As they where sitting across eachother during the meeting, Denmark noticed the curl and started stroking and playing with it since he always wondered how it would be like. However he didn't notice Norway on the other side of the table, struggeling to not let any.. Unwanted sounds come out..


Ends of the Earth.

A/N: I put my tumblr before my school work when it comes to your requests. I love you guys so much - I enjoyed writing this.  I need to start working on the lengths of my oneshots (as requested by you guys and myself tbh).

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Request: Tony one shot requester here! It’s about the reader who’s a receptionist at shield the lowest of the low and tony sees here every time he’s there and takes a liking to her shamelessly flirting with her and she’s just oblivious and thinks he nice then tony falls in love with her. One day hydra kidnaps her and tony tries to save her and it turns out she’s not a receptionist but an agent assigned to protect tony. And well idk what else but tony steals a big Smooch from her confessing his love!

Warnings: Kidnappings, mention of death and gun to head.

Tony waltzed into S.H.I.E.L.D.S facility, half excited to get to work in his own lab and half excited to see his favourite receptionist. There was something angelic about her. Maybe it was her smile that could make the worst day better instantly or simply her sweet perfume. All Tony knew was that (Y/N) was a captivating young lady.

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Reasons why Norway would be a good theatre nurse: patients would be unconscious most of the time and thus unable to see how many times he’d roll his eyes.