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Viggo still remembers Aragorn’s coronation song to this day!!!!!! 😭😭😍😍

“You happy now?!”
… Well, I sure am 😁

“Et Earello Endorenna utblien. Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn’ Ambar-metta! ”

“Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, Unto the ending of the world.”

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My Dream

Alright, this may be a long post but I need your guys help with something.

So basically, I’ve been having the same dream for a few nights now; and obviously, being me, its been a Sherlock based dream.

What happens is from the perspective of Rosie Watson but like 16 years old. It starts of with a Rosie meeting a boy( lets call him Eddie) and falls madly in love with, much to John and Sherlock’s dismay. They want to protect her from the heartbreak of a first love. Then comes a montage of them falling in love (watching the Breakfast Club (just because) and just general lovey dovey things) and him eventually winning the love of the two dads. It then stops and shows Rosie and the mysterious boy entering one of the pods of the London Eye, all by themselves.

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Sherlock and John are currently working on a case that is close to home and threatens them and Rosie, someone who knows them well, but its someone that wants to hurt them…. They go through everyone: Molly, Lestrade, Mycroft, even Mrs Hudson. But then it clicks, and John says “what’s Eddie’s last name?”

Then comes the weird bit. The song “I’m Still Standing” starts playing.

It all begins to get really fast, John and Sherlock running through the streets of London, trying to get to the Eye as fast as they can. On the other side, there is Rosie and Eddie, sharing earphones. They then kiss. As the imaginary camera pans round them, a figure is present in the background, the figure has black hair, and is dressed in a suit and tie. The song then stops.

He steps forward, and taps Eddie on the shoulder. The man says “Come on son, when were you going to introduce me to your little friend.”

That man, was Jim Moriarty. 

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The dream usually ends there. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! I was thinking about making this into a one shot but I wondered if you wanted to continue it in the comments?


Nick Jonas and the Administration: “Stay”

This is the best song Nick Jonas has ever written. Hands down. End of discussion. This song did not appear on Who I Am, he wrote it while on a day off from tour in Washington and started playing it live shortly after. A live performance of the song recorded at the Wiltern theater in LA was released on March 2, 2010. In the video, Nick belts out the song with such passion that by the end he’s on the floor and his suit and tie are off. He’s begging the girl in the song to stay, and damn is he doing a good job of it. It pains me that he doesn’t play this on tour anymore. The lyrics? Perfect. The vocals? Fucking incredible. That high note at the end? DEAR GOD. I cannot discuss this song calmly. If you don’t love this I’m sorry but you’re a monster. THE BOY IS POURING HIS HEART OUT, HITTING NOTES SO HIGH THEY’RE ONLY AUDIBLE TO DOGS, WRITHING ON THE FLOOR AND RIPPING HIS SUIT OFF. What more could you possibly want out of a song?!? Can you even imagine feeling this passionately about someone it inspires a song and a performance like this? I need to lay down.



One of my favorite songs featuring Yakko. He rocks a suit and tie >_>
And omg..the things he says XD too funny.
If you haven’t seen this, give it a watch. Trust me its worth it ^_^

The signs as Justin Timberlake songs
  • Aries: Mirrors
  • Taurus: Rock your body
  • Gemini: Like I love you
  • Cancer: Can't stop the feeling
  • Leo: Until the end of time
  • Virgo: My love
  • Libra: TKO
  • Scorpio: Cry me a river
  • Sagittarius: Not a bad thing
  • Capricorn: Sexyback
  • Aquarius: What goes around/comes back around
  • Pisces: Suit & tie

Listen I understand why everyone wants Branch to sing Sexy Back

But for the love of god I need to hear him sing Suit and Tie as well

Its a good ass song, and there’s literally a line in there that goes “go on and show them who you call daddy” (precedded by several lyrics about the chicks fat ass)

You honest to god cannot tell me Branch wouldn’t choke singing those words

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Rules: Tag 9 people to get to know them better!
Relationship Status ? : “Single as”, not that it’s a massive dealio i am still like 2 years old
Favourite Colour ? : Green, like 100%, without a doubt. Love me some green
Lipstick or Chapstick ? : I wear these things called lip tints ( I think that’s what their called ) but if I had to choose between the two it would probably be chapstick 
Last song I listened to ? : I feel like you’ve all caught me at such an odd time in my tune listenings but the last song I listened to was “Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake 
Last movie I watched ? :  Justice League, I saw it on Friday and it was like okay-ish. 
Top 3 TV Shows ? : Probably iZombie, Star Trek and How I Met Your Mother
Top 3 Bands ? : Green Day, Guns n’ Roses and My Chemical Romance honest to god that dramatic emo band holds a special place in my heart
Books I’m Currently Reading ? : It’s called Neptune’s Brood or something, I just picked it up at the store and it’s like pretty cool. 

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Colin and Tiramisu

  • a five song playlist: do it : tuxedo / suit & tie - feat jay z : justin timberlake / la javanaise : serge gainsbourg / smell like teen spirit : italian secret service / you should know - feat ruckazoid : break bot
  • an actress / actor that would compliment/star beside you in a movie: alison sudol / martin starr
  • a color: golden brown
  • an element: copper

Ask me your name and favorite food and I’ll give you a five-song playlist, actress / actor that would compliment you/act beside you, color, and element.