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i like manga reigen's coloring because it feels more natural but anime reigen's somehow better fits his personality

Honestly both colors fit their respective personalities.

Manga!Reigen is a loooot more toned down. The bombastic antics (that he’s known for in the anime) are reserved for when he’s trying to put on a show, frustrated, or super afraid. Even his Reigen Roast ™ is tame in comparison. He looks more ugly-frustrated with the group’s inability to understand, rather than actively looking to drag them like his anime counter part.

When he’s not doing those motions, the rest of time Manga!Reig is just kind of an apathetic, depressed, regular pathetic, and average kinda guy. Which! fits one of the major themes of mob psycho 100 anyways: Congrats! You’re one of the masses just like everyone else! The brown hair and black tie fit better for this interpretation. Duller colors bring out his more mundane, pensive, wistful side.

Anime!Reigen brings out waaaaaaaaaay more of his showmanship, and this is also a fun angle! For a media based largely in visual movement, this was a great decision. Gold hair for valuing intellect (since hair is above ur brain), gray suit bc he’s morally gray bdum tss, and pink tie to show that he’s got some heart in the midst of it all. These are all very great color choices that showcase other facets of Reigen’s character.

And the anime gives him equal moments to look cool, and to look like a damn fool.

This color design is honestly more memorable and marketable as well. Plus the character designer said they gave him a pink tie since it makes him look more “shady” and I can get behind that.

Congrats this is the end of the rant! Both are good! If some of you were expecting a ‘that’s why this version is better’ conclusion I aint sorry though. They’re just two designs that emphasize different sides of the same character. 

This means for my stuff where I draw somber/weighted things, Manga!Reigen’s colors fit better. But for things that are more energetic and fun, Anime!Reig’s colors are more suited.

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How would Itachi, Madara, Shisui react to the real world? Can you do a headcanon or scenario?

I hope this is kind of what you meant? These are more like Modern/AU headcanons. SFW.

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  • Itachi would love having a cell phone so he could message his s/o or family wherever he is. He’d pick up on the technology quite quick but he wouldn’t have an amazing smartphone, just a simple small flip phone that texts and calls. 
  • Would definitely text you in full sentences. No text speak!
  • Don’t bother showing Itachi how to use a computer, he won’t be interested.
  • Unless you tell him about online chess. Maybe that could convince him to use the PC.
  • I can imagine Itachi’s s/o setting him up a Facebook account but he would never bother logging into it himself. Definitely no other social media.
  • I think Itachi would be a really good driver, passing his test on his first go after only a few lessons. He picks up quickly on the way things work and he’d claim the only reason he has a car is to get you around safely. 
  • Itachi would become addicted to Netflix. He can’t stop binge watching TV shows and you’d often catch him watching romantic movies.
  • Theme parks wouldn’t really be Itachi’s thing, but he would definitely try the claw machines to try and win you a prize. He’d be really good at them too, his patience is key.
  • Taking Itachi clothes shopping would be an experience. Would not be a fan of trainers. And he wouldn’t understand why would anyone want to wear Hawaiian shirts? Why do they exist?

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  • You’d have to spend the longest time trying to show Madara how to use a cell phone. Expect lots of butt dials from him as he forgets to lock his phone. Also open his camera roll and see loads of awkward selfies he doesn’t realise he’s taken.
  • Once he gets the hang of technology he’d move on to the laptop. The kind of guy that would have 20 tabs open on the internet browser.
  • Would probably get a weird power kick out of the Amazon Echo/Siri etc. Setting it to call him by name.
  • Would react well to “real world” jobs. Madara would probably pick a job in law. Suit and tie. He’s really good at planning ahead and he loves winning cases, regardless of whether his client is innocent or not. Would claim its the easiest job ever.
  • Madara would also drive a posh sports car, being able to afford it thanks to his great job.
  • Traffic? What’s that. Madara wouldn’t give a shit if cars were in the road he would expect them to stop for him, giving you mini-heart attacks as your eyes clenched shut afraid he’d be hit.
  • Would hate modern clothes. Opting to wear his ninja attire, causing people in public to stare or ask who he was cosplaying as. “Cosplay?”
  • Madara would be quite content staying in and watching TV. Horror movies or serial killer documentaries being his preferred choice. 
  • Would order take out a lot. Why cook when someone can make it for you.
  • Madara’s mind would be blown at the idea of online shopping. Buying weird gadgets and gizmo’s he’s never even heard of before but they have five star reviews on Amazon.

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  • Shisui would use his phone to take pictures of everything. Everything. He’d post them all over snapchat and Instagram. Then be the kind of guy that would also send you them via message just in case you missed them.
  • He’d definitely end up with more followers than you, multiple hashtags!
  • Would send you a lot of memes. “Hey Y/N, this is us ________”
  • Really into technology. He’d have a phone, laptop, tablet, smart watch. He’d be great at multi-tasking. Social media, netflix and texting all at once.
  • Would definitely be into porn. “It’s like Icha Icha.. but real?”
  • Shisui would be really into music. Rock music especially, he’d buy tickets for shows and demand you join him. 
  • Shisui would love learning to drive, getting excited over what sort of car and what colour he’d get before even passing. “Why do I have to take a test? Doesn’t one peddle mean go and one mean stop?”
  • Would buy the weirdest shit on ebay.
  • His wardrobe would be huge, opting for jeans, shirts and trainers in multiple colours and styles. One of his favourite aspects of the “real world”
  • Theme parks - Shisui would be a real thrill seeker. Going on the biggest rollercoasters multiple times. He’d also probably buy the photographs at the end if he thought you looked cute in them. 

How would the NDRV3 guys react to meeting their S/O’s parents for the first time?

This took w a y too long and I’ve been super inactive. I’ve been harassing Mod Saihara with “I am bready”, as well so…

ANYWAY, here it is, hope you like it! 

- Mod Bready Ouma

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“ Dreams of his crash won’t pass
Oh, how they all adored him
Beauty will last when spiraled down.

The stars that mystify
He left them all behind.
And how his children cried
He left us all behind.” 

Miss Murder, AFI

The man behind the madness. 

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Hey I saw this one post on Gideon and this one post on black mail, so what if Gideon was the one who tried to blackmail dipper. I kinda wanna see that if possible.

Oh man, this one took me a while! But I wrote it. Thanks for the prompt!

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I have no idea about American High schools or how prom works over there so i’m sorry for errors <3 Also Sorry For The Stilinski Family Feels And Making This Super Duper Long

Prom Outfit

“Hey… (Y/N) What’s up?” Your brother had jogged past your room in a hurry, skidding to a jerky stop when he saw you curled up in your bed crying.

“The kids at school are making fun of me cause no one wants to take me to prom.” You stuttered as you tried to calm yourself enough to talk.

“Well I can go with you.” He offered cheerfully.

“Ew Stiles no that’s super weird.” You giggled as he clutched his chest and pretended to cry.

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bringing back the wedding dress ask from a bit back, what kind of suits would the guys wear to the wedding?

You guys got me on a wedding kick and I LOVE IT.

~Idk about you guys but I watch wayyy too many wedding shows like Say Yes To The Dress, it’s a guilty pleasure.

Here is the MC wedding dress post since they kind of go together.


Of course he would have his bow tie! He’d wear a jacket for the ceremony, but this would be his look for the rest of the day. I just know the wedding would be bright and very spring.


Definitely nothing flashy. This suit may not look like much but it costs over 100k, made of incredible materials and tailored to perfection.


This is like, exactly what he would wear. You can’t convince me otherwise!


Okay it’s not a suit, be we can’t leave Baehee out of this! She would look so beautiful in this simple dress!


I feel like he would have a red tie though. But other than that, this was pretty much what I envision him wearing!


Just lots of black, lots of pieces, lots of bad ass-ness.


Simple and classic. In the colors he likes!

silver-twilight replied to your post: My favorite would have to be MCU meets Werewolf…

I hate mobile Tumblr. Sometime it takes the formatting, sometimes it doesn’t. Ugh. Anyway, I just imagine Howard laying there in a coffin, with a black suit and the shield in his right hand resting on his stomach, pale and still as death. And the ex-Vengers are freaking out, because why would Tony do such a thing!? Send Steve the corpse of his father! How terrible! And then Steve comes to take the shield and Howard just smacks him one. And since you mentioned

Something about how the clang was heard throughout the palace. I always imagine everyone hears this loud noise and they all stop and look over their shoulder and the birds in the palace garden all

fly off. And it was Howard hitting Steve with the shield. While the ex-Vengers look on in shock and for some reason, I just find it hilarious. Best revenge ever. “You thought I was dead? Surprise motherfucker!”

Lmao Howard is so Extra I bet he agonized over his choice in suit for ages before finally deciding the somber black was best. “But is it somber enough.” “Honestly could you just not do this at all?” “Hush, Tony. I’m trying to make an entrance.” Rhodey choking himself with laughter in the background because he hated MCU Howard but Werewolf AU Howard is a delight. “Don’t forget you’re going to wear a black tie.” “*gasp!* You’re right! I did always like you, Jim.”

All these ex-vengers wondering how Tony could do this when they literally sided with the guy that murdered both his parents. I am literally that kind of petty lol. I would dig my parents up out of the ground and send their corpses to the people that killed them. But Tony is not my kind of petty. This is all Howard and they he will also make them regret ever thinking this of Tony.

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Dialogue prompt - 31 if you feel like it :) THANK YOU!

“I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you.”

She can’t believe he’s actually here. He never did like these sorts of things, where what people wear and who people talk to is more important than the fundraising itself. He would usually make some smart remark to some bigwig from finance about the petit fours looking like Reticulan space craft or tasting like alien goop and she would smile and nod at the bean counter as though she were about to take Mulder outside and mould him into some generic gentleman who understood the finer points of accruals.

           But instead, he stopped attending her hospital charity events. He stopped helping her to choose which dress to wear, which shoes looked better, buying her a new handbag, clasping her necklace under her hair and whispering a kiss to her neck. Stopped trying to undress her before they left the house, stopped sliding his hand up her thigh as they sat at the overcrowded table, stopped telling the story of how, back in the day, she shot him, embellishing it each outing. Krycek once became a deposed eastern European dictator with a fetish for blackmailing FBI directors.

Some time last year, he stopped wishing her a good night and promising to keep her side of the bed warm.

Now he’s here and wearing his Tux, its sheened collars catching the light, the elegant ruffle of his white shirt just visible. His hands are in his pockets, he’s shaved and his hair is in the shorter style she’s always preferred.

Fox Mulder is a fucking beautiful specimen, she thinks.

She walks towards him but he hasn’t seen her and he turns away. He doesn’t know she’s chosen the deep turquoise silk dress with the spaghetti straps and the fitted bodice. Doesn’t know she’s wearing the earrings he gave her years before, the small diamond drops that glitter like hope in the right light.

But he’s here. And he’ll know all this soon. His presence sends a hot bolt of desire through her and in that moment, she feels the loneliness that Mulder’s illness has spread over them keenly.

She takes a glass of champagne from a waiter and someone touches her lower back. His spot. She swings round and it’s Martin or Michael from procurement or HR.

“Dana, take a photo with me?”

Before she can protest, she’s inside the photo booth, equipped with masks, novelty glasses, hats and caps and boas and shawls and super hero capes. She nearly pulls a Wonder Woman and spins around so she can kick Martin to the kerb, but he grabs her, wraps her in a purple boa and kisses her. The flash hits her eyes. She pushes Martin away.

“Steady on, Dana. You spilt my drink on my best suit.”

“I’m sure you can requisition another one when you’re back at your desk on Monday, Martin. And while you’re at it, see if they stock good manners.” she says, removing the feathery accessory and tying it round his neck.

He sneers at her. “It’s Manny, and I work in HR. We don’t requisition but we do have access to employee’s files to see how their behavioural records stack up.”

He whips back the curtain and photos drop into the holder. He shoves them at her and stalks off.

She is looking at them, wondering whether it would be more satisfying to burn them or to mail them to Manny’s wife, when Mulder enters the booth. He closes the curtain. He smells like shaving foam and history and a future.

He leans over her to look at the photos. “I knew it had to be you when that guy walked out trying to straighten his tie when he should have been trying to straighten out his testicles. You haven’t lost your ball-busting touch, Scully.” He picks the photos from her hand. “The purple doesn’t suit you. That guy has no idea, does he, Scully?” He nuzzles into her neck and she shivers.

“He certainly had no idea how I like to be kissed, Mulder.”

“So, if I were to choose the right kind of accessory, would you be interested in having your photo taken, doctor?” His low murmur has her pulse racing and she nods as she reaches her lips to his.

“What’s the right kind of accessory for me, Mulder?”

“I am,” he says, pulling her to him.

She throws the photos to the floor and stamps on them. “I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you.”

He tastes as she remembers – of spice and salt and untempered longing. As her eyes close, the flash goes off. The image of them is imprinted behind her eyes, black and white. She doesn’t need a photo.

Going to prom with Cheryl would include (male reader)

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• Cheryl most likely got tired of waiting for you to ask her to prom so she asked you instead

• She didn’t actually ask, she just kind of told you that you were going together

• She’s also on the prom committee and signed you up for it too

• You went along with it because it just meant spending more time with Cheryl

• On the night of prom Cheryl rents a limo for the two of you

• Of course she wears a stunning red dress

• You wear a standard suit with a red tie that matches her dress

• You are the best looking couple of the night

• All the other guys are jealous that you got to come with Cheryl tonight 

• Cheryl is very picky about the corsages so she had to approve the ones you picked out ahead of time 

• Taking cheesy prom pictures 

• Cheryl spends a lot of time worrying that something will go wrong or people won’t enjoy the prom

• You pull her onto the dance floor to make her relax 

• She actually starts to stop worrying and let herself have fun

• Being nervous about the slow dance 

• Cheryl holds you close the entire time 

• Being prom king and queen 

• People are surprised to see Cheryl genuinely happy for once 

Just a reminder that I’ll be posting the stories that get to me the most on my personal blog! Please give it a follow (

6 minutes

by reddit user recordatus

I suppose I should preface my story with the fact that I wasn’t always a religious man. I mean I’m still not, but at least now I know there’s something more than just “us.” I don’t know about some ultimate plan or divine judgement, but I hate to break it to you atheists, there’s a whole other world waiting for you when you die.

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Guys ok like, we were all joking about how buff Ikora is for carrying those two ton blocks of concrete, and Zavala there too building the wall.

But in that concept art going around of that scene it also shows humans in exo suits building with them. Which kind of implies Guardians are actually superhuman in strength? It’s just concept art and holds not much ground in lore theory, but something to keep an eye out for, maybe Bungie will tie that in at some point, and until then is a pretty neat headcanon to roll with.

This also means Ikora can easily pick up any of you and hurl you off the Tower if you’re bein a lil shit, so, you know. Be nice to Warlock Mom.

NYCC Sneak Peek Breakdown

AKA: The Three People You Meet In Heaven the First 20 minutes of Season 5

Okay guys, I saw the 20-minute preview, and here’s my my take. Major spoilers below!

  • September

The very first thing we see are children’s drawings on this guy’s fridge, which is weird, because he’s definitely NOT a family man. We don’t hear his name, but he reminds me of September from Fringe—bald, mysterious, and absolutely expressionless. We spend a lot of time seeing him swim in a pool, but he gets no enjoyment out of it. He’s not a robot, but he acts like one. Everything is just part of his routine. He goes to his bathroom, sheds his human skin, then freshens up in the shower. He’s definitely an alien, but it’s not clear which. He emerges in a suit and tie, looking perfectly human.

He goes to a hangar and gets in a van with a lot of guys with guns. The van has this cool way of being able to change the logo on the outside, so he’s some kind of spy/secret agent/ undercover operative. He has this clear box with a smaller box inside it. They go to the diner, and he waits outside while a team does what we saw at the end of season 4. Outside, one of the guys with guns tells him they haven’t done anything like this in a long time, and says his wife thinks he’s doing a fantasy draft pick at a friend’s house. The guy drags his wife for not even realizing that it’s the middle of the season, but September doesn’t care. He just stands there and waits for his turn to go in. They wheel the team (except Fitz) out. The team is frozen and covered in plastic. Someone asks about Fitz, but September says he’s not on the list. Fish Stick Coulson and Co. are sent to a room where they are unfrozen and sent through a white monolith into space.

  • Virgil

Coulson finds himself in a room frozen in time, but it looks like a space ship with a hull breach. He’s able to hold on to a pipe when time starts back up. There are three men in the room—one immediately gets sucked out into space. Guy #2 says they shouldn’t have blown their way in, Guy #3 says at least they can split Guy #1′s cut. Why are they breaking in, and what are they trying to steal? Coulson says hi to these guys, and they both immediately recognize him as Coulson, Agent of SHIELD. There are monsters on the ship these guys are calling roaches, but they look more like huge, alien scorpions. One gets Guy #2 right away. Guy #3 introduces himself as Virgil. Mack appears and knocks Virgil out, hard.

The team tries to figure out what’s going on and waits for Virgil to wake up. Mack hit him as hard as he possibly could, so it takes a while. Jemma and Elena find dead people and it looks like the roaches killed them and sucked all the fluid out of their bodies. Does that mean Virgil is more of a scavenger? Did he find a ship full of dead people and try to salvage what he could find?

When Jemma and Elena meet up with the boys and Virgil wakes up, Virgil recognizes everyone in the room, including Elena. He asks Elena if he can call her Yoyo, and she says no. He tells them that he’s always been a true believer, always believed that they would come to save everyone. He tells Jemma that he’s sorry Fitz couldn’t be there, but assures her that Fitz is thinking about her. Coulson asks if they’re supposed to save them from the roaches, but Virgil says no, the roaches were a glitch in the plan. They’re supposed to save humanity! Then, Virgil dies. Poor Virgil. Daisy meets up with the team later in heroic fashion.

  • Star Lad

Meanwhile, May finds that she appears on the ship with a pole stuck through her leg. Will she ever get a break? She manages to break the pole and get free, but it was really gross. I covered my eyes and ears for this part. Super gross. 

 When May gets free, someone shows up, so she hides. I swear to you, for a moment, I thought this guy was Star Lord. He looks just like him, except it’s a different design for the mask. He comes in and takes everything off of a dead body—he’s a scavenger, too. May tries to slink away from him, but she’s injured and he gets her. He immediately recognizes her and tells her he’s been looking for her.

In conclusion:

  • The team seems to be part of a plan orchestrated by September and his associates. September may be the big bad, or he might be the big bad’s assistant. They sent the team to space for a reason, and they kept Fitz on Earth for a reason.
  • Everyone in space knows the team was supposed to arrive. It’s like a prophecy or a fairy tale, but a lot of people don’t believe it. Virgil and Star Lad do. Did September and crew tell them the team was coming long ago, or is there something else at play here?
  • Fitz has a vital role in this plan, or Virgil wouldn’t know about it. He might do a lot of the heavy lifting on Earth that helps the team succeed in space.
  • May will be separated from the team for a bit, since Star Lad has her. 
  • This may not be the future! It may be that humans are in space, and none of the info was in Fury’s tool box. But whether it’s the future or not, time is at play here. Somehow, the team’s arrival has been foretold. 
  • Along with time, destiny is going to be a huge theme. Is their success meant to be? Will they be able to save humanity as they are supposed to?
  • We have a fantastic season ahead of us! And a two-hour premiere on December 1st!

Prompto is the kind of guy who gets invited to a fancy party but the poor sunshine boy doesn't even own a suit so he finds himself the nicest slacks, shirt and jacket that he can in his strange wardrobe and ends up with nothing that matches, and then has to borrow a tie from Noctis. 

Ends up in red converse, black slacks, a burgundy shirt, a grey jacket and a black tie because Noctis had to give him a tie that matched something for crying out loud.

Ignis is horrified and vows that next time, he’s taking Prompto suit shopping in advance. Gladio just chuckles while he fixes Prompto’s tie because you don’t tie it like a bow you precious child.

The Bodyguard Ch. 13

Presenting chapter 13 of The Bodyguard! Written by @alittlemissfit and myself! 

If you need to catch up here is Chapter 12

Despite the constant hovering of one Dana Scully, Mulder found a few spare moments to contact the Gunmen. He used his cell because he knows they traced his phone in case he received any verbal threats.

“Hey Frohike, it’s Mulder,” he says into the receiver quietly.

“Mulder! How are you doing? How’s the new guard?” Frohike asks, genuinely happy to be hearing from him.

Mulder makes a strangled noise, “Driving me up a wall. Listen, I want to make a break for it but it’s going to be tough. This place has more security than Buckingham Palace.”

“You sure that’s a good idea, buddy? Right after the accident?”

“She’s going to make you do background checks to get in here. Your faces will be on camera. I wouldn’t be surprised if she took your fingerprints or some shit.”

“So you want us to spring you out? What do you propose?”

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Hey guys, since I’ve been busy/will continue to be a bit busy for a while because of classes, I decided to do something for fun to tie you over. While I’m currently working on some prompts, they do take some time to write, so in the meantime, you can send me a picture on my darveyfics twitter and I will write a ficlet for you. I thought it was perfect since twitter now has a 280 character limit. 

So, you can just DM me with a picture- it could be a coupley picture, one with babies/kids, or even a scenery. Pretty much anything and everything that is an aesthetic of some kind and you want a mini darvey ficlet written for it. xo -ali

Say you don’t mean it || closed


Spontaneous meetings usually weren’t a problem, but a client wanting to get to know him before a charity gala at the end of the week was … kind of a bother. And yet he knew the pay would be pretty great with a lot of room for more. If the guy needed someone to attend a couples gala, he was single. Single guys were easy prey. 

He was supposed to meet the man before, so he picked one of his usual restaurants, a place he was well-known at to the waiters and chef (hey, he was careful, so what?), and ordered him to meet him there the next evening. He was dressed in one of his finer suits with a dark red tie, sipping scotch he’d already ordered while waiting. He didn’t know much about the other, but the other knew he had a red rose on his table. 

You Belong With Me

destiel fic, PG, 3.5k

Summary: Dean couldn’t stop thinking about Taylor Swift. Her various hits started blaring inside his head on repeat at random times, and it was slowly driving him insane. He knew whose fault it was, though. Knew exactly whom to blame for his descent into insanity by earworm.

Sex Hair Guy on the subway. Damn him.

A/N: Written for @angvlicmish September writing challenge, but I missed the deadline and went over the word count limit. *shrugs* oops.
Prompt: Taylor Swift

AO3 link

He’d first seen the guy two months ago on his daily commute to work, on the same A line he’d been taking for the last five years working as an engineer at Sandover Corp. After about the third time he’d noticed the guy, he started looking for him on the platform, trying to figure out what route he took. The guy was a creature of habit: as far as Dean could tell, he always got the 8.02 AM train at 125th St, and remained until after Dean had to get off at 14th St. This left Dean with fifteen glorious minutes to sneak glances at the object of his quickly growing obsession. It also made Dean more punctual than he’d ever been in his entire life, as he knew that if he was even a few minutes late or early, he would not be on the same train as him. It would rob him of the chance to see the guy that day, because for some reason Dean never saw him in the evening on his commute back home.

The guy always wore the same basic outfit: a suit and tie that managed to look artfully rumpled and a tan trench coat. The ensemble would surely look pretty ridiculous on anyone else, but damn it if he didn’t manage to pull it off, even though he did kind of look like a tax accountant. Maybe he was one. Dean figured it was the hair. He was one of those guys who had absolutely perfected the “rolled out of bed after a night of truly spectacular sex” look. Couple that with a pair of stunning blue eyes, and Dean was pretty much done for from the get-go.

Dean tried to find ways to get closer to him without being noticed and called out as the creep he was. He started looking forward to busier days on the subways, when people would have to cram together like sardines in a can. He used to hate those days, but now it was a way for him to get close to the guy without being suspected of anything. He’d already figured out the guy favoured the next to last subway car – likely because it stopped near the exit he would eventually need to take. So he made sure to always be waiting in that car when they came up to the guy’s stop.

The first few times, the guy unfortunately picked a different door to enter, and Dean wasn’t able to make his way through the dense crowd without drawing too much attention to himself. The Monday of the third week, however…the guy ended up standing right before him, crushed between Dean, who was pressed against the doors on the opposite end of the platform, and a businessman who was talking loudly on his phone and making hand gestures despite the lack of space.

The gesticulating man elbowed the guy even further into Dean’s personal space, putting pretty much his entire upper body into direct contact with Dean, who was trying very hard not to get aroused. The guy would surely feel his…excitement and then he’d be forever branded as “that perv on the train”. So he forced himself to think of anything else than the enticing man pressed up against him: Alastair from R&D who always leered at him in a super creepy way, or Janet from accounting who for some reason always looked at him like Dean had tortured and killed one of her many cats.

Thankfully it worked, and Dean was able to calm down enough to actually enjoy the closeness. Dean’s nose was close enough to the nape of the guy’s neck to smell him, and he couldn’t resist taking a surreptitious sniff. The guy smelled like freshly ground coffee beans mixed with a hint of cinnamon and other spices that reminded Dean of autumn. It was intoxicating, and Dean had to use all his self-restraint to keep a soft moan from spilling from his lips, especially when – purely by accident – his fingers brushed against the guy’s.

Dean didn’t really remember how he managed to get to the office that day.

Unfortunately, he was never able to stand quite that close to the guy again, always thwarted at the last second by another person shoving their way between them. That didn’t stop him from trying, though.

He also started noticing different things about the guy: the way he always rubbed his eyes tiredly at least once – a clear sign that he didn’t get enough sleep on a regular base. The way he tended to absently fiddle with the hem of his trench coat. The way his eyes tracked the words on the newspaper he sometimes read on less busy days when there was enough space to allow it.

But then, three weeks ago, something changed. Dean immediately noticed it as soon as the guy boarded the subway car. In his ears were bright blue earbuds that were connected to what looked like an iPod. Huh, that was new. He really seemed into whatever he was listening to, because he was smiling faintly and actually started mouthing the lyrics after a few minutes. It was subtle, and Dean doubted that anyone but him would’ve noticed; but it was inevitable he would, seeing as his eyes were magnetically drawn to those lips more often than not.

It was incredibly endearing, and it made Dean realize that whatever this was, it had now progressed further than simple physical attraction; it had blossomed into a full-blown crush.

And wasn’t that pathetic? Having a crush on someone he hadn’t talked to once. He hadn’t even heard the guy’s voice yet. He imagined what it would sound like, sometimes, when he was in the shower in the morning.

Those were the mornings he had to rush to make sure he caught the right train.

The guy had been listening faithfully to his iPod every day since then, and Dean was content to just watch him enjoy his music, even though he was curious about what kind of music he liked. Did he, like Dean, have a preference for classic rock? Or maybe classical music? He looked like the type. Dean was hoping he’d find a way to get close to the guy again, not just for the joy of the physical closeness, but also because maybe he’d be able to hear some music drift from the earbuds. He was hungry for the insight into his personality. He wanted to know what made him tick - made him smile. He wanted to know him. But it was an idle hope.

Until last Friday, when everything changed.

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I cannot be held responsible for the ridiculousness under the cut ;)

[on ao3]

Stiles doesn’t take a date to Scott’s wedding.

Jackson takes Lydia, Boyd takes Erica, and Isaac takes Cora, leaving Stiles all alone. Which, fine. He’s the best man, so in the hierarchy of wedding awesomeness, single best man probably trumps regular, dating guest.  

There was always the option to take a third cousin twice removed or something, but eh, he’d passed on the idea. As far as Stiles is concerned, taking his family members to any sort of event is a serious no-no. Allison had even offered one of her cousins, but as nice as Allison is, the rest of the Argents still spook him a little. So he goes alone—stag, he calls it, if only because it sounds cooler.

The ceremony had been nice, with Scott tearing up, the big softie, and then Allison joining him. It’d also been nice because no one had been looking out for dates there. Now, unfortunately, all the couples dancing around him make Stiles feel very noticeably alone. As far as he can see, the only other dateless guy here is Derek. Which, naturally, is not a big problem. He gives off a certain air of mystique, with his hair spiked just so and his suit that manages to show off his build without looking tight and his fancy tie, and honestly, it’s probably kind of rude to show up looking better than the groom. Or maybe that’s just Stiles’ crush talking. 

Lydia had been in charge of 99% of the wedding plans, and why she had seated Derek all the way off in a corner was beyond him, because didn’t she know he would gravitate there anyway without her help? At least they could try to make him have some social interaction. That thought process somehow leads to Stiles walking over to him, and really, legs, ask permission first next time, and half-yelling over the music a, “Hey, Sourwolf.”

Derek glances up at him from where he’d been staring at what just looks like a fixed point on a wall to Stiles, but is apparently the most interesting thing in the world based on Derek’s reluctance to pull his eyes from it.

“Whatcha doing?” Stiles continues loudly. He begins tapping one foot in time with the music, and Derek pulls a face.

“I’m celebrating,” he says dryly, and Stiles feels that if they were in a movie Derek would knock back a shot right about now. Unfortunately, his werewolf healing prohibits it, and though Stiles could actually probably go for one himself after being forced—by his own traitorous body, no less—to stand here and look at the single hotness that is Derek Hale, while he’s also single but… well… not so hot, there’s no alcohol in sight for him either.

“Why the long face?” he asks, and really, Derek should be grateful he hadn’t made some sort of werewolf snout joke.

“There are a million people here.”

Stiles has to stifle a laugh, because that’s the kind of thing he would act like Derek would say and would tease him for, but sounds even more ridiculous actually coming out of Derek’s mouth.

“Yeah, well. They do tend to invite people to weddings. Stupid, in my opinion. They should really be sacred ceremonies held in the dead of night out on-”

“That’s not what I meant,” Derek interrupts, eyebrows furrowing impossibly harder. “Half the women here are staring at me.”

“Oh, no,” Stiles says, throwing a hand on his forehead and pretending to faint. Derek grabs at his bicep and rights him in annoyance, and Stiles adamantly pretends the touch hadn’t sent a shiver through his whole body. 

“Their dates are staring at me, too,” Derek grumbles. “Like I’m going to walk over to every single one of their girlfriends and start making out with them. It’s ridiculous.”

“When’d you get so high and mighty?” Stiles asks. “Maybe it’s just some of the Argent’s gauging if they could take out a werewolf from this distance.”

“I’ve had three different guys come up to me and demand I stop looking at their dates,” Derek says, and okay, Stiles could see how that would start to piss a guy off after a while. Especially because oh. Argent women. Derek definitely has the right to be uncomfortable with that.

“Why don’t you just let them know you’re not interested?”

“I’m sitting alone in a corner at one of my best friends’ wedding. What else am I supposed to do?”

The question is probably rhetorical, but that’s apparently yet another thing on the list of Stuff Stiles’ Subconscious Doesn’t Care about Even Though It Really Should, because suddenly he finds himself saying, “You could dance with me.”

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[Housemate wanted; looking for housemate to share large converted studio warehouse with designer]

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