suit and tie justin timberlake

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Stop everything you’re doing and look at this fine ass man


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Favourite Genre/s: Classic rock/Classical/Pop/Oldies.
Least Favourite Genre/s: Country.
Guilty Pleasure:  Beyoncé ft Nicki Minaj - Flawless
Music Device of Choice: His record player or the radio is fine.

Have they seen any artists in concert?: No.

Ten tracks from their player:

Do you share your muse’s sense in music?:
We do share a lot in common though he does like more classical things, and even though I do like classical there is a lot of it I don’t care for like he would. I like a lot of things he wouldn’t like too like that Call me Maybe song and Taylor Swift shit lol I do like a lot of the same stuff though. Im also a big fan of songs that sound happy but are actually really fucked or spiteful as all hell?? He’s kinda like that too..

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romantica playlists

usami akihiko [ x ]

teddy bear melanie martinez // power & control marina and the diamonds // photograph ed sheeran // suit & tie justin timberlake jay-z //  love me the 1975 // cherry wine hozier // do i wanna know arctic monkeys // half of my heart john mayer taylor swift // colors halsey //unintended muse

misaki takahashi [ o ]

unconditionally katy perry // sugar maroon 5 // wildest dreams taylor swift // still into you paramore // give me love ed sheeran //gravity sara bareilles // something i need onerepublic // sweater weather the neighbourhood ft. french montana // stomach tied in knots sleeping with sirens

SUIT & TIE - A Kingsman Fanmix (on 8tracks)

Suit & Tie, Jeremy Scott - Grab your gun & show em’ what you got


2NE1 - Can’t Nobody (Eng Vers) // Daft Punk + Justin Timberlake - Get Lucky Suit & Tie (MOSHIGOGO remix) // F.E.M.M. - KIll The DJ // F.E.M.M. - Whiplash // Fergie (Great Gatsby) - A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) // Kanye West - Power // F.E.M.M. - White Noise // C2C - Delta // Porter Robinson ft. Urban Cone - Lionhearted (Arty Remix) // C2C - Down The Road (Cherokee Remix) // Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk

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Thinkin bout you- frankocean

03’ adolescents- J. Cole

Jungle- Jamie n commons & x ambassadors

Drunk in love- Beyoncé

Break from Toronto- PARTYNEXTDOOR

305 to my city- Drake

Let her go- passenger

Worst behavior- Drake

Suit & tie - Justin Timberlake

Heartsigh- purity ring

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