Harry Styles and Cillian Murphy on set together during the final days filming in Weymouth, Dorset for Dunkirk - July 28, 2016

  • Voldemort:They'll never see it coming.
  • Severus:[under his breath] And neither will you.
  • Voldemort:I'm sorry. What was that?
  • Severus:[after long pause] Huh? What?
  • Voldemort:You just said something.
  • Severus:No, I didn't.
  • Voldemort:Yes, you did.
  • Severus:No, I didn't.
  • Voldemort:Yes you did. I said, "They'll never see it coming," and you said, "And neither will you."
  • Severus:[dumbly] I did?
  • Voldemort:We all heard you.
  • Severus:Oh... what I meant to say was: "And neither will you guys." Meaning the Order. I was just emphasizing my point.
  • Voldemort:Oh, okay.
  • Severus:[under his breath] That was close.
  • Voldemort:What was that?
  • Severus:[cringes]