Okay, so the semi-transparent ghosts are pretty inconsistent, and they’re only ever used in the first few episodes, but I have a headcanon regarding them anyway.

Most ghosts are semi-transparent, but there are a few exceptions. When a ghost combines with real-world items, they become more solid-looking (like the Lunch Lady’s meat monsters, Skulker’s battle suit, and Danny, who’s only half ghost.) Ghosts are also not transparent in the ghost zone, and certain powerful ghosts can make themselves look more solid and sometimes even hide their spectral glow to blend in with humans (like Spectra.)

I can only apply this headcanon to some more early ghosts, but I like the idea, so I’m sticking with it.

Danny Phantom headcanons Pre-Phantom: Jack, Maddie, Vlad

1) Vlad’s father ditched his mother while she was pregnant. As he was born out of wedlock, his grandparents didn’t want him. With no support, Vlad grew up poor.

2) Vlad started working towards scholarships in middle school so he could go to college and get a real career.

3) Vlad’s mother overworked herself to support Vlad and grew sick his last year of high school. She died shortly after his graduation. When he was packing away her stuff afterwards, he found her diary. One of the entires talked about being posessed by a bat ghost when she was pregnant. Since she was normally very down to Earth, Vlad believed her and started researching ghosts.

4) Vlad entered college under a chemistry scholarship. He instantly got along with his roommate Jack Fenton, finding him funny and kind. Because Jack grew up in a small town, he was raised to believe in things like ghosts and spirits, and decided to help Vlad. He was Vlad’s first friend.

5) Jack was working towards an engineering degree.

6) Vlad met Maddie in chem class and was smitten instantly. He fell harder after talking to her, but when he talked about ghosts, Maddie scoffed.

7) Noticing her headstrong personality, Vlad challenged to her come with him and Jack on a stake out of a building that had items constantly thrown around mysteriously at night. It turned out to be Princess Dorathea who had lost her dragon amulet and was looking for it. She appeared through the wall they were watching and used a crystal to open a portal. Maddie believed and the three started work on their own portal.

8) Maddie and Vlad cracked the ectoplasm code and created a paper detailing the components. This would earn them both esteem and rewards. Jack designed the portal.

9) It was during their work that Maddie fell for Jack for ironically the same reason Vlad befriended him.

10) Vlad purposfully left the soda next to the ectoplasm believing it would ruin the portal and Jack’s chances with Maddie. After his face full of ectoplasm, he was convinced Jack knew what he did and what the portal would actually do so he could get Vlad out of the way and look like a hero to Maddie.

11) With Vlad gone under quarantine, Jack and Maddie focused on getting their degrees while falling madly in love. They married right out of college.

12) The two found work at Axion Labs, their paranormal work behind them for now. They slowly earned enough money to buy their home and they had Jazz while working there.

13) Danny had been an accident after a celebration for a government project based on ecto-energy - ecto-guns. The two were chosen because of Maddie’s ectoplasm paper. Maddie continued to work even while pregnant despite not being able to wear her protective suit. Danny was born with trace amounts of ectoplasm but nothing life threatening.

14) Between working for Axion and the constant government projects along with their own research on ghosts, Danny and Jazz ended up neglected. Neither parents were happy and tried to shower extra attention whenever they finished a project.

15) When Danny was four, Jack and Maddie had accumulated enough money and credentials to start up Fenton Works. They started selling to the government and left Axion. Even though they worked from home, they busier than ever.

16) It was during this time that they started building a reputation for being weird with their projects being more advertised. Jazz, embarrassed, began to pull away from her family.

17) The two had theorized that ghosts lacked morals and were dangerous so they moved from simple researchers to fighters. Maddie would then teach Danny and Jazz how to fight in her free time. Jazz showed instant prowess, Danny did not.

18) Vlad’s plans and scholarship down the drain after two years of isolation, he went to work at a dairy factory in Wisconson. Falling into mediocrity and strange ghost powers he didn’t understand, Vlad was frustrated. When he learned he might lose his job because of a rival company, Vlad let his frustraion loose by using his powers to steal documents proving unlawful deals and secret recipes of the rival company.

19) Vlad would be promoted for giving his boss the documents. This would inspire Vlad to use his powers to accumulate the power and money that eluded him his entire life.


When the Avengers met Danny, they figured the kid had been through a lot of shit in the past. Enough to become half ghost. So when he would be vague about answering questions or needed time up in his room, none of them really questioned it.

What threw most of them for a loop though was the way he dressed.

He wore sleeves, even in the summer despite having an ice core and probably needing the cold for it. Whether it was a sweater or a jacket, he was always covered up. It was the complete opposite of his personality. He was always so open and laughing and joking around with them, but if he ever had the urge to roll up his sleeves he would ignore it and distract himself from that longing with more conversation. Now he was 20, and they still hadn’t ever really looked at his arms much. 

They all found out why soon enough, however.

When Bruce found out it was because of a mission gone wrong, and he needed to tend to Danny’s wounds. He was really the only one qualified to do that kind of thing, so the others left to give him all of his concentration in helping their fallen friend.

Danny was unconscious and had reverted back to his human form. His leather jacket was ruined from the blood, and he was going to need a new shirt considering Bruce just sliced through it to get to the wounds. 

He quickly cleaned him up and stitched the gashes in his side, quickly but precisely. When he was done with that, He cleaned up the rest of his torso, throwing his jacket and shirt in the trash. 

As he wiped and wiped, he began to notice something strange. He had heard of these types of scars, but had never actually seen them in person.

Until now that is.

There were long, short, jagged, smooth, black lines running all along Danny’s torso, covering his chest, stomach, back, arms, and Bruce was gonna go ahead and guess his legs too. It was the type of mark you got when you’ve been struck by lightning and survived. 

It all made sense now. Why he covered up was to avoid questions he didn’t want to answer. Why he went to his room was so nobody could see him in pain, because despite having survived, he knew they could burn like nobody’s business. Why he never swam with them. That one time Clint pulled a prank and Danny came out with his torso and arms invisible, which would still be comical if not for the reasoning Bruce had discovered. 

He decided he wasn’t going to ask Danny about them. It was his business, and when he decided he was going to tell he would. Instead, he just draped a blanket across the sleeping ghost and sat down at his computers, keeping an eye on him and his vitals. 


Next was Thor, who had been fighting with Danny in the gym as he was a worthy opponent indeed. Though he wore sleeves, he seemed unbothered by the extra heat his body was taking. 

Thor and Danny had been at it for hours, tossing banter back and forth like it was a hacky sack and legitimately enjoying themselves, one super being to another. It was when they were taking a water break that Thor noticed something odd.

The water itself wasn’t odd, but when Danny had lifted his shirt up to wipe the sweat from his face. Thor’s eyes narrowed at the black markings on his friend’s stomach, eyes widening with realization. He had seen those markings on several of the being s he had fought throughout his life. Those were the scars of those who had survived his lightning attacks. 

“Daniel,” Thor’s voice was tinged with worry. “I have seen those marking across your skin many times before.” He just needed reassurance, not noticing the way Danny stiffened and straightened out his shirt. “I know what those are from but I must ask-was I the one to cause you that harm?”

Danny stared at him, absolutely dumbstruck at Thor’s worried expression. He was asking if he had killed Danny? What? Danny almost laughed, but instead he just smiled and shook his head.

“No, dude. I got these from when I…” his voice lowered to w whisper and he looked to the ground. “From when I died.”

It had occurred to Thor that he nor the others have been told how he had died, for it was a very touchy subject among Daniel’s kind. Hearing the aftermath he felt like he was trespassing on emotional grounds. The ice was thin and one wrong move would make him fall to hos death. But Danny just smiled at him again, punching his arm in the soft, kind way that mortals do, and laughed. He laughed, as if Thor hadn’t overstepped his boundaries. 

“It’s no big deal, Thor,” Danny said, placing a hand on the Thunderer’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about it.” Thor gave him a look, unsure if Danny actually meant it, but nodded nonetheless.

“Aye, as you wish.”


Clint really needed to learn to stay out of Danny’s room. But he just had so many knick knacks to play with and fancy ghost guns that glowed, and he knew that if he left before Danny got out of the shower he’d be fine.

Only sometimes Clint didn’t realize when his hearing aids ran out of batteries. SO when he was playing with a ghost-level finger trap and getting frustrated because he couldn’t get out of it, he hadn’t noticed Danny coming up behind him. Not until he was already behind him, turning Clint around. He seemed pretty ticked off, and was talking to him, but he wasn’t looking at Danny’s lips. No, instead his eyes traveled across his torso, raking his eyes across the multitude of scars that marred the skin from both ghost hunting and world saving. But there was one that never seemed to end. Noticing this, Danny had turned his top half invisible.

Danny was so dumb. He should have put on a shirt. But he had gotten so used to the idea of his room being the only place in the Tower where he could walk around shirtless and not worry about prying eyes. Only to find out that Clint was the one who had been messing with all of his stuff. 

He noticed Clint wasn’t even listening. He snapped his fingers, yelled the archer’s name, but he didn’t respond. He sighed and walked over to his night stand and pulled out a pack of batteries, throwing them to Clint with in irritated look. 

“Oh. Er-thanks. but uh, how do I get out of this?” He held up his trapped fingers and Danny rolled his eyes, his irritation slowly melting away as he pressed against the encrusted design on the top, releasing Clint’s fingers. 

“Thanks. And hey, Danny,” Clint said as Danny started walking away. He stopped when he heard his name. “I won’t tell anybody. But if you want to talk about it or anything I hear my shoulder is pretty comfy.”

“Clint, you can’t hear at all.”


Despite himself, Danny was grinning now, nodding his head and considering Clint’s offer. He nodded.

“Thanks, Clint.”


She had known from the start that Danny had something about his body he wanted to hide, and Natasha hadn’t been able to figure it out. But judging by the sudden increase in trips Danny had to Clint’s room, she figured her best friend had found out. She didn’t pry, though. Clint wouldn’t spill Danny’s secret, not even to her. It was one of the reasons she admired him. 

She knocked on Danny’s door after a few months of this. Fury had given her an assignment, and she was pretty sure it involved ghosts. All she needed was a few pieces of his equipment and maybe a thermos. She knew Danny would be mad at her if she ever ended any of the ghosts. 

She knocked again, and for the second time she gained no answer. A small knot of worry grew in her stomach, her instincts telling her something was wrong. She quickly had Jarvis open up the door for her, immediately being blasted with a cry of pain coming from the bathroom in Danny’s room. 

She quickly ran over, nearly kicking down the door. But Danny didn’t even seem to notice. He was curled up into a ball, eyes squeezed shut and his breathing heavy. He was shirtless, and Natasha stared for one moment more before running to his fridge and grabbing a cup of ice before coming back over.

Somehow she managed to get him into a sitting position, uncurling him slowly. She was able to give him something else to focus on. Her voice, the cold from the ice cubes she rubbed against this back and chest across the black lines zig-zagging across him. She knew what those scars were caused by, and guessed that that was how he had died. But instead of questions coming from her mouth, it was an old Russian lullaby, soothing him. It took a while, but his body finally relaxed, and his eyes drooped a little bit, tired from all of the pain. All of the heat. 

He slumped against her, and she set the ice cubes down. She kept singing, this time running her hands through his hair, urging him just to the brink of sleep before stopping. He was so tired he didn’t even notice. And when she got him to stand up and walk over to the bed, she was sure he wasn’t going to remember much of what had happened. 

After she tucked him in she grabbed some ghost equipment and left a note, telling him she was borrowing his stuff and that if anything like that happened again to give her a call. She made Jarvis promise to call her if that happened and she was in the building.

Danny didn’t have to be alone anymore.


When Steve finds out, it’s because of Frostbite. Danny loves him, but sometimes he just can’t keep his big mouth shut.

Captain America had accompanied Danny to the Far Frozen for a friendly cup of tea and whatnot. Steve found it odd that, despite the cold nature of the yetis, they preferred warm tea over any other drink.

Thanks to Tony tinkering around with the suit, Cap could walk through the unbearable cold all nice and toasty, minus the exposed part of his face. The two trekked through the snow, side by side without really saying much. Both of them knew that it was fine though. They were their more for the company than the small talk.

Despite being fully aware that Danny had an ice core, he still worried for the boy when he walked through the snow in nothing but his upgraded suit and a new jacket. The black leather went nicely with the skin tight suit.

“Cap? You okay?” Danny asked, knocking Steve from his thoughts.

“Yeah. I guess I’m just not used to seeing anybody walk though this much snow with practically nothing on. I worry about you sometimes,” he replied smoothly. Danny made sort of a snorting sound, amused by Cap thinking he even needed his jacket.

“Halt!” They heard. “Identify yourselves!”

“Relax, it’s just me!” Danny yelled back, trying to be heard over the wind.

“Great One?”

“Who else?” Danny rolled his eyes but there was a big smile nonetheless. A few moments later Frostbite emerged, bring Danny in for a hug before guiding him and Steve over to his cave, where it was significantly warmer.

“What brings you to the Far Frozen, Great One?”

“Well, I mean, you make the best tea in the Zone. And I thought it would be nice to just hang out. I brought Steve, too.”

“The young captain is welcome at any time, Great One.”

There seemed to be an unspoken something between the two that Steve couldn’t quite pin down, but he was sure that whatever it was, it was none of his business. The thought drifted away quickly when he caught himself having fun, laughing at the stories Frostbite had of Danny, sharing a few of his own. Danny came prepared though, having though of a few stories of Cap he knew Frostbite would get a kick out of. He found himself…Relaxed.

That is until Danny frowned at his tea.

“Dude, did you spike my tea or something? It tastes different than normal.”

“Why yes! It is a new pain medication I brewed myself to help with the scars! The pain will be less, and the heat will be less frequent. Of course, you will have to drink it a coupe times a week, but I have unlimited supplies at my disposal.”

“Scars? That…Burn?” Cap asked worriedly, turning to Danny. He went pale, and reused to meet Steve’s eyes. Frostbite, knowing he had fucked up, tried fixing the solution.

“Oh, um, from his ghost fights!” It was a piss poor attempt, but Steve had to admire the king for trying. “As you probably know, ectoplasm burns through the veins, and is especially hard on people with ice cores, such as the Great One.” Frostbite gave him a toothy smile that wasn’t really convincing. Danny would have laughed if it had been under better circumstances.

“I was electrocuted, Cap,” Danny said, knocking away Frostbite’s lie. “Lightning leaves scars that burn. Some days it feels like I’m dying all over again, so I asked Frostbite if he could whip something up to help with that. Take a look.”

Steve did, not really knowing what to say as Danny took off his jacket, then unzipping the top half of his suit to revel the lightning across his skin, a black-ish blue in color. He looked like he was covered in permanent bruises, and there wasn’t an inch of him that didn’t have them on top of his scars from ghost hunting and crime fighting. They some how looked brand new, being raised on the skin despite having them since he was fourteen.

“And it burns?” Steve asked again. Danny nodded and shrugged.

“Yeah, sometimes. But Natasha helps with that whenever she’s in town.”

“Who else knows?”

“Now? I think it’s everybody. Bruce found out when he stitched me up, CLint found out when he was going through my shit, Thor found out when we were sparring, you get the picture.”

“What about Tony?”

“I’ll tell him. Eventually.”

By the tone in Danny;s voice Steve knew that he was planning something mischievous, and it made him smile.

“Well, I’m here for you if you need me.” Danny smiled at him, and at Frostbite.

“Always, Cap.”


Tony found out when Danny was half way through figuring out how he was going to show him, and it made Danny a little disappointed. But it was better late than never, he supposed.

Tony had always been obsessed with upgrading not only him, but the team as well. This included Danny and his HAZMAT suit. This time without sleeves, and an ecto shield that activated if he ever encountered a big bad like Vlad, and now had a shock absorbing feature because despite being able to go intangible, Danny had a knack for making craters in the street, and he knew that that was no good on the boy’s back.

“Dan-Dan, nice of you to finally join me,” Tony said, turning around quickly and dramatically as he could in his rolly chair. He threw the suit at Danny, who caught it with ease. “Put that on. We’re going to run some tests.”

“Bossy much?” Danny grinned before heading to the other room. He came out a few minutes later, typing something in on his phone, not noticing the way Tony’s eyes bugged out of his head when he saw the markings on his arms. Danny seemed unconcerned, though.

“Danny, how long have you had those?” Tony asked. He didn’t to make a big deal out of it. Because it wasn’t one. Unless it was and he’s just been hiding it from them the whole time.

“These?” Danny asked, looking down at his exposed arms. It felt good to finally be rid of sleeves. And everyone else already knew. It was finally time he ditched the jackets and sweaters that were holding his core back. “Since I got my powers.” It was like some great weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. He didn’t feel like he had to hide them anymore, and they didn’t seem to bother anyone all that much. It was…Nice.

“Oh,” Tony said before composing himself once again. He shrugged. “Okay. Are you going to tell the others?”

“They all already kind of…Found out?” Danny had the nerve to look sheepish.

“You mean I am the last one to know? Danny I thought we had a special bond!” Tony whined. Danny scoffed.

“Please, I’m not Bruce. Now, come on, tell me what the new suit can do, dude.”

It was something Danny still didn’t want to talk about. Despite always having a knack for prying, Tony knew when it was best not to. SO he turned back to his work and started off with the science jargon he knew Danny couldn’t understand but pretended like he could. Tony smiled to himself when Danny asked for him to say it in normal people terms.

Maybe in the next suit he could install a cooling system……


Neha: Thank you for coming. 

Silvia: This house is amazing. It really suits Jules. 

Danny: It really does. Does it have a basement of some sort?

Neha: It does. Jules insisted because he wanted his-

Danny & Silvia: Secret lair. 

Danny: He’s been begging us for one since he was sixteen. That’s probably why he moved out, because we told him no lots of times. I feel like we’ve raised a potential comic book villain.

Silvia: Speaking of our Jully, where did he go? 

Neha: He’s waiting to meet my dads, outside. 

New Home

This was inspired by this post. Conner and Danny are both 16 in this. And I’m working with Young Justice  version of Superboy.  This is sometime before the end of DP and first season of YJ. I did my best, but probably they sound kind of OOC.

Conner could only stare at the monumental construction before him. Yes, he had seen pictures and heard Danny talk about it when The Team was hanging out, but it was a lot more impressive and dangerous looking in person. The Fenton Works itself was just a two-storey house with big neon sign, but The Emergency Ops Center on the top made it look 10 times bigger. He shook his head and followed Danny to the front door.

Danny slowly unlocked the front door and stepped into the house. He was already halfway in the living room when he noticed that Conner wasn’t following him. He was still standing on the porch in his usual civilian attire and nervously gripping his duffel bag containing some clothes and personal belongings. He had a frown on his face, but Danny could see that he was anxious about their next course of action. Danny went back to Conner a smiled at him reassuringly.

„Relax, it would be fine. They didn’t have problem adopting Dani and they wouldn’t mind you living here either.” Conner smiled a little and entered the house.

When they stopped in the living room, Conner immediately scanned the whole place. The room looked cozy with a couch, two armchairs and even few plants in the corners. It had the homely feeling you get only in family houses. Danny motioned to the couch.

„Wait here for a bit, I’m just going to call Mom and Dad up here.”

Conner nodded and Danny went into the kitchen and leaned into the passage leading down to the lab. He steeled himself, took a deep breath and shouted.

„Mom! Dad! Can you come to the living room for a second? I need to ask you something!” The almost constant banging and whirring noises of machines stopped after few seconds and Maddie’s voice carried back.

„We’ll be right there in a minute, sweetie!”

Danny went back to living room and stood next to Conner. „Here we go, remember; if they ask you are our long forgotten cousin from dad’s side, ok?”

„Don’t worry, I remember.” Gruffly answered Conner and straightened up when he heard thunderous steps coming from the basement. Moments later both Fentons appeared in the door frame clad in their typical HAZMAT suits.

„So Danny-boy what did you want to- Oh, why didn’t you tell us you were bringing over a friend?!” Jack cheerfully exclaimed and moved into Conner’s personal space. „What’s your name young man? Do you like talking about ghosts? We’ll catch all of them sooner or later…“ Jack started mumbling to himself and Danny took it as his cue to speak. „Actually Dad, this is our distant cousin Conner and I wanted to ask if he could stay with us for a while, because….because they have serious pest infestation at their house… or something…” Danny trailed off unsurely and rubbed the back of his neck. Conner could only look at Danny from corner of his eye and raise eyebrow at the transparent lie. The older Fentons looked at each other for a minute and then turned back to them. Even Danny’s parents couldn’t possibly-

„But of course sweetie! He can stay in here however long he needs.” Then Maddie turned to Conner. „And you feel here like at home Conner.” Conner could only nod.

„And I can blabber to him about ghosts!” Jack nodded enthusiastically.

„Now Danny please show Conner to the guest room so he can unpack, dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.” Maddie ushered them to the stairs. Both boys only numbly stared at each other and silently walked on the second floor to the guest room. When they finally closed the door to Conner’s new room Danny let out a huge breath and plopped on the bed.

„Phew, I was worried for a second they won’t agree.”

„Why didn’t you just tell them the truth?”

„Ehhh… Because that would require them knowing I’m Phantom?”

Conner shot him incredulous look. „You still haven’t told them?”

Danny squeezed his eyes shut and let out a long suffering groan. „They don’t see Phantom as an evil menace anymore, but they still don’t trust him completely and if I told them now, who says they won't…“ Danny trailed off and there was a short period of uncomfortable silence before Danny suddenly smiled and spoke again. „Anyway, Dani will be back from her trip to Europe sometime this week so prepare to wake up to a 13 year old girl jumping on your bed.” Conner smiled too when he remembered the short black haired girl. She was almost like a younger sister to him. But there was a little issue with their…relationship, namely…

„Will she be staying for good now?”

„Yeah, she said she was bored of travelling and decided to stay. She would be in Jazz’s room down the hall, since she now lives in a college campus as a part of her ‘college experience’ or something.”   Danny shrugged.

„That’s good… I guess.” The silence was back. Neither of the boys wanted to break the silence, but eventually Danny stood up and made his way to the door. But before he opened the door, he stopped as if he remembered something and turned back to Conner.

„I almost forgot. Welcome to the family, Conner.”


Superman looked on the outside stoic as ever as Team recapitulated their latest mission. But inside he was as nervous as the Man of Steel could be. And the only reason for that was Danny. Or rather Phantom at the moment. Superman wasn’t particularly fond of his ghost half for various reasons. The slow heartbeat, ethereal glow and other small details made him uneasy. He grew up as a Kansas boy, believing traditional myths about dead, but Danny shattered almost all of them. And the worst part was when his eyes became dead. Most of the time they were expressive and shone with friendliness, but lately ever time Superman looked at him; his eyes were cold and dark as if he somehow offended him beyond imagination. He didn’t know why. Did he say something that ghost thought of as an insult or a threat?

Later when he asked Bruce, the Bat only shook his head and left without a word.

You're the One That I Want- Tom Holland One Shot

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: On accident, you and Tom go to Harrison’s Halloween party dressed as the iconic couple Sandy and Danny from ‘Grease’.

Word Count: 1900

A/N: This was so much fun to write. Harrison is a bit crazy in this one, so oops. He is the ultimate match maker. I hope you all enjoy. And happy Halloween!


“Hey, are you coming to my party tonight?” Harrison asked you as you sat beside him in the car on your way home.

“Yes, I mean you said "Y/N, you’re coming to my party or I’ll never speak to you again”, which means I wouldn’t have you to buy me food, so I have to go.“ You explained, making him laugh. Harrison was throwing his annual Halloween party tonight, which required new decorations from last year and lots of sweet treats. He begged you to go shopping with him for it because Tom was busy. He gave you free food so you couldn’t pass up the offer.

"Don’t act like you don’t want to go.” He smirked at you devilishly.

“No, I don’t want to go. I could be at home watching Stranger Things instead of being a wallflower at your party.”

“Of course you want to go, Tom will be there.” His eyes light up as a blush spread over your cheeks. And here you thought his evil smirk couldn’t get any bigger.

You had known Harrison for years. Two years ago, he introduced you to his best friend, Tom. You had taken a quick liking to Tom, developing a slight-you insisted it was slight, very slight- crush on him. You didn’t spend as much time with him as you did with Harrison, who had become a brother to you. On multiple occasions, such as this one, Harrison has tried to play match maker; he even flat out asked Tom to take you to the Captain America: Civil War premiere. It didn’t work because you were busy; unlike Harrison, you had a job and were not able to follow Tom around the world.

“I’m over him, Harrison.” You lied as he stopped the car in front of your apartment complex. It was the same fable you said everytime he brought up the cute boy with dashing brown eyes.

“Uh-huh, sure.” He teased. You rolled your eyes and opened the door, stepping out onto the sidewalk, “Hey, Y/N.” Harrison called, making you halt from shutting the door on him.

“What?” You asked.

“What’s your costume?” He questioned.

“Sandy from 'Grease’, why?” You replied.

“Just wondering. I’ll see you tonight?”

“Yep.” You sighed. Why couldn’t he just leave you be at home with Netflix cuddled up in a warm, fluffy blanket?

“7 o'clock. See you there, love.” He smiled at you as you rolled your eyes and closed the door. Harrison was always your extremely cheeky friend. You heard his car speed off as you entered your own apartment, meaning you were finally free to begin getting ready for tonight.


“Tom, what’s your costume for tonight?” Harrison asked his friend. He called Tom the moment he got home with a scheme already forming in his head.

“Well, I was thinking of just wearing the Spiderman suit. I don’t have any other costumes really.” Tom replied in slight confusion, “Why?”

“Don’t be Spiderman. Be someone else, everyone in the world has already seen you as Spiderman. Be original-be someone like Danny from 'Grease’.” Harrison stated, trying to sound as if he didn’t desperately want his friend to be Danny.

“Are you okay? I thought you hated that movie.”

“I do, but you don’t. You should be Danny.”

“Do you just want to wear my Spiderman suit? Is that what this is about?” Tom accused. Harrison shrugged at the thought.

“You caught me.” He replied, hoping that maybe if he wore the suit, Tom would be Danny. It’s not like he was a hard character to dress up as. All you needed was a black shirt and black jeans-a wig if he really went for it.

“I’ll let you wear it, but you can’t stain or rip it. No pulling threads either. It needs to be exactly how I had it originally.” He stated.

“I promise to protect your precious suit from harm if you swear to be Danny.” Harrison said.

“Why are you so hooked on me being Danny?”

“No reason. Okay, well, I’ve got some setting up to do. I’ll see you later, yeah?”

“Yeah, and Harrison?” Tom asked.

“Yes?” He answered.

“Will-Will Y/N be there?” He questioned in a hushed tone, making Harrison laugh.

“Yes, your Juliet will be there, Romeo.” He said.

“Shut up.” Tom grumbled, hanging up the phone.


Harrison was starting to get grumpy and Tom was starting to get nervous. The party had started thirty minutes ago and Harrison had yet to see you walk through the front door. He was impatient about your arrival; he wanted nothing more than to make you and Tom get together. He was angry at the thought that you may have actually ditched him and stayed at home. Harrison sacrificed his amazing vampire costume to get Tom to match with you (although he did feel privileged in a legitimate, free Spiderman costume), so he had every right to benupset about you being late. Tom was growing nervous because Harrison looked ready to kill something. He was also becoming sad because out of all the girls at the party, none of them were his girl; even though you technically weren’t in a relationship with him.

Harrison was just about to pull out his phone to call you when the door opened. A proud smile formed on his face as he glanced over at Tom. Tom was oblivious to the fact that you had just walked in as his costume’s counterpart since he was in the middle of a conversation with some of his other friends. You saw Harrison and made your way over to him, stumbling slightly in your red high heels.

“You’re late.” Harrison stated.

“I had to finish my show and do you know how long it takes to get cherry red lipstick perfect?” You questioned, pointing to your lips.

“Better late than never, I guess.” He shrugged.

“Is that Tom’s suit?” You asked, looking at the intricate designs on the Spiderman suit he was wearing.

“Yep, he was going to wear this one, but I persuaded him to wear something a little more 50s.” He said. Harrison put a hand on Tom’s shoulder and turned him around to face you. It took a moment for you and Tom to register your costumes.

“Harrison!” You both exclaimed. You and Tom were in disbelief that your friend would plot such a scheme. You both knew he was crazy, but not this crazy.

“Don’t you two look lovely.” He smiled in amusement. His face dropped when he saw your glare and Tom’s horrified look, “I should go. You two should dance.” He dove off into the crowd and disappeared.

“He’s lucky I can barely walk in these heels or else I’d kill him.” You muttered. You balanced on your left leg as you lifted up your right to remove the red heel.

“Here, let me help.” Tom held out a hand to stabilize you from falling.

“Thanks,” you said after you successfully got both heels off, “I’m going to put these in Haz’s room.” You left without waiting for a response from Tom.

“What’re you doing? Ask her to dance, fool!” Harrison stated, coming back over to Tom.

“Why did you set this up? Did you actually want to wear the suit?”

“No, but I like it. Can I keep it?” He asked, but continued after seeing his friend’s pointed look, “I set this up because the two of you are crazy in love with each other and are too bloody stupid to do anything about it!”

“You’re wrong, Y/N doesn’t like me.” Tom said.

“She does, Tom. She came tonight because you were coming. I thought the costumes would help you get the balls to ask her out. When she comes back, ask her to dance. It’s not rocket science.” Harrison patted his friend on the back, “She’s coming back-I gotta run!”

“Harrison!” Tom called after him, but he was already gone.

“Was that Harrison?” You asked, scanning the crowd for the iconic Spiderman suit.

“No. I just thought I saw him.” Tom stated. The was an awkward moment shared before he spluttered out the words, “You look beautiful tonight.” His face turned almost as red as your shoes.

“Thank you,” You replied, looking down at your outfit. It was nothing much-black leather pants, a black off-the-shoulder top, and a black leather jacket, “You make a great Danny.”

“Really?” He asked, surprised, “I was going to just wear my suit, but Harrison asked to borrow it. I thought it was odd that he suggested Danny, since he hates 'Grease’, but the costume is simple enough.” He shrugged and you shifted your eyes down to your bare feet.

“I’m sorry-I told Harrison what I was wearing. I didn’t expect him to force you to match me. This must be super awkward; we’re not a couple, but we are dressed like it.”

“No, no, I don’t mind.” Tom said, making you look up to meet his eyes, “Quite the opposite actually. The thought of us together is incredible. I like you, Y/N, a lot.”

“Really?” You asked.


“Well, you’re in luck because you’re the one that I want.” You said, making him laugh.

“Can Danny kiss his Sandy?” Tom asked, placing his hands on your cheeks. You nodded slowly and the two of you leaned in. Just before your lips could touch, almost on cue, Harrison interrupted.

“Hey, Tom, I’m sorry, but I spilt red punch on the suit, but the suit’s red so it’s okay, right?” Harrison looked up from the wet patch on his chest to the two of you. He noticed the close proximity and his eyes lit up, “Is my OTP finally happenig? Is the ship finally sailing?” You and Tom both sighed and Tom dropped his hands, turning to his friend.

“Harrison, f*ck off.” Tom said.

“But I don’t want to miss this.”

“Harrison!” You and Tom snapped.

“Fine, but I’m getting an update from both of you.” Harrison huffed.

“And you’re cleaning my suit!” Tom said as his friend walked off. He turned back to you, “Where were we?”

“Shut up and kiss me already.” You stated.


Two months later, you and Tom had been going strong as a couple. Not much had changed besides that and Harrison growing a tad bit more annoying. By more annoying, you meant that he interrupted 9/10 of your dates with Tom. Although he was ridiculous, when he invited you and Tom over to have a Christmas move marathon, you had to go.

“Stop! Stop!” Harrison exclaimed when you and Tom were about to walk into his room, hand-in-hand. Harrison grabbed a small green object from his dresser and held it in his doorway.

“Is that mistletoe?” Tom asked.

“Yep, now you two have to kiss.” Harrison smiled.

“Harrison, we’re already dating. You don’t need to keep being crazy with your 'match making’.” You said.

“I know, but I’m the captain of this ship. Now kiss.” He ordered. You and Tom simultaneously rolled your eyes at him. When Tom’s fan found out about you two being together through Harrison, they crowned him the “captain” of your ship and now there was quite literally no living with him. Tom pecked you on the lips, making Harrison get giddy in excitement.

“Why is he so weird?” Tom asked you with a laugh.

“I don’t know. I’m only here for the food.” You replied.

Ghost Lights (Ectober Week 2015)

First off this is my first time writing a fanfic in years! Thank you @kendollkaneki for betaing my story! Enjoy!

“So why are we in a middle of a corn field, eighty miles from town again?” Sam asked Danny, who was in his ghost form hovering over the stalks of corn.

“He heard about some ‘ghost lights’ and wanted to see if they’re a threat,” Tucker replied, doing air quotes around ghost lights.

Danny kept scanning around the field and hovered closer to the other two, “If they do turn out to be a threat I wanna take care of it now before they decide to come to Amity. Besides if we check this out now there’s a higher chance my dad won’t hear about them, and then try to drag the whole family out here. Which is a bad idea.”

“How is that bad if your dad wants to come here?” Sam stopped walking and asked.

Danny lowered himself down to the ground with a sigh. He then said, “Last time he heard about a ghost light, he dragged us to Joplin Missouri. Turns out the ghost light was just headlights from the highway nearby.  So he wanted to capture it, aaand almost got hit by a truck.” Danny was looking down at the ground rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yikes,” both Sam and Tucker said at the same time.

“Yeah. So you see why I don’t want him to find out?” Danny asked as he started flying again.

Sam and Tucker started following again. Tucker the piped up, “Yeah he might run into a combine or a cow.”

“Dude that combine part was not funny,” Sam said as she punched Tucker, who yelled out in pain.

Danny chuckled a little and said, “We also don’t want dad to get in trouble for cow tipping.”

“Cow tipping is not real Danny,” Sam said.

As the three where arguing if cow tipping was real and debating if they should test it out, they didn’t noticed little lights popping out from the corn behind them.

After ten minutes of Sam telling the boys not to tip a cow, they noticed that some light was behind them. Hoping it isn’t a local farmer they turn around.  All three gasp.  Behind them was at least a hundred half dollar size balls of light floating behind them.

“I think we found the ghost lights,” Tucker told the other two.

“You think?” Danny snapped and started to charge up an ectoblast.  As his hand started to glow, all the lights zoomed to Danny.  They knocked him out of the air and on to the ground.

“DANNY!” Sam and Tucker yelled running over.  As they got over Danny stood up and just brushed them off of him.  But they zoomed right back.

Sam and Tucker watched Danny repeat the brushing them off and them attaching themselves back to him a couple more times. “Are they hurting you, Danny?” Sam asked.

“No,” Danny replied, as he brushed them off again, and they reattached. “I think they are cuddling me?”

“Ok, so we need to add ghost lights along with Paulina to what is attracted to Danny Phantom,” Tucker said smiling at his best friend.

Sam and Danny gave Tucker a deadpan look. “They may be attracted to your ectosignature Danny,” Sam told Danny, “Try changing back to see if they will stop cuddling you.”

Danny nodded his head. A ring of light appeared about Danny’s waist and separated, one going up and one going down.  Standing there was Danny Fenton. Danny brushed off the lights again. This time they stayed off of him.

“Ok so they are not a threat,” Danny said looking at the lights hovering around them. “Let’s head home.”

As the three headed back to the Specterspeeder, Tucker said, “Maybe we should call them the Paulina ghost lights.”

“Tucker!” Danny and Sam said as they got back in the speeder and flew off.  Unbeknownst to them the ghost lights hovered for a few minutes and then blinked out one by one.


A week passed, Danny was having a rare night to just relax.  As he was lying on his bed he noticed a light coming from his windows. As he sat up ghost lights started to flow through his windows.  It look like the lights doubled from the last time.

“What?” Danny asked as he stared slacked jaw at the lights, “What do you want?”

The lights then got close together and formed themselves to look like his symbol on his Danny Phantom suit.

“Oh man I need to call Tucker and-“ Danny stopped talking as the lights then formed what looked like a PDA.

Danny just stared and then said, “Sam.” The lights unformed but seemed like they were confused. “Sam likes plants,” Danny told them.  The lights then quickly formed into a rose.

Danny tested a couple of times of saying his name (which they formed his symbol), Tucker’s name (back to the PDA), and Sam’s name (they formed a rose).

“Oh this may be fun.”


The next day Danny told Tucker and Sam to come over he had something to show them.  They came to his house and Danny said, “Quick to my room.”

“What’s the hurry?” Tucker asked.

“They found me last night,” Danny said with an excited grin, “First I was confused but now this is great!”

“Who is they?” Sam asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

“Why,” Danny said, still with a grin.  He opened the door to finish his sentence, “The ghost lights!”

“Dude!” Tucker said as he saw all the lights in Danny’s room.

“Danny I don’t kn-“ Sam stopped talking as the lights formed Danny’s symbol.

“I taught them to form things to symbolize with people!” Danny told. “Maybe I can get them to help me out with chores and homework!”

“Danny you can’t just do that,” Sam said. “Tell him Tucker.” As Sam said Tucker’s name the lights formed a PDA.

“Nice,” Tucker said smiling. “Sam.”

The lights then formed a rose at Sam’s name.

“Ok that is impressive,” Sam said, “Who else did you teach them.”

Danny just smiled bigger, “Jazz.” The lights formed an open book.

“Mom.” The lights moved to form one of the bazookas.

“Dad.” Not surprisingly the lights formed Jack Fenton’s face.

Tucker and Sam starting chucking at Jack’s face. “There is one more,” Danny said with a shit eating grin, “Vlad.”

The lights started to form a new shape that had wings and a beak.

“Is that?” Sam asked looking at the shape, “Toucan Sam?”

If Marvel ever gets their “Damage Control” comedy show off the ground, here’s how I’d cast it:


1) Tyne Daly as Anne Marie Hoag: the founder and director of Damage Control. She is the “Ron Swanson” of the group.

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2) Nick Offerman as Hercules: the exiled prince of Olympus. He’s currently doing community service with Damage Control in an attempt to win back Zeus’ favor

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3) Jenna Fischer as Robin Chapel: traffic manager and Anne’s favorite employee. She is competing with John Porter for an executive position in Damage Control and falls in love with him later on in the show (think Ben-Leslie from Parks and Rec).

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4) Martin Lawrence as Albert Cleary: the comptroller who has the supernatural ability of keeping his suit wrinkle-free. 

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5) Danny Pudi as John Porter: the account executive who specializes in “superhero insurance”. He is Robin Chapel’s rival-turned-love interest.

NOTE: Danny reprises his cameo role from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. It’s revealed that John used to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. until the HYDRA uprising.

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6) Jared Gilman as Bart Rozum: the intern who was offered a full-time role by Anne Marie Hoag. He is in love with the receptionist, Anne 2.

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7) Jorge Garcia as Eugene “Gene” Strausser: technician who was a former supervillain (mentioned that he once fought Hawkeye and Falcon). 

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8) Kate Micucci as Anne a.k.a. Anne 2: the receptionist with an unknown last name. Hinted that she has a dark, supernatural background / history.

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9) Cristin Milioti as Abigail Dunton / Visioneer: a psychic who uses her abilities to find civilians trapped in rubble. 

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1) Zendaya as Michelle “MJ” Jones: high school student who interns for Damage Control.

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2) Paul Rudd as Scott Lang / Ant-Man: shows up in one episode to help Damage Control recover the Pym Particles that Darren Cross stole after the events of “Ant-Man”

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Requested by anonymous

“Hey, Y/N, have you seen my Iron Fist suit?” Danny asked you.

“Yes,” you simply replied.

Danny looked at you expectedly, but after a moment it became clear you weren’t going to elaborate.

“You aren’t going to tell me, are you?” Danny asked. “You know, I’m not going to quote the Incredibles to get it back.”

“That’s not it. You do know what day it is, right?” you asked Danny.

Danny nodded. “The eighteenth,” he replied. You glared at him. “I know, I know, it;s our anniversary.”

“Exactly. So why do you even want to go superheroing today?” you asked.

Danny sighed. “Because I wanted to surprise you,” he stated. “But I guess it’s plan B, since you are apparently holding me hostage here,” he teased.

“Romantic evening in tonight, and if you want to show me how much you love me with money, that can wait until tomorrow. Or my birthday,” you told him. You didn’t really like him spending money on you anyways.

“You win,” Danny said, leaning in to give you a kiss on the lips. “So what are we doing on our romantic evening in?”

“I thought you had a plan B,” you accused.

Danny laughed. “Okay, right. Plan B. You surprise me with a romantic table setting, I’ll surprise you with a delicious meal, then something either involving the TV, a lack of clothes, or both,” he said.

“Sounds like the perfect evening in,” you told him.

“And tomorrow, you’ll tell me where my Iron Fist outfit is?” Danny asked.

“Hopefully by tomorrow I can put that green monstrosity and yellow ballerina slippers in the garbage, because your new, much-nicer white and yellow suit will be done,” you told him.

“I love you, but thats not fair that you’re spending money on me when you won’t let me spend money on you,” Danny commented.

You leaned in to kiss him. “Love you, too,” you said in reply.

DP Fic Exchange

Here’s my fic for the fic exchange for @rainsart based on this piece (x). I went a little overboard with this one, but I hope you enjoy! ^.^  (Btw, the timeline on this is vague.)


“Danny, stop pacing. You’re going to make a hole in the floor.” Danny was snapped out of his pacing. He turned to Jazz who looked about thirty seconds away from throwing her book at him. Her fingers drummed against the side of the book, as one of her eyes actually twitched in irritation.

 Maybe he shouldn’t have been pacing in the living room, but he was twitchy damn it. 

He huffed  and let his arms flop dramatically on top of the couch. “They’re late,” He bemoaned.

“People can be late.” Faux patience laced her voice.

“Sam isn’t!”

“And Tucker?”

“...Okay, but-”

Jazz slammed her book, making a move to stand up. “Danny,” Oh shit, she had on her mom voice. Danny already straightened his back and crossed his arms over his chest before he even realized what he was doing. It seemed like she was going to go on lecture mode, but she stopped. She stared at him a moment, and after her eyes danced up and down his face, she let out a soft sigh and settled back down in her seat.

“Just, you’re over thinking this,” Jazz finally managed, “Sam had to pick up Tucker and you know how he’s always late for everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if they knock on that door in the next few minutes, bickering like they always do.”

Danny picked at the end of binder. It fit snuggly against his skin. It felt different from his usual binders, having been made water-proof for days at the pool. Like today. Where his friends were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago to go to the water park.

This would be the first time he went to a waterpark like this. Just in a binder and swim trunks. He knew he shouldn’t be nervous. It wasn’t like his friends really cared, but that small ‘what if’ always danced in the back of his head. It was stupid. He knew it was. But anxiety made you think stupid things that weren’t true, and it sucked.

Danny let out an irritated sigh, glaring at the ground. Where were Sam and Tucker? They could make him stop thinking stupid thoughts.

“Hello? Earth to Danny? You’re not an astronaut yet, little brother, so don’t space out on me.”

Shaking his head, he tried to clear his stupid thoughts. He was about to respond, but then he realized-

-Jazz had punned.

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