I’m tired of seeing transgender identity represented as a cis man looking in the mirror and seeing a cis woman. Depicting a trans woman as a “woman in a man’s body” or trans man as a “man in a woman’s body” is fundamentally anti-trans and just wrong for most of our experiences. I am a woman. Therefore I have a woman’s body. This is true regardless of how I appear or what my hormonal, genetic, and bodily makeup may be. 

As a trans woman, I’m forced into femininity through assumptions about my desires, ignoring that I also enjoy clothes designed for men. I spent years gaining the confidence to wear clothes designated for men again after being repeatedly told I couldn’t be trans if I had such a desire. 

There is a solution to this issue of representation. We can create more art describing trans people being forced into conforming to gender roles, trans people of color resisting white standards of trans identity, or trans people opposing the idea that we can’t exist in everyday life. I want to see trans art guided by and featuring trans people. I want to represent me.