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My friend Jake told me via skype about what he did…and sweet baby JESUS…thank you so much for the love and support. All the likes and reblogs I’ve seen of my recent work from my FA just blows my mind…I’ve been going through so much stuff recently with life, I was about to just put a hold on drawing in general, but you and Jake and everyone who’s liked and re blogged my stuff made me change my mind. It really warms my heart and puts a huge smile on my face knowing that y’all like my stuff so much <3 Feel free to share my work as much as you wish, as long as it brings happiness to everyone, I’m happy, so thank you very very very much <3 *tight woofy hugs* God I fucking love this fandom <333

Also thanks for the watch on FA and now you have to give me a ref so I can make you a doodle <3


OMG, You’re so welcome! ^-^ *wags happily*

I love to support artists and share their talent with others.
Yours I like, specifically the style. It’s fun and awesome and unique. :)

And thank you. :D I’ll send a ref-thing right away. cx


Want some FREE  art? You are able to get some from me personally. I am only doing this on tumblr, not for FA or DA, so please only participate in this  if you have an active Tumblr. These will only be bust shots (shoulders to top of the head) Anthro or feral is up to you!

I am opening for 5 slots! Once they are filled, I will announce that I am not allowing anymore takers.


  1. Only ONE doodle per person!
  2. Reblog this post AND you have to paste a link to a ref of your chosen character.
  3. Do NOT nag me when to complete your piece, I am working on these on MY OWN TIME, meaning when I’m not busy with home issues, babysitting, errands, homework and or commissions. I will announce in a quick post who’s piece I am about to work on.
  4. DO NOT note me about these through my FA or DA.
  5. I have artistic freedom.

Any questions or concerns? ASK ME!


  • DO NOT send me NSFW refs! I HATE THEM. I don;t enjoy seeing others dicks and others naughty bits
  • PLEASE only send me SFW ref sheets!
  • DO NOT send me “written” references, if I don’t have a clear, neat visual ref, I will not draw the character. 

I will draw almost any animal except for monkeys…I just am not able to draw them for some reason.

I will draw Pokemon! I will even draw a Disney inspired character.

If you have any sort of question, PLEASE ask me!!