I’m a little self-conscious to post this, as it’s incredibly rushed - but I heard it was Suikoden Day today, and wanted to do a little something to celebrate my favorite game series! I have a lot of fond memories from Suikoden I, and Gremio is my favorite character from the series. Maybe one day I will do a decent painting of him, as I seem cursed to be unable to paint him properly.

Once again the Suikoden Day passed…
and as always is a heart warming experience *w*!
This year was celebrated in particular the fifth chapter of the saga, which was released 10 years ago (time flies çwç).
For the occasion, I drew three of the main characters^^

For anyone who is interested in quality fanarts and Suikoden check this out Suikoden 21th anniversary FanBook !!
I’m very happy and proud to be among the artists who have participated in this project :D!

Hi everyone! Just an update on how judging is going - we’re working hard to get everything scored and hope to have announcements of winners by Christmas! Thanks everyone for your patience around such a busy time of year and we’ll be back with some results soon!

This is my submission to Suikoden Day’s fanart contest. It’s Freyjadour from Suikoden 5. He’s made up entirely of different pieces of construction paper I cut out and glued together, except for a few places where I drew in the details with a sharpie. Matted, he stands at 20 inches by 16 inches. I doubt I’ll win because everyone else has some AMAZING stuff in the contest, but I figured I’d share anyway. :)

Inktober Day 2 - Divided

Twins divided by war, united by a common goal they avenged their parents despite all. Christor and Christude are my protagonists for a story I wrote years and years ago, obviously inspired by Suikoden. ^_^
One day… one day I will make it into a game. But until then, there is arts.

With the results of Suikoden Day’s Banner Competition out, I can finally share this WIP with tumblr!

I’ll leave the full size of the banner’s posting to Suikoden Day’s blog! Go show them some love!


Suikoden Couples - Happy Valentines Day!

— Art by team Wolfwung (Kuga & Soga) —

These are “official” pictures, so to say. They come mostly from different numbers of the Genso Suikoden Gensou Shinsho books.

Suikoden V Challenge Day 05: Viki - suggested by iwannapony

Gosh, this one took much longer than I expected, I either got slow because of easter dinner or I’m really not used to draw characters like that. I can’t draw cute girls to save my life, d’oh.

Still liking Viki a lot, always had much fun with her ^__^

Check out the starting post for more information about my challenge.

“What struck true fear in the hearts of the noble Harmonians were not merely the Grasslander barbarians’ warrior spirit, but the aid of three holy artifacts that were etched in the constitution of our Holy Empire.” – an excerpt from a Council-approved record, housed in the great library of Crystal Valley.

My entry for Suikoden Day 2015! Looking fun and I’m so glad to be seeing so much fan content!

Happy Suikoden Day! Unfortunately I did not make a new Suikoden costume this year – I spent my time on other priorities instead. I still plan to cosplay from every main series game eventually!

Odessa Silverberg (left) was one of my first cosplays ever in the fall of 2012. I only really sewed the cape, but putting it all together taught me a lot about crafting garments. Compare that to Lilly Pendragon (middle) which I made about six months later and entirely patterned and constructed myself. I didn’t make Elza (right) until more than a year later in 2014, but her accessories were my introduction to leatherwork. The Suikoden series is close to my heart, so it’s cool to see how each of these costumes has been a landmark in my growth as a seamstress. Someday I’ll have at least two more costumes to add to this list!

Photos by Curios Photography​, Lauren Moore, and Tham​.

Because I am moving to another city and everything is a mess, when I was going to scan the drawing the thing didn’t work… it was already too late to ask someone so I couldn’t finish it to participate in the Suikoden Day contest, but still, I wanted to show you a preview! I was not pleased with the thought of having to colour it with my horrible netbook screen anyway, so now that the contest is over I will wait until I am in my new home and we have the desktop up and all to finish it.