Happy Suikoden Day! Unfortunately I did not make a new Suikoden costume this year – I spent my time on other priorities instead. I still plan to cosplay from every main series game eventually!

Odessa Silverberg (left) was one of my first cosplays ever in the fall of 2012. I only really sewed the cape, but putting it all together taught me a lot about crafting garments. Compare that to Lilly Pendragon (middle) which I made about six months later and entirely patterned and constructed myself. I didn’t make Elza (right) until more than a year later in 2014, but her accessories were my introduction to leatherwork. The Suikoden series is close to my heart, so it’s cool to see how each of these costumes has been a landmark in my growth as a seamstress. Someday I’ll have at least two more costumes to add to this list!

Photos by Curios Photography​, Lauren Moore, and Tham​.

Competition Category: Cosplay Competition
Name: Yashuntafun Cosplay
Location: Atlanta, GA
Title: Songstress Annallee
Comments: The music in Suikoden is just one of the things that makes it such an amazing series. I chose to cosplay as Annallee because her character makes the music stand out through her songs. Annallee’s outfit isn’t the most complex, but I did make the ruffles by hand, modify the shirt, make the belts from vinyl, and construct the skirt from scratch, including making all the bias tape at the bottom. When I was done, I did what Annallee does best: Sing! I don’t claim to be a great singer, but I love doing it, and I love Suikoden! Here’s the video: Thank you!

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Happy Suikoden Day!! Today marks the 10th year anniversary of Suikoden IV!! I haven’t made a new Suikoden costume in YEARS so I figured, why not make one of my favorite characters from IV for the anniversary?

I loved Ted since Suikoden I, but it was definitely a treat seeing him show up in Suikoden IV~ and like the procrastinator I am…I started this costume on Wednesday, and SOMEHOW finished it by Saturday.

The top three photos are by Gilbert Chen, and the bottom image is from John Conley Photography, with some editing by me.

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I’m a little self-conscious to post this, as it’s incredibly rushed - but I heard it was Suikoden Day today, and wanted to do a little something to celebrate my favorite game series! I have a lot of fond memories from Suikoden I, and Gremio is my favorite character from the series. Maybe one day I will do a decent painting of him, as I seem cursed to be unable to paint him properly.

Suikoden Day Pre-Competition

Gather once again, Stars! The Suikoden Day 2015 Team is proud to present to you our first competition for the year. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Suikoden series, we would like you to create an art piece that best encapsulates the “essence” of the Suikoden series and why it transcends through time and generations.

• Entrants are to create an artwork to work as a cover/header image for Suikoden Day 2015, fitting with this year’s 20th Anniversary theme.

• The winning entry will occupy the banner space at the top of Suikoden Day social media pages (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter), though it must fit in the Facebook cover photo dimensions of 851x315 pixels.

• One entry per person.

• Each entry MUST be sent to

• The winner will be the entry that the judges feel best conveys the “20 years of Suikoden” theme. Entrants are encouraged to tell us about their design and why they feel it conveys this theme.

• The winning entry will be used by Suikoden Day, but also by fans across multiple websites. However, the creator will always be credited, and the image remains their property.

• The competition is open until 1 August 2015. The winner will be announced on August 10.


In celebration of its 20th anniversary, THIS IS OUR BIGGEST PRIZE PACKAGE YET! Again, all thanks to the wonderful Marina Paez who has sponsored all of the main Suikoden Day prizes since 2011.

Prizes include:

1. Suikoden 1 (Japanese Version)
2. Suikoden 2 (Japanese Version)
3. Suikoden 3 (Japanese Version)
4. Suikoden 4 (Japanese Version)
5. Suikoden 5 (Japanese Version)
6. Riou Figurine
7. Suikoden Marugoto Encyclopedia

Any questions? Feel free to contact us on here, our Facebook or through our e-mail address (

Get working, stars! Looking forward to seeing your entries!


I realized too late that I didn’t have enough detail photos of my Seed for Suikoden Day! This was actually the very first Suikoden cosplay I have ever sewn, first version from back in 2003 when I initially made it as part of a Highland group. After gaining more sewing skills throughout the years, I dug up this costume, tore it apart to make alterations and improvements, and this is the recent version worn in 2013 and 2015.

Happy Suikoden Day!

Seed: me
Culgan: Phil

photos by: Pam and @shadowshards

Competition Category: Fanart
Name: Imma Batoon (Shinryuu )
Location: Philippines
Title:The Chief Stars of Heaven
Comments: This photo is basically my tribute to the tenkai stars of the suikoden series. As we all know the tenkai star is the one that gathers the 108 stars of destiny and without them (whether they’re the heros or not) that big change to the story cant happen. They are all strong(in their own ways) and cool even if most of the time they are silent :) I’ve seen a lot of fanart with the heroes but not as much to the tenkais (so its uauslly Hugo instead of Thomas) so I wanted to contribute my own. Since they’re the “chief stars of heaven” I wanted to make the blue shades imitate the sky but… (well i tried). I imagined enemies at the left side which would explain their expressions. I mostly used Paint tool sai for this work and did some minor edits using Gimp. I hope you like it :D

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My friend Landylachs has told me today is Suikoden Day.

I only managed to play Suikoden I in the past… and for some reason, Lorelei was my favorite character. Though I don’t remember her doing a whole lot in the plot. Or if she was even all that strong. I just remember repeatedly going to the tavern/inn she was located in and trying to recruit her, not knowing the secret was that I had to reach a certain level in order to get her to join….

In general, I like badass chics. :)

This is my submission to Suikoden Day’s fanart contest. It’s Freyjadour from Suikoden 5. He’s made up entirely of different pieces of construction paper I cut out and glued together, except for a few places where I drew in the details with a sharpie. Matted, he stands at 20 inches by 16 inches. I doubt I’ll win because everyone else has some AMAZING stuff in the contest, but I figured I’d share anyway. :)

Happy Suikoden Day!

Or belated Suikoden Day depending on where you live~ Not only are the Suikoden games amazing~ then fanbase is equally so. I’m so proud to be part of such a great fandom.

Here’s an old cosplay picture I posted on facebook, but I wanted to place it here too. May you have better luck with Chinchirorin than Tai Ho did XD (we didn’t have a chipped bowl and our other dice rolled away :c ).

Hi everyone! So as you may know, Suikoden Day is coming up in August! I hope a lot of you will drop by the group page and have some fun ^^

Thing is, the organisers need a bit of help spreading word of the event. There’s only three (very busy) people running it so SDAY is a bit short on labour. Any help is appreciated, please spread the word to friends (both local and online), and in any communities you think people may be interested in the event. Help some Suikobros out and let’s make the day awesome <3

My highlights of Suikoden Day Streaming

Thanks to Elisa and Kris and some other friends who recognized me yesterday in the chat of the Suikoden streaming, for being my support after I had a moment of HOW YOU ENGLISH because of going through a Pilika-like Heroic BSOD after Ted and Black both died and Futch got exiled from his home in the spam of like 10 fucking minutes.

#TEIEN You are real friends. 

(Yuichi actually read some of my comments out loud and the motherfucker was laughing so hard at my “I FORGOT HOW TO ENGLISH BECAUSE SADS” moment. YUICHI YOU MONSTER XD)