I just started torturing Pesmerga in a cook-off contest by making him try different dishes.

So far I only tried all the combinations for the Tamago-Yaki recipe, and there are already two things that he actually likes. He literally gave me a score of 5 with the Egg Mayo Roll as the Main Course dish, this is awesome. I FOUND SOMETHING HE LIKES, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

So seems like he actually does eat after all, despite what Richmond said in one of his investigations on the man. I suppose Pes just either doesn’t NEED to eat even though he CAN, or he usually simply doesn’t like to eat when there are other people around and thus tends to only eat when he’s sure to be alone… outside of the cook-off contest where he has no choice. Since he apparently doesn’t sleep (unless there again he does sleep but has a secret method to hide it, his helmet helping ‘cuz hidden eyes), I’m more willing to go with the first option. He may just be interested in the experience of tasting of human food, out of curiosity…

Anyway, I’m still not done torturing him though, I’m curious to know what are all the things he likes and will totally make myself a full list of these.


Suikoden 2 on PSN this week ⊟

You might have missed this out of PlayStation Experience, and it’s really dang cool! Suikoden 2, one of the rarest and best RPGs on the PlayStation, is being released as a PSOne Classic this Tuesday in North America. 

That means instead of paying over a hundred bucks on eBay, you can just download it for like 6 (or maybe 10, sometimes big games are 10) AND play it portably on your Vita. What’s up, 2014.

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Day 3 - A game that is underrated

Suikoden Series

I seriously don’t know why these games aren’t as popular enough to rival the Final Fantasy series. :( The plot of each game is remarkably amazing; the many, many characters are so likable and the concept of the 27 True Runes has so much potential. There’s a lot we don’t know. If… maybe… somewhere in the future, Konami decides to pick up this amazing game again, they can fill all the holes and details that fans of this game crave so much for.


Konami pls. I beg of you. Suikoden 6.

Suikoden II was released today on the Playstation Network! If you love classic JRPGs as much as I do, go do yourself a favor and buy it immediately. It’s a masterpiece of storytelling filled with heart-wrenching drama and fascinating characters. I’ve been evangelizing about Suikoden II for years, but the extreme rarity of the PS1 original always prevented it from reaching a larger audience until now.

I’ve made it my mission to cosplay from each main Suikoden game eventually, and this year I tackled my favorite babe Elza from Suikoden II. I still need more photos of this costume, but they will have to wait until after my finals are done. Until then I’ll be dreaming about Clive, as usual. 

Photographed by Tham.