suikoden ii


Metal Gear Solid

(PS1/JP/September 3, 1998)

The original Metal Gear Solid. I know this isn’t the rarest game I own, It’s certainly not the most expensive, and this isn’t even the preferred/sought-out version of this title..but this one means the most to me. If I could only keep handful of my collection for whatever reason - this game is number 1 and takes priority above everything else.

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Suikoden II | Friendship

Power? Am I looking for power? Ever since the first day I saw you… I somehow knew that we would be friends… I was never lonely because you were there.. it felt like those days would last forever… we walked along the same paths because… we chose Life and Death together… I believed in you… always… because we shared so much…

Reposted with the original colours now that tumblr has fixed that problem. (Originally I posted this.)

Aaaand that’s how I intend to close April Daily Art Challenge 2015! Alas I couldn’t meet them on a day-to-day basis, but gosh my workload orz 

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!