The Attire of Boys of the Kamakura Period (1192 - 1342), Japan

A boy belonging to the upper class of the Kamakura period is represented in the following three pictures. His hair, parted in the middle, and then hanging down back, is tied into one strand with a white fillet (moto-yui) at the nape of the neck. His attire consists of a red outer-garment called “Suikan,” a hakama, and an unlined yellow undergarment. Suikan is so named from its stiffing by the wet-and-dried method, but not by starch. He wears a pair of wooden shallow shoes like the French sabot. A “hi-ogi” or fan of thin wooden strips is in his hand. Light green and white chrysanthemum-like ornaments are attached on the inner and outer sides of the sleeves. They are called kikutoji, originally meant to prevent seams from opening. Besides, both the sleeves are ornamented near the border with white and light green tapes stitched into square or rectangular shapes. This shape is called Kenuki-gata from that of a tiny tool like the modern tweezers, used in olden times for pulling out splinters run into the skin. These tweezer-like ornaments were used mostly for boys under 14. It may be said that the elegant style of the boys of the period can be vividly seen in these illustrations.

T. Ema,
Translated by K. Takigawa

Text and image via Naomi no Kimono Asobi on Flickr.  Photos appear to have been taken during the late 19th or early 20th century


Ikenaga KanAkira

“Hundred Full Moon-Mai" 

Azabu-Rock Paints, Suikan, Glue, Ink, Gold Paint 

Sumi-Ink. Mineral Pigments and Hide-Glue on Linen Canvas

33 cm x 35 cm 


"Two people alone with longer room I silently was closed.
I want to stare at the cotton socks wound round and round in your ankle.
I was out of the room by the so muttered "Koyo will buy things cold.”
From walking it finds public power is head down and made ​​a phone call to your mobile phone.
“Kimi likes, I want to draw you a much”.
To sudden confession, you can feel that it responded to the “It funny”. During the hundred nights to draw you, you will become a thing of the others. My I’ve no longer stay from before.Then missing moon hundred degrees, I was full of hundred degrees. You are in also appear in unexpectedly my room, lying in front of the easel as that day. I also hundred nights, I draw you.“

Make Me

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“Come over here and make me.”

His head snapped around so fast to stare at her it was a wonder he didn’t get whiplash. “What?”

Dark eyes flashed in challenge. “You heard me.”

Instantly the wheels started turning in his head as he responded to that challenge, narrowing his gaze, his body tensing, senses tuned only to her. 

Despite the flush riding high on her cheeks, Kagome stared back boldly, unwaveringly, one arm crossed over her chest to hide her nakedness while the other hung at her side, fingertips trailing in the hip-deep hot water. Her heart pounded in her chest, butterflies erupted in her stomach, not having a clue what in the world she was dong, but feeling compelled to carry out the impulse anyway.

Inuyasha said nothing as he gazed at her, face impossible to read, and Kagome was beginning to think she’d made a very terrible mistake when suddenly he stood up in one fluid motion, turned to face her and promptly untied his sword to drop on the ground. Her breath caught in her throat as, without once taking his eyes off hers, he swiftly shrugged out of his suikan, letting it fall unceremoniously to the ground and his kosode followed shortly after. 

Then, with deliberate slowness, he waded into the water and made his way toward her, gaze intent, something flickering in his amber gaze that sent an answering pulse straight to the most sensitive part of her body.

Kagome was frozen as he approached and he flush and nothing to do with the hot water when he halted in front of her and crossed her against the boulder at her back, caging her in with an arm on either side of her head.  

Still he said nothing and Kagome found herself leaning in, her eyes going half-lidded and her mouth parting as her gaze dropped to his mouth. A deep rumble reverberated in Inuyasha’s chest as he hovered his mouth over hers, for all intents and purposes looking ready to make her get out of the spring, as she’d so bade him, and her heart pounded in anticipation, arm dropping away to press a hand to his bare chest.

With the steam rising all around them, Kagome looking absolutely fucking beautiful before him and her lips looking entirely too tempting, Inuyasha tilted his head, brushed his lips against her ear, and breathed, “…There’s a snake behind you.” 

Inuyasha had never seen Kagome move so fast before and amidst her frantic splashing to vacate the hot spring as fast as she could, he was treated to quite the spectacular view of her perfect ass but could only be a little disappointed when she grabbed his firerat to cover up. Doubled over in laughter, he managed to catch a glimpse of red as she disappeared into the trees and his mirth only intensified when he heard her hollering back to him to go to hell.

Beauty and the Hanyou

Okay. So Beauty and the Beast has been my all time favorite since i was like.. 5. I always saw Belle as the best princess because she didn’t care about love. She cared about her father, her horse, knowledge and imagination. The hottest guy in town was practically dry-humping her at every turn and she couldn’t have cared a fraction less. She and Adam (The Beast’s true name) grew to love one another not because of outward beauty but by trust and respect. By seeing each others true selves. I see this mirrored in Inuyasha and Kagome’s relationship and thats why i believe this is the perfect AU for them. I started writing it a while ago and didnt get very far because of life. But here is a future scene that I hope will interest you guys enough that you want to read it once i get off of my lazy butt and do it!!

okay, brief definition time.

Jii-chan, musume, daimyo, youkai: grandfather;daughter; feudal lord;demon

hanten, komon, hakama, suikan: thick overcoat used during fall/winter; every day casual kimono; traditional pants; thick sleeved overshirt.

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She gripped the wooden bars of the cell with one hand, her knuckles turning white as gaze locked on her grandfather. Her free hand rubbed his gently “Your hands are freezing! I have to get you out of here.. we have to go now!” She begged, bringing his hand to her cheek and holding it gently before whipping her head to search the dark and foreboding cellar for anything to use. “Kagome…” her grandfather begged, his voice wavering. Kagome’s head turned back to him quickly, concerned by the thick rasping cough that shook his frail frame. “Kagome, you have to leave this place.” He begged, his hand shaking as he brought it to touch the face of the only family he had left. 

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巫女::  She leaned over him–wearing just his suikan, and nothing else in the early morning light, and peered into his face. Her hand moved up to push a lock of his moonlight colored hair out of his face gently, and she smiled, murmuring softly.::

“Morning sleepy-head…”

So I’m looking at this pattern for the heian rich guy clothes and it includes the kariginu (also includes a suikan but I’m not using that so w/e), hakama, these weird sort of boxers, an under-kimono (hitoe), and an under-under-kimono (kosode)

Since it’s just cosplay, I can fudge the historical accuracy a bit, so I’m going to skip the boxers and the kosode and just sew in a little bit of lining around the edges of the hitoe to make it look like I’m wearing one. That’ll save me a fair amount of money, time, and also make the outfit as a whole cooler.

Still gotta buy a lot of fabric though… It’s 3 yards for the hitoe, 2.5 for the hakama, and 4 for the kariginu. Luckily it’s solid colors, so I guess if I get cheap $3 fabric that’s only like $30 for the whole outfit, but if I want something nicer (which I might, at least for the kariginu) it’d get more expensive… Plus I still gotta buy the ribbon for the sleeves and also stuff for the hat

:: Quietly the hanyou stood on the waters edge. Staring at his reflection with a critical eye, he was a right mess! Everything from his moonbeam white hair to every crimson inch of his garb was covered in dirt.

With a grunt he grabbed his suikan top and pulled it open, kasode and all. Pulling the garments free to expose his chest and wiry muscle. He wasn’t built by any means, he had shapely pecs and strong shoulder muscles. But his stomach looked soft and flat and his arms showed only the slightest hint of muscle tone. Proof that he was young and still had some growing to do by demonic standards.

Tossing the garb aside he set to work on his hakama. For the moment oblivious to anyone or anything else around him. ::