Haku was out on a stroll, and picking up some household supplies for Shiobe and her mother, since he was staying with them, dressed in his pink kimono and his navy blue wrap with the jade butterflies on it. He was holding a brown paper bag from his first stop, and was only half-focused on his surroundings. He’d been trying his best to just relax and not think too much, since Zabuza had vanished.

His eye caught a flash of white, and he looked over, and saw something that he thought must be a trick of his eyes. He did a double take, and then a very large smile split his features. No trick of his eyes. Though he had no idea what his childhood best friend was doing here, but he wasn’t going to question it.

Haku began waving, and calling out to him. “Suigetsu! Suigetsu!” A small, rational part of his mind whispered that Suigetsu probably wouldn’t even recognize him, since when he had left Kiri, he’d looked far less feminine than he did now. And that was also before he’d started wearing women’s kimonos when he felt like it. But he didn’t care. “Suigetsu! Hey! Do you remember me?”

I absolutely adore uzushio/suigetzuki with all my heart. After my precious ship turned to hell (thanks to a 5-week cold shoulder) she was there for me, and ended up developing a Suigetsu muse, to be Haku’s friend, and we suddenly found ourselves shipping SuiHaku by accident. But everything is so perfect and we’re always telling each other everything and agreeing to it all. I’m not even sorry about sinking the old ship. I’m having so much more fun now than I ever did with my old partner. As much as we did have fun at the start, I think that this is what it’s really supposed to be like.


#*clears his throat and looks away trying to dissimulate his awkwardness* #…and skinny #beautiful and skinny #*looks at him and smiles showing off his snaggletooth*

/his blush darkens further and he smiles and laughs nervously./

W-well, I-I’m still working on gaining m-more weight again. I-I’ll probably look better once it-it gets put back on…

/he crosses his arms behind his back and finds a spot on the ground in front of him very interesting./

suigetzuki asked:

did u srsly just?

It’s very very very very very very very very very obvious that Haku loves Suigetsu and would do anything he asked and anything for him and he just thinks the world of Suigetsu and good luck getting away from us now.

Thankfully, Sui doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere.

suigetzuki asked:

Hey! Where is my hug? And my kiss? Eh?

/he tilts his head, and sidled up to Suigetsu./

You want those now?

/his smile grows coy./

Thirsty, are we?

/he wraps his arms around Suigetsu’s neck, stands lightly on his toes, and presses his lips to Suigetsu’s, delicately at first, but he slowly presses harder, deepens the kiss, makes it more passionate. He pushes his tongue past Suigetsu’s lips and runs it over sharpened teeth, then pulls back./

Is that better?

suigetzuki asked:

✉, ✘, ☠ (yes, this one too) ❤

(Doing these as a mix of AU Haku and normal Haku)

✉ (Drunk Text)

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  7. wjy wont’ yoiu snswr me???
  9. i lvope tyou so mchu 3<
  10. np tgat wsa sipppaed ti br s hwarty
  11. 3<
  12. NP
  13. NO*
  14. <3
  15. yse
  16. NI
  17. y e s
  18. goopd
  19. ojh gpdsammut

✘ for an unsent text

  1. Hey. I really wish I had your number. I just got this phone and I miss you a lot. Utah is really pretty but the people here aren’t very friendly. Hope everything is okay with you!
  2. I really wish I could tell you what’s going on. So much is changing! Zabuza and I are a couple now, sort of. It’s really weird, but I like it. You know, I used to have the biggest crush on you. I think I still kinda do. But I still don’t know your number or anything. And that’d be a pretty weird thing to admit. I don’t know if I’m ever going to draft this. I’m just rambling. But I said it, so it’s out in the universe now, I guess… Anyway, I still wish I could text you.
  3. He hasn’t come back for two weeks now. I called up all of the county jails and everything and there isn’t any trace. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared, Suigetsu.
  4. Sending these texts to you in my drafts is strangely comforting. Maybe if we ever meet up again, I’ll show you. I’m moving back to California. Zabuza never came back. I wish you could have been here. You’d know what to do.
  5. I live over in Seal Beach now! Feferi got me a dog. I’m doing a lot better, and I feel a lot better. Is the Seven Swordsmen still around? I might see if it is. Maybe if I swing by, you’ll be there. I had a dream about that time we went to Ruby’s at the Pier. I don’t live far from there. I went back once. It isn’t the same without you. I hope we can meet up again. I’ve missed you a lot.

Send an ☠ for a threatening message


Send an ❤ for a lusty/loving/affectionate message

  1. Hey, sorry about the texts from last night… but I did mean what I said. Your name is literal poetry and it suits you. You’re the most handsome man to walk this Earth. And I love you so much it hurts. C:
  2. You know, you should really come over here more. I’m usually the only one here… and I don’t have thin walls and neighbors. ;)