suicide watch

would be cool if the true crime community was about, like, under-reported crimes, or proving wrongfully convicted ppl innocent, or even spreading awareness of the victims and their stories 

but instead its about being “edgy and different” or “really into abnormal psychology,” which translates into putting flower crowns on serial killers and rapists and calling them “daddy” and crying when they receive punishment for being serial killers and rapists. unfortunate and disgusting 

Being George Harkness’ sibling would include:


  • For dinner you guys have really weird things.
  • Stealing his jackets when it’s cold but he can’t complain.
  • Although you come no where close to stealing the unicorn.
  • “Why do you even carry that thing around?” 
  • You both are open with each other about your love lives. Mostly because George is hopeless at long time commitment and you just like to laugh at him.
  • Protective big brother.
  • When you both get partners to work with when you break into places they often find you both hilarious.
  • Before you kill/knock them out, of course.
  • Dumb texts to each other like “Morning fucker!! I hope your left foot is still attached :) xxx”
  • Going into casinos if you don’t win anything then you smash the glass to those grab machines, take something then run.
  • That’s actually how you got pinky.
  • When you both went to a different country your motto was, “That’s not how we did it in Australia.”
  • You are so close it’s unreal, you’ve only got your back and his. No one else.

but no but real talk i really hope when ronda retires, she is able to just chill back and enjoy the rest of her life. hearing on ellen how she contemplated suicide over losing her undefeated streak was Wild™ and i can only imagine how her mental state is after a well hyped comeback generating millions of dollars only to be demolished within 48 seconds. She single-handedly put women on a platform to be able to main event big shows and she should be proud off that historic accomplishment alone. 


“Why are there so many fireworks?!” Zoe blurted out while turning her head towards all the different fireworks going off. Staying at a hotel in the centre of London was always a free pass to observe several firework displays.

“It’s the fifth of November! The history traces back to a man named Guy Fawkes, I could tell you but wouldn’t you rather enjoy the fireworks?” You asked feeling overjoyed at her excitement. Looking up to Floyd you could see that he was entranced by the fireworks and the corners of his mouth were slightly upturned. 

He was probably thinking about the amount of gunpowder in the air.

rick flag x june moone
  • were just set up by amanda waller but actually fell in love
  • she is possessed by an evil witch and he stood by her through it all
  • imagine him cradling her after all of her enchantress episodes tho
  • “they met under dark circumstances and something beautiful came out of it” - cara delevingne
  • he carried out all the of amanda waller’s orders because she controlled the enchantress controlling june even though he didn’t like it
  • his biggest fear in life is losing june
  • ^^^ i definitely felt it from joel kinnaman’s performance
  • “if i don’t stop the witch it’s over. everything is over”
  • the enchantress is afraid of him so he keeps getting captured by the monsters because he’s june’s anchor to her humanity you know her love for him
  • (aside from how the enchatress is taking over the world nbd) he crushed the enchantress’s heart because june told him so and he knows how much the enchantress is taking her toll on june and how june’s well-being is above all else for him even though he might kill june
  • did i mention his biggest fear in life is losing june?
  • ^^^ “flag’s weakness is his love for june. but it’s also his strength”
    - joel kinnaman fucking with my feelings
  • also they’re both hot tbh
  • and chemistry yay

i mean totally underrated otp right there


northern downpour // panic! at the disco

Me watching:
  • Porn: *feel nothing*
  • Naked chicks: *feel nothing*
  • Naked guys: *feel absolutely nothing*
  • Joker in Suicide Squad being fucking insane and leaves his girlfriend for dead in a car under water when he knows she can't swim, and simply just being crazy throughout the whole movie: "SOMEONE FUCK ME RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW" *drools*

.:First Meeting:.

Set after the events of Yume 2kki (preferably the one where Uro does not commit suicide like Madotsuki did) and LCDDEM 

Under the cut for the whole story <3333

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