suicide sticks


She’s so superficial. The way she wears her disguise like it someone else’s. Materialistic lip stick, golden suicide lick. Sucking me like some tick. I only get what I want. & right now, I love the way you flaunt. Attracted to the dark in you like the dark in me. We’ve become so close, you succubi, you ghost, but I love your disguise. My mask has grown so heavy. Ready to collapse like a levy. I can have you, if you let me. Depressed, but enlighten. Saddened, but this seduction, I cannot fight it. She’s so sable. Trepidation as she visits me in my meditation. At the same time, I feel excited. Ready for your suffocation as you succumb to my demands. You might have noticed, I am not just any man. We have commonality in our entities. When you feel it, remember me.