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The only reason I’m doing this long imagine is because I never did anything for getting 2,000. Thanks for reading this. x

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Rick was walking in front of Task Force X and he could hear them talking about how they are the bad guys and shouldn’t be here helping the people they torture and have fun striking fear into. Suddenly he heard a voice that made him roll his eyes “Hey Ranger Rick!” he sighed as he felt arms around his shoulders. “Where are we going exactly? I mean not that I don’t love having romantic walks with you…” Rick interrupted her and asked, “How is any of this romantic?” he stopped to look at her as she spun around in the streets with a wide grin on her face. “Well look at this place. The corruption, the chaos, the disasters that we can only think happened here. This is the most romantic place I have ever seen.” he looked at the rest of them as he saw Harley nod as she said, “I agree I wish Mr J would take me someplace like this.” Rick could only shake his head as he said, “Seriously, what the hell’s wrong with you people?” he turned to the girl spinning around and he pulled her by his side. “Y/N, will you just walk normally?” he asked clearly annoyed, she smiled and said, “Anything for you baby.” Rick felt the need to kill her because she was being so annoying “I bet that if you wanted to you could become a great bad guy like us.” the rest of the task force laughed and she glared at them. Y/N ran ahead of everyone as she saw some movement “Y/N! Come back!” Deadshot shouted, the rest of the task force ran ahead of Rick and the soldiers so they could get to their squad mate “Get back here!” Rick shouted. One of the soldiers held up his gun and aimed it at Y/N who was still running, Rick hit his hand away and shouted, “What the hell are you doing?! If we hit them we alert others that we’re here! We have to go after them!” the soldiers ran towards the task force and just as Rick saw Y/N shooting at the creatures attacking her. “Y/N!” Rick shouted, she turned to smiled at him but she shouted his name and suddenly Rick felt an electric cage trap him and his soldiers. Y/N shot one of the creatures in the head as she ran to him, she went to touch the cage but Enchantress stopped her. The rest of the task force took this as a way to escape being part of this terrible team. The ran and Enchantress grabbed Y/N and dragged her away from the cage but Y/N kept her eyes on Rick until he was out of sight. Rick sat on the floor and for some weird reason he felt like something was missing, there was a pain in his chest like there was a hole. He threw his gun on the ground and shouted in frustration because not only did he fail the mission but he also lost the most dangerous villains ever. “You’re gonna break your gun if you do that.” Y/N said, Rick’s head shot up and saw Y/N with that stupid wide grin on her face and suddenly the pain in his chest was gone “I’m here to save you my love.” she said. “You can’t get us out of here. You need the others.” he stated, Y/N feigned a look of hurt on her face before laughing “What do you think I did before I got put in this stupid team? Watch and learn.” he stared at her as she climbed up rubble of a building and she disappeared into the what was left of that building. After five minutes the electricity turned off and the cage fell apart Rick picked up his gun and his soldiers followed his lead “Ta da! Impressive right?” Y/N shouted happily. One of the creatures had a gun and shot at Y/N which caused her to gasp and fall down the hill of rubble she was on top of. Rick ran to her and picked her head up and onto his lap Y/N started to cough and she whispered, “I saved you. I guess I’m not so bad after all.” Rick shook his head and said, “No you’re no THAT bad.” Y/N smiled and closed her eyes. Rick felt pain spread throughout his whole body. “Y/N! Y/N! Wake up please!” he shouted, he put his head down and saw that Y/N opened one of her eyes. “I didn’t know you care that much baby!” she squealed happily, she sat up and kissed him then stood up and ran ahead. “Let’s go get the rest of the squad!” Rick’s feeling of disappeared as the feeling of wanting to kill her came back and chased after her.

A message for tattoo-curious folks, delivered with love.

Listen up #Skwad, there’s a reason we go to professionals. 

But if you’re already jumping on @margotrobbie‘s #SkwadGoals scratcher train, BE SMART. Its an open wound with blood and fluids. I’m seeing these kids without gloves, reusing dirty needles, when any basic info is right on the smartphone? Read up. Come correct. BE SAFE or GO HOME.
#HepCisaBuzzkill #MRSAdontplay

There have always been scratchers, but has there ever been another time in history (I’m actually asking) when mainstream beautiful actors have gone on global media tours for blockbuster films, promoting the idea of scratching as a fun group activity?

What’s more important though is what they don’t talk about. Safety. Sterilization. Blood spatter. 

  • They don’t talk about needles; how do they sterilize? Do they sterilize (while boasting about tattooing several friends in one night)?
  • They laugh about how bad the designs look. But how do they heal? Did the skin get infected? Did the ink stay in? Was aftercare considered or discussed at all? 
  • The words “cross contamination” never come up. If you just hang around an unsafe tattoo space with a skinned knee or paper cut, your blood can mix with their blood. Touch an area exposed to someone else’s fluids, then rub your eyes or eat a slice of pizza. You’re ingesting their bodily fluids. Who’s ready to take that risk?

Look it’s not on Margot Robbie to educate people on a trade she knows very little about. (It would be nice if she did mention safety… even once.) But people are influenced by celebrities, so I had to say my bit. 

I’m not anti-DIY, either. I’ve gotten work from self-taught tattooers, done in their homes; they were some of the most responsible experiences, preoccupied with sterilization because they (naturally) don’t want to eat or sleep in an amalgam of other peoples’ fluids. 

I’m just saying there’s a way to do it right. Take it seriously. If you or a friend are determined to get that eBay rotary, and don’t have a tattooer available to give advice, spend some time researching risks, sterilization, aftercare. Get all the tools to experiment responsibly. And don’t trust someone to carve open your body unless they care enough to do the same! 

End of rant. Thank you for reading. ♥ Comments are open.
With love,
Morgan @tattrx

Noragami Chapter 73 Thoughts

Hey there! This month was and has now been confirmed to have been a breather chapter. (Thank goodness, the silliness was a welcome change after all that angst!) But, Adachitoka is never one to not implement something important, so even the sillier chapters have some telling information within. And now, I’m here to dissect that information! Hah.

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31 Favorite Horror Movies

#7.  Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

Directed by George A. Romero


  • Every dead body that is not exterminated becomes one of them. It gets up and kills! The people it kills get up and kill! - Dr. Foster
  • Bastards, you bastards! We got ‘em, didn’t we? We got this, man! We got this by the ass! - Roger
  • Some kind of instinct. Memory of what they used to do. This was an important place in their lives. - Stephen
  • When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth. - Peter


  • Gaylen Ross refused to scream during the film. She felt that Fran was a strong female character, and if she screamed, the strength would be lost. She told this to George A. Romero once, when he told her to scream. He never asked her again.
  • Filming at the Monroeville Mall took place during the winter of 1977-78, with a three-week reprieve during the Christmas shopping season (during which other footage, e.g. the TV studio, was shot). Filming at the mall began around 10 p.m., shortly after the mall closed, and finished at 6 a.m. The mall didn’t open until 9, but at 6 the Muzak came on and no one knew how to turn it off.
  • Tom Savini choose the gray color for the zombies’ skin, since Night of the Living Dead (1968) was in B&W and the zombie skin-tone was not depicted. He later said it was a mistake, because many of them ended up looking quite blue on film.
  • Dario Argento was an admirer of George A. Romero’s work, and vice-versa. When Argento heard that Romero was contemplating a sequel to Night of the Living Dead (1968) he insisted that Romero come out to Argento’s native Rome to write the script without distractions. Romero knocked out the script in 3 weeks and, though Argento read the script as it came out, he left all the writing to Romero. Argento also provided most of the film’s soundtrack and, in return for the rights to edit the European version of the film, assisted in raising the necessary funds.
  • There is great dispute over the film’s alternate ending, where Peter shoots himself in the head and Fran commits suicide by sticking her head up into the blades of the copter. Some, such as makeup artists Tom Savini and Taso N. Stavrakis, maintain that the scene was filmed, while director George A. Romero used to be adamant that it wasn’t. However, in the documentary Document of the Dead (1985) which was shot during the making of this film (and is included on some DVD copies), Romero clearly states to Frumkes, as they walk around the mall set, that they did indeed film the alternative ending, although he never filmed the effects shot. Gaylen Ross had a head mold made for the effects scene, and Savini did not want to see it go to waste, so he dressed the head up as a bearded African-American man, and that is the head that is blown off by a shotgun blast at the beginning of the film. To create the exploding head effect, Savini cleared the set and had the head shot at with an actual shotgun. Romero decided that this conclusion would be too depressing (after the horrors that have occurred) and, partially at the suggestion of his future wife, Christine Forrest, gave Peter and Fran a little bit of hope.
You (National Poetry Month Day 30)

Here’s the bad news:
You do not matter to the world.
Every person is the epitome
of cosmic insignificance,
simply meandering through life
on a planet suspended in space.
This idea of meaning is nothing but a construct 
ingrained in our brains
to give an answer to the nagging question:
Why anything?
Why not suicide?
Why stick around?

But here is the good news:
You do not matter to the world,
but your world matters to you.
If life has no meaning,
has no purpose
then you get to take it for what it is.
Life will offer you all it has
and there is no predetermined price tag on it all;
there is no website deeming it all important;
that is within you.
Your grades will not keep the world spinning,
but if they keep you sane,
then fucking work for it.
Performing poetry, jazz, tango will not keep us breathing
but if it is the one cause for your smile,
then fucking do it.

And the best news:
The world doesn’t care if you are happy,
but it doesn’t mean you won’t be.
The world is not out to get you,
and while your mind may be halting all happiness,
you have been happy before
and I am damn well sure
you will be happy again.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Your blog is AMAZING!! There has been some great debate on BBC Sherlock and whether it's a feminist show. I don't have a definitive opinion on that. But do I love what the writers do in HLV. The explicitly say that, "No one ever sticks up to CAM." And finally, he messes with two women who respond differently. I love that both Mary and Lady Smallwood are like, "F*** that shit. I'm smoking this POS." Girl power, no?

Hey Nonny!

Thanks for your kind words about my blog!

I personally don’t want to get into that debate myself, as I am very uneducated on the subject, so I’m not going to talk about Sherlock in relation to feminism. It’s not my place at all, but I welcome other people’s opinion on the matter.

However, I don’t think Mary is “girl power”. I love her as a villain, I really honestly do; it’s so nice to see a badass woman as a villain as opposed to a starchy boring mommy housewife that some seem to WANT to make her. BUT. She is NOT NICE. “Girl power”, to me, is about POSITIVE role models for girls and women to look up to. Sorry, but in my heart, a murderous assassin who kills for money with no regard to the effect their actions and who lied about their entire existence to everyone close to them is NOT a good role model. MARY is not a good role model.

In comparison, we have Lady Smallwood.

Lady Smallwood, in comparison, is a positive role model. She works in a position of power, possibly in MI6. She’s debt free and able to take care of herself (this is what solvent means: “having assets in excess of liabilities; able to pay one’s debts”). Presumedly, she worked her way up that high up the chain (though I think her husband was high up as well, but Mags’ file seems to show that she’s possibly got there on her own); she appears at the end of the episode to be even higher than Mycroft, as he needs her permission alone to send his brother away. She stands up for herself in Magnussen’s presence, does as much as she can legally before she asks Sherlock for help. Even after her husband’s suicide she still sticks it out.

Now I’m not saying that she’s perfect either – no one is – but in comparison to Mary, she’s a goddamned saint. She tried to deal with Magnussen through legal channels and went to Sherlock for help when Magnussen threatened her; Mary decided murder was a better option and killed the main character when he offered his help.

They are meant to be mirrors of each other – same perfume, both blonde, both threatened by Magnussen, both having Sherlock as a resource for help, even having us think it was Lady Smallwood in the getup right up until the big reveal – but it’s also used to show just exactly what Mary isn’t: a good person.

Again, Mary’s a great character, but if I ever had a daughter, I’d want her to NOT be a psychopathic killer.

Writing Books Containing Traumatized Characters (Potentially Triggering Post)

There will be a temporary break from my revisions series. So much is going on with me right now that I can’t even properly connect with anyone. So I want to write a post on handling triggering material when writing a trauma that occurs to your character.

When Stars Die contains an attempted rape and completed rape scenes. It didn’t bother me writing those scenes then, because they have a purpose. Their purpose was to show the power of women in the face of danger.

PTSD occurred immediately after my assault, but I was also going through a bipolar mixed episode, which is traumatizing in itself. This mixed episode had me so suicidal that I had a plan, and it wasn’t a matter of ‘if’ but 'when.’ So I had to be hospitalized for a 24-hour suicide watch. While I was on suicide watch, I wanted the feelings to stop. I was terrified that they’d never go away. My anxiety was the worst it had ever been. The assault kept circling round and round in my mind. The mixed episode made those suicidal feelings stick. It was horrible. Yet, I have written such material in the past that has now become very triggering for me. 

Unfortunately for me, the novel I wanted so desperately to get back to after copy editing had been finished for The Stars Are Infinite, has now become triggering. It contains sexual harassment, suicide, and an attempted sexual assault, all with a purpose. My content editor tells me to just avoid those scenes for now while I’m revising, and I’ll probably have to.

I say all of this for writers who want to write about the darkness in life. That is the type of writer I am. I write dark things, but I know how to handle these topics sensitively because of my own experiences in my personal life.

Even so, if you don’t have experience with trauma, how do you sensitively write scenes/characters who have undergone various trauma?

  • Any triggering material you write must have a purpose. Don’t give a character a horrible past, just to draw sympathy from readers. These things need to convey some sort of important message, instead of being used as a cheap plot device. For example, the things I have in The Glorious In-Between have a purpose because asexuals face sexual harassment from people thinking that they can change them. Asexuals also face corrective rape. As for suicide, well, that’d be a spoiler to mention, but whenever it gets published, you as the readers can analyze why I’ve included suicide. I do tend to include a lot of dark material within everything I write.
  • You need to consider your audience. Who are you writing for? If you’re writing for teens, why do you think it’s important that they read this potentially triggering material? What do you want your audience to take away from reading such traumatic scenes that happen to your characters?
  • You need to write these scenes realistically. It isn’t just survivors of trauma that are triggered by this material. Even people who have never been traumatized become tense when reading scenes of horrible things that constantly happen to people in our world. Research what you want to write about–what emotions these characters may feel, how they react, what happens after. Read stories of people who have suffered through trauma. I hesitate to say interview survivors of trauma; however, I think it is most important to find stories of trauma sufferers. If these characters are suffering a mental illness as a result of the trauma, you really need to research that mental illness. Read stories. Read books within the market you’re writing for the topics you want to include in your stories.
  • Don’t make your character their trauma. If you want to write a book with heavy scenes, your character cannot exist solely around their trauma. They still have to be complex, have interests, a personality, and everything that makes a human being a human being. Just because I have a few mental illnesses doesn’t mean I can’t be a human being as well. Though they affect how I live from day-to-day, they don’t mean I can’t function as a person.
  • Be sensitive about writing triggering material, especially toward your character. Yes, you are putting your characters through something awful, but your protagonist has to be a fighter, whether they are a fighter for someone else going through trauma, or are a fighter for themselves. In Faultline, the protagonist is a fighter to his reckless girlfriend who has undergone severe trauma (and even after that trauma various other ones happen to her).
  • Try not to fall into the cliche of making other characters be the heroes to your traumatized character. In reality, NO ONE can really save a person. That person has to save themselves. Friends and family and even strangers can help to alleviate the trauma, but they really can’t save you. They can prevent you from doing awful things to yourself, but they can’t take away the trauma. That is something your characters will have to work out for themselves, even if the ending is bittersweet.
  • If your character is seeing a psychiatrist and/or therapist, you need to research the purpose of the job titles of these people. Psychiatrists dish out medications. Therapists help people come up with coping strategies. If your character is on meds and you want to be specific, research those medications. You also need to research the types of therapies that therapists can use to help their clients.

That is all that I can think of for now, but if anyone wants to add something, simply re-blog and use the tags I’ve added to the post.


COMING OUT (Ch. 6) “Sticking Around”