suicide attempt

Dear every person who says that a mental illness is not
 a valid enough reason for not being able to attend school normally:

Say that to the psychotherapist, the school nurse, the paramedics,and my bestfriend who had to scream for help inside empty school corridors on the day of my overdose.
Say that to the kids who saw me sleep through first and second period,
say that to my ICT teacher who had to talk me out of suicide on a school night,
say that to my Drama teacher who saw me break down during a suicide prevention assembly,
say that to my English teacher who cries while reading my suicidal creative writing stories,
say that to any friend who has had to calm me down after an anxiety attack,
say that to every friend and follower that has
come to me with thoughts of suicide,
say that to the kids who have failing grades because they can’t focus, the ones who can’t make it through a school night without choking on their own tears, the kids who sleep right when they get home and straight on until morning, the ones who have more breakdowns a day than meals a day, the ones who have spent more time staring at hospital walls than school hallways.Tell that to the teenagers in psychiatric wards and treatment centres. Tell that to the family of someone who has just committed suicide.
Tell them that school is more important than their sanity, I dare you.