suicide and self harm and eating disorder tw

little borderline things (tw)

- getting instantly suicidal when your best friend doesn’t text back
- overdosing when your best friend says they can’t handle your mental health
- looking at yourself in the mirror and dissociating and self harming/disordered eating/purging over the slightest imperfection
- lapses of psychosis and terrifying your parents
- not attending normal school because of panic attacks and social anxiety/getting overwhelmed easily
- being an easy target for bullies because overly empathetic and vulnerable
- romantic relationships usually causing fits of anger or distrust, instability, splitting on your significant other over the tiniest thing
- having a huge victim complex so instantly thinking the tiniest act of ignorance means everyone is out to get you and then becoming suicidal
- doubting your mental illness and then having a huge identity crisis when someone isn’t validating you constantly
- feeling like someone doesn’t love you if they don’t say it literally all the time
- constantly getting fits of violent rage, unbearable self hatred, narcissism, depression, manic happiness, confusion
- sexual trauma flashbacks and fear and suspicion of people despite being overly trusting of them and feeling the need to tell them your whole life story in order to be validated
- feeling the desire to be physically and sexually validated despite your sexual trauma making it difficult for you to actually have sex

The best things happen in a hospital - Phan

Prompt (tw): Dan tries to commit suicide but he doesn’t die and then Phil meets Dan at the hospital and Phil starts talking to Dan until he starts to be hopeful again that life gets better.

Or: Dan (a depressed teenager) jumps off a bridge but instead of dying he is brought to a hospital where he meets Phil Lester, a quirky guy who brings the light back to Dan’s life.

A/N: I know this took a while, I’m sorry… I had this chapter finished but I didn’t like it at all so I deleted it and began to write it again. Then I closed the document without saving the progress…. I started again and finally finished it :)

chapter 3

words: 1372

warnings: tw, self-harm, abuse, cancer (later in the story), suicide attempt, depressed, mentions of eating disorder

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Chapter 2

Chapter 3

I felt a hand which held my own and caressed it with a thumb.

That’s what woke me up the next morning. I left my eyes closed even though I jumped a bit because I didn’t expect a hand in my own. After some minutes of me lying there I got too curious of who was there by my side and I opened my eyes although I’d rather get some more sleep, because the night was short as it was.

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I’ve noticed that, as expected, there are quite a few sensitive topics and slurs being thrown around in character. I’m also noticing that none of it is being tagged properly, so I’d like to take a moment to specifically address tagging triggers. It’s best to function on the default setting that says that if anything might be a trigger, it should be tagged, but the following is a list of things that absolutely must be tagged at all times. The general format for that is (trigger) tw, so the tags should look like eating disorder tw - ableism tw - clowns tw - etc. These are being added to the main as you read this post, for future reference to all. 

  • ableism
  • abortion
  • cancer
  • clowns
  • eating disorders/body image issues
  • gore
  • homophobia
  • racism
  • rape
  • self-harm/suicide/suicidal thoughts
  • snakes
  • spiders
  • transphobia

As a side note, I’d like all of you to read this article on microaggressions, and remember that if at any time you are using a microaggression, there is a trigger you should be tagging.