Little WIP of 3D Timmy that I was streaming today.

I wanted to recreate jambandit ‘s super adorable drawing of Timothy (shown here below) in 3D~ ❤ And I think its coming along quite nicely!


Idk. Its a poster sketch idea that I had while playing ep5.
Its starting to look like shit the more I work on it though… idkk. Too much blank space? Heck I dont even care atm. might not even finish it. like most of my art. Taking a break of it. I’d thought you’d guys would like to see it non the less seeing I was away for so long an did not upload any art lately. soooo.
School’s been busy. jep.


I started selling these designs on my RedBubble! One against the Dwarves and one against the Elves

The idea started for a cosplay with Consulting-Ood and me as Fili and Kili  that made some posters that elves sucked. These we pasted everywhere around the con. I thought it was funny to have it on a tshirt and then this happened! Hope you guys like it <3

All the funds that I get thanks to this will be going to my trip to Hobbitcon in Bonn. And if I see someone with one of these shirts at Hobbitcon I WILL bear hug you. I swear! <3

Ps. I mayyyyyy design another one of these with a certain dragon on it~