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Adrien : Mom is gone, dad doesn’t care about me, I’m a sad and angsty teen I HATE CRHISTMAs oh marinette’s gift

Marinette : Adrien is gone, Chat Noir was here, what the hell is happening, I HAVE A SECRET CRUSH ON ADRIEN AGRESTE

Père Noël : JE SUIS LE PIRE NOËËËËL oh a gift for me


so i saw something i can’t remember where saying to redraw this screencap with your otp and well…

i don’t have a clue what’s actually been said in this but it seems pretty in-character whatever it is

Kaneki Ken in Cochlea be like:


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First of all: have a nice spring break and get some good rest :) Next: how would the captains ask their s/o to marry them? Please? :)

tbh my spring break felt like 3 seconds also Kensei here!

Shunsui Kyoraku: It was actually really random, they were cuddling, and talking when Shunsui got up to use the bathroom, when he came back he had a little box in his hand, his lover didn’t even let him say his speech he wrote out.

Sui-Feng: Sui Feng doesn’t go all out, but she makes her vice captain make the ring for them, she has him make it with all their favorite colors.

Rojuro Otoribashi: Of course Rose has to propose with some kind of music, he would probably write them a song and when they are on a date he will play it for them on his guitar, and when he is done he will pull out the ring and just smile at their cute reaction.

Retsu Unohana: I feel like Unohana is another person who doesn’t care about the title of marriage, her lover actually proposed to her, and even if she doesn’t care for it she is going to say yes.

Shinji Hirako: Shinji is so creative with his, he only wants to get married once so he goes all out for this. He made their bedroom full of pictures of all the times they shared, and in the middle of all the pictures it says “let’s make more memories together” and then he gets on his knees and proposes.

Byakuya Kuchiki: It was during spring when the cherry blossom were in full bloom, him and his lover were walking enjoying each other company when Byakuya stopped them and took their hand, sliding a little ring on their finger, he didn’t even have to ask because he already knew the answer.

Sajin Komamura: Sajin has to think long and hard about this because he is going to be with this person forever, and he wants the proposal to be special. Sajin decides to propose over dinner.

Toshiro Hitsugaya: Rangiku was the one to suggest that he get his lover a cake that says will you marry me, but when it came time for Toshiro to hold the cake out so they could see it, he drops it because of how nervous he was, lucky he had the ring in his pocket….

Kenpachi Zaraki: Kenpachi would probably propse right after he was in a huge fight, and in the heat of the moment he would pick up his lover and, and say “lets get married right now!”

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: Before i have stated that Mayuri doesn’t want to get married, but if his lover is annoying him so much about it he will get married! He doesn’t plan anything, he gets a ring stick it on their finger and says “Happy now” and walk off.

Jushiro Ukitake: Jushiro does it during their anniversary, it takes a lot for him not to cry, but he gets on his knee and pops the question.

sono scesa dal treno e stavo attraversando il sottopassaggio, quando ad un tratto guardo sulla mia destra e leggo:“ Saremo un respiro dopo infiniti attimi di apnea” e ho pensato “ ma cazzo io l'ho già visto questo posto e ho già letto questa frase! Su tumblr.“ Ho provato una sensazione strana, non so perché.

stazione di Castiglione del lago.

25 Days of Outlander - December 6th - Favorite Jamie Outfit

There were obviously beautiful outfits for Jamie in France, but seeing him back in his Highland form in the second half was the best part of season two. He was more himself than he had been in a long time.

Honorable mention!

From 2x05, Untimely Resurrection…Those boots, the kilt, and that stag embroidery on his coat… Je Suis Prest indeed. Oh, My.

Tu sais je te connais pas mais quand je te vois je vois une fille qui mérite le bonheur et qui doit sourire, non mais tu va me prendre un peu pour un con mais je te comprends, la vie est pas simple mais tu mérites tellement de vivre des belles choses! Crois moi, t'es belle quand tu souries, tu rayonne et ça rend les gens autour de toi joyeux, tu me fais du baume au coeur quand tu souries!
T'es pas toute seule, le bonheur est à la porté de chacun tu sais. Moi aussi j'ai vécu des années très dures ou j'avais tout abandonné mais quand je me suis rendu compte qu'il me restait qu'une 60aine d'années à vivre je me suis dis qu'il fallait que j'en profite à fond car on a qu'une seule vie!
Oh je suis tellement désolé pour toi, promets moi que tu sera heureuse, d'accord? Tu le mérites tellement, tu as un trop joli sourire et ça te vas si bien! Toi aussi tu mérites le bonheur, je t'assure!
—  Merci Léon, tu m'a tellement fait du bien quand tu m'a dit tout ça

Ishida-sensei said he ran 10km today during his break, and that his knees felt like they were exploding at around Sakurazaka.

Please don’t bust your knees running, sensei. 

J'écoute uniquement les chansons. Parce qu'elles disent la vérité. Plus elles sont bêtes, plus elles sont vraies. D'ailleurs, elles sont pas bêtes. Qu'est-ce qu'elles disent? Elles disent : “Ne me quitte pas”, “ton absence a brisé ma vie”, “oh! je suis une maison vide sans toi”, “laisse-moi devenir l'ombre de ton ombre” ou bien “sans amour, on n'est rien du tout”.

La femme d’à côté, François Truffaut

How Tokyo Ghoul started:
  • Friend/Demon: I bet you can´t make a story so compelling yet so tragic that your readers can´t but want to stop at the same time.
  • Sui Ishida aka Satan: Oh yeah? Let´s see about that!
  • Friend: (two years later) Sorry, man. I didn´t know that you were so mentally unstable.
  • Sui Ishida aka Sadist: Trust me, I can´t write some of these chapters without wanting to lie in a fetal position myself.
Et youpi, paie ton relou dans le métro…
Journée chaude à Paris, je m'habille avec une robe sans manches, longueur genou. Rien de bien dramatique donc. Et v'la t'y pas que monsieur Relou t'apostrophe dans le métro bondé pour me dire que je suis bonne. Oh joie, oh allégresse. je lui réponds que je m'en cogne de son jugement que je n'ai pas demandé. Réponse de l'intéressé “ouais c'est bon on voit tes bras, ta poitrine et tes jambes et tu joues les prudes!”… “on voit bien ta gueule et personne ne dit rien” … Bim dans les dents, silence dans la rame.

Quand une fille de ma classe qui m’avait ajoutée puis supprimée de ses amis Facebook m’ajoute à nouveau.