exo as plane passengers


• nervous flyer (doesn’t show it though)

• asks questions during the safety demonstration (do the masks actually work, is there actually a life jacket, is the closest exit to me this one etc…)

• reads the safety demonstration document provided straight after the actual demonstration

• squeals quietly every time there is turbulence (checks that no one heard him)

• the guy sitting next to him bopping in their seat isn’t helping

• distracts himself by reading, movies and music (doesn’t work)

• turns to alcohol instead, orders $10 alcoholic beverages (+ refills due to his high tolerance)

• knocked out for the remainder of the flight


• has multiple music playlists ready for the flight

• very polite, helps the elderly passengers find their seats and put away their carry on luggage (they all adore him)

• gets excited when listening to his music, starts moving and dancing in his seat

• some guy put his seat too far back to the point that it’s nearly on his lap, he proceeds to draw on their face since the person is asleep

• doesn’t mind the in service meal

• laughs to himself quietly every time the guy next to him squeals


• business person attire

• reads the newspaper and novels he brought onto the flight

• when the lights are out for the passengers to sleep, he turns his light on to keep reading

• orders expensive alcohol

• Buys things off the in sky shopping

• Tries striking up conversation with the guy next to him, tries asking about their travel plans, any activities planned and somehow ends up telling dad jokes

• Gives up and sleeps (curls up in his seat with a blanket)


• casual attire

• helps other passengers put their carry on luggage away

• the flight attendants love him (gives him an extra packet of peanuts)

• someone sat in his assigned window seat but he hates confrontation so he just sits in the aisle seat (gets annoyed throughout the flight because the person keeps shuffling past to use the toilet)

• actually pays attention to the safety demonstration before take off

• does work on his laptop most of the flight

• falls asleep easily 


• people asks him for assistance to pack away their carry on luggage since he is tall

• finishes the packet of peanuts in a flash, asks for another insisting he never received one

• asks for many refills of water, coke and juice (despite having a small bladder)

• gets up often to use the toilet (yixing groans)

• gets scared every time he flushes the toilet

• always has headphones on

• the person next to him can hear his music/movie since the volume is that loud

• binge watches all the in flight movies

• randomly laughs during a funny scene thus disturbing people who are trying to sleep

• bothers the person in front by stretching his long legs under their seat (honestly there’s not enough space to rest his legs)

• pukes at the end of the flight (there’s always one)


• brings his own pillows to help him find a comfy position to sleep

• not that it matters, he’ll fall asleep on the passenger next to him

• probably that one guy that puts his seat back a bit too far to sleep

• he just wants to sleep but is constantly woken up by the pilot announcements

• he just wants to sleep but he is constantly woken up by flight attendant announcements

• he just wants to sleep but there’s a kid opening and closing the window letting the sun hurt his eyes

• he just wants to sleep but there’s a kid kicking his seat

• if he’s awake, he watches a live cam of his babies (doggies) who are currently in the care of his family

• always picks the chicken meal over any other in service meal

• loses his passport and ticket somewhere


• wears hoodie and lazy pants, no regrets

• is already annoyed

• can’t reach the cabinet to store his carry on bags (anger rises, asks chanyeol for help)

• his ears are constantly popping (anger rises)

• there’s a baby crying throughout the whole flight (he groans)

• disgusted with the in flight meal (anger rises)

• someone keeps stretching their legs under his chair and pushing his feet (anger rises)

• he has already watched all the in flight movies and shows before

• the guy next to him fell asleep on his shoulder (anger rises, but it disappears once he sees who it is)

• falls asleep and sleeps peacefully until landing


• can’t sit still

• his seat is behind the flight attendant when they’re doing the safety demonstration, so he’ll just imitate the attendant which makes some people giggle

• he was probably the kid that kicked kai’s chair

• and kept opening and closing the window

• plays every game available on the the plane’s system

• asks the flight attendant for a kids pack to do (eg. colour in, do puzzles etc)

• “do you have wifi?”

• uses up his phone battery playing games 

• finally falls asleep but the plane is already getting ready to land


• fashion is on point

• regrets wearing tight jeans, wishes he wore his lazy pants

• on his phone a lot

• taking many aesthetic shots of the sky during the flight

•  selfies, lots of selfies

• “excuse me do you have wifi on this flight”?

• refuses to eat the in service meal, just eats the free peanuts and ice cream

• tries to make a baby stop crying by making funny faces, baby cries harder

• nods and goes “mm hmm” to the guy next to him who is trying to converse with him

/Sherlock Analysis Time/

• Red circles indicate hair popping out from places that they shouldn’t be since, everyone simply assumed there are only 4 people in the picture.

To me, it clearly looks like 6.

• Purple circle indicates shoes popping out.

• Blue lines indicate possible body orientations.

Now unless that’s Chanyeol at the back who decided to bring his Toben to hang out with him as EXO busies themselves with billiards and has decided to lay among the balls and caress his Toben casually with one hand as he places his other hand at the back of his head, the scene at the back is quite uncanny.

Since, Chanyeol is taller than the blue line of possible body orientation suggests, it’s highly unlikely that it’s Chanyeol at the back.

Here’s my guess. Most of EXO seems to have gone there. Even if 4 are clearly visible. *clears throat* Now, however unlikely it might be, if Jongin somehow decided to tag along…………*pause* and Kyungsoo too………….*long pause*…………….The scene at the back seems to be making some sense, doesn’t it? ;)



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JEONGCHEOL (Jeonghan face in this one ^)

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 AND ITS ONLY A FEW OF THEM ??????????????



seho☆model!au: sure they had a height difference, but it worked for them when they did shoots. many people thought they had great chemistry on-camera… little do they know, they had great chemistry off-camera too