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Telecasters by Daniel Go
Via Flickr:
Fender Japan Exclusive 1952 Telecaster Reissue and a Suhr Classic T Antique


More guitar shopping this week at Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill, near Toronto Canada.  Here are several Custom Shop Stratocasters (and 1 Suhr…betcha can’t guess which one is the Suhr! ;)

Of note:

  • In the fist shot the guitar on the right is in a colour called “Candy Tangerine”.  Sounds delish!  :D
  • I love the “fiesta over sunburst” on the Relic in the last photo.  Apparently these actually happened when customers sent their Strats back for a factory refinish.  The new colour would be sprayed over the original, and then as the finish wore off, both finishes would be revealed!
  • The guitar in the penultimate and…er…pen-penultimate (??) shots are interesting in that the figured maple pick guard is NOT screwed on, but INLAID!  Ntice how it is flush with the guitar’s top?  So different.

Guitars I Want - as requested! 

This is only a selection from an extensively long list!

From top to bottom;
- Fender Custom Road Worn (preferably in Olympic white)
- Hufschmid Custom Made Guitar
- Schecter Blackjack SLS Series 
- Music Man Armada 
- Gretsch Silver Falcon 
- Ovation Elite 
- Gibson Explorer (preferably in wine red, I really loved the vintage 1970s wine red explorer I saw at Vintage and Rare Guitars in Bath) 
- Suhr Modern 
- Zemaitis Metal Flower Front 
- PRS Private Stock 

If you want to see a part 2 of this post, just let me know. 


Thursday Night Guitar Shopping at the amazing Cosmo Music megastore just north of Toronto, Canada:

  1. Not sure…this may be one of the 60th Ann. Strats or it may be a “Select”.  Either way it is distinctive.  Check out the “binding” on the neck.  It’s actually a channel cut into the maple into which the fretboard is inserted.  Looks like binding…but it ain’t binding!
  2. Incredibly gorgeous Custom Shop Jazz Bass.  Wow.  The price tag is “wow” too…  :\
  3. Is this a dream rack?  Or a rack of monotony?
  4. Speaking of cool basses…here’s a Custom Shop Jaco Pastorius FRETLESS JB.  I won’t even consider telling you the price lest you have a heart attack and die and I get sued by your grieving relatives for sending you to an early grave.
  5. Hahaha…the Strat bookends (sorry for the repeat, but I love them so much!)
  6. Yes Suhr!
  7. Yes Suhr!  Part 2.

Guitar shopping at Cosmo Music just north of Toronto, Canada:

  1. Custome Shop ES-355.  Note: no Varitone.  Obviously not trying to be a reissue!
  2. Suhr and Two Rock amps + Gretsch guitars
  3. Fabric-covered Ritter guitar.
  4. Another odd yet interesting Ritter instrument.
  5. The 355 again.  Not the priciest guitar in the room at $4k ($CAD) either!

More of the fun from Tuesday night guitar shopping: still at the humongous Cosmo Music near Toronto (Canada):

  1. Here’s a panorama of the second floor electric guitar room…the room is dedicated to the highest quality (and price!) Fender & Gibson Custom Shop, as well as Campbell, Suhr, and PRS.  Even some interesting Yamahas have started sneaking in…like the one Rik Emmett used to play with Triumph in the early 80s.
  2. Here is an interesting duo…matching American Standards in Olympic White…a lefty and a righty!
  3. One of the new SGJs.  Notice the bridge/tailpiece are dull (as opposed to the shiny chrome we are used to seeing on Gibson USA models.)
  4. Whoa…weird blue light on these dayglo Ibanezes.  I am now regretting that I dropped acid before getting here…  ;)
  5. See above!
  6. Yes Suhr!
  7. The two “big ticket items” that jump out here are the VOS blonde ES-175 (bottom left, ~ $5,400) and Byrdland (top right, ~ $6400!)
  8. Those ‘bursts…check out the LP Supreme in the middle.  The headstock inlay is lovely.
  9. Left: that’s cool!  Right: HOLY F*CK that’s cool!

And just for giggles, here’s a song from Rik Emmett as part of the 70s hard rock band Triumph…

I don’t know if the guitar he’s playing here is a Yamaha…this may have been before he was sponsored by them (which happened in the early 80s I think).  But this is the kind of Music Wayne Campbell - or Mike Meyers in reality - would have gone to the Gasworks (an actual rock bar in downtown Torontoat the time) to see!  But while Triumph is no “Crucial Taunt” or Sh*tty Beetles", they are pretty good…  :D