Exo Scenario - Who Is She? ~ Byun Baekhyun

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Recently, Baekhyun has been hanging around with another girl, who you’ve never met or seen around before, and you know all the girls that come to SM and/or out of SM though this time, you didn’t have a clue who she was but Baekhyun has been with her alot. You had to agree, she was very pretty, suitable to fit into the most beautiful idol ideal list, though the way you’ve seen her act, you keep thinking if she was way much better for Baekhyun than you. That thought bugged you millions and when Baekhyun’s not home with you, your mind would go wild with these horrible thoughts that he may break up with you, causing you to have sleepless nights where you’d sit there and ball your eyes out, it was just too scary.

A few days have passed and you were finally able to be with Baekhyun, to spend time with him before he gets busy again with work… Or in another case, hanging out with that girl. Baekhyun flicked over to a different channel where a new drama had just started as you were cuddled up to him, his arms around you and your legs over his lap. 

Though you tried to keep your mind off it, you couldn’t help but get conscious about this Baekhyun and that girl situation so you just had to ask about her and tried not to tear up, “Baekhyun?” You called his name as he hummed in response and looked down at you, and gave a little smile, “I was just wondering, I haven’t met your new friend yet, she looks like a nice person though.” You smiled, but behind that smile, you were trying to hold yourself together. He laughed a little before answering you, “She’s just a working friend of mine, Ji Hee. Yeah she’s alright I guess”. You smiled as you kissed him gently, slightly confusing him but he didn’t say anything as he continued the kiss.

After a week or so of Baekhyun coming over before practice, he’d leave and wouldn’t turn up at practice and you had Junmyeon and Chanyeol messaging you about Baekhyun, and you always give the same answer and over, ‘He just left here around an hour ago. He’s not there, again?’. From this action that Baekhyun was taking, it was really worrying you now, even the members are getting annoyed from this. You wanted to stay out of their buisness of who they work with but you needed to ask Chanyeol and Jongdae about Ji Hee. You arrived at their dorm door as Sehun let you in, after you asked to see the two beagles. 

They brought you through to the kitchen where it was empty and the other members were in the living room. “What’s up Y/N?” Chanyeol asked, sitting on the edge of the table and you just kept your eyes on the ground. “Is this about Baekhyun?” Jongdae added as you nodded a little, “Yeah. Well.. I know I shouldn’t ask about your work colleges but is Ji Hee one of them?” You asked, curios to hear their answers as the two beagles looked at each other before looking at you, “Yes? Why may we ask?” They synchronized. You rethought of your next question carefully before letting it out. This slightly worried the beagles more as you got more upset as you thought and they hated it that something was doing this to you. “As Baekhyun’s closest two friends, can you tell me if there’s anything going on between Baekhyun and Ji Hee? Please?” Your eyes flooded, and a tear rolled down your face before you wiped it away. The boys shook their head, “No there isn’t, we promise, we would’ve known other wise.” They reassured you as they pulled you into a little hug as you nodded, wiping away the rest of your tears. 

- Time skip -

After the boys cheered you up, you thought it would be a good idea to let them be for the rest of the night as you got up, said your goodbyes and thank yous, and headed towards the door, Kyungsoo following to see you out, “It’s going to be okay Y/N, yeah? Just try not to think about and if he comes by later, I’ll send him over immediately. Just be safe walking home now and message one of us to let you know you’re in safe.” Kyungsoo gave you a hug to help cheer you up a little as you smiled at him, and waved as he closed the door after waving himself. 

On your way out of SM, you walked down an empty door way that seemed to have rooms on either side empty aswell but as you continued to go down the hall, the sound of a female’s voice and what sounded to be like Baekhyun’s came from one of the offices. Just for a moment you swore you heard the female voice say, “It’s okay, I’m much better than her anyway. I love you more, she doesn’t love you, Baekhyun.” and that moment you heard that, you walked into the room, hiding yourself where you could as you saw that the female was Ji Hee, who was standing next to Baekhyun. Your heart sank so deep that you felt so sick, your eyes became blurry as you sat down, and tried to make your cries silent as you listened to their conversation.

There was silence for a few seconds after she just spoke, you couldn’t believe that she said that to Baekhyun, you loved him more than anything in the world. You looked around the corner to see her going to kiss Baekhyun but you couldn’t see him trying to stop her though he was, “Ji Hee!” He shouted and you took it wrongly, you thought he was enjoying it. Now your cries where no longer muted, and you didn’t know. Your head was in your hands. 

You got up and walked out so that they knew you were there, “Y-Y/N?” Baekhyun stuttered, seeing your eyes all puffy and red, “So, my nightmare has become a reality? You’re cheating on me?” You whimpered, as you heard him sighing and a little scoff coming from Ji Hee. “I’m not cheating on-” Baekhyun’s sentence got cut off as you looked up at him, and shook your head. “Baby, please? I’ve been missing practice because I’ve been busy writing lyrics to a song for you, and I’ve been spending my days here doing it.” He explained, his voice all broken. “Then how do you explain what was going on with, her.” You snapped angrily as she rolled her eyes and scoffed once again, “At least I love him, at least I’m prettier.” She insisted as Baekhyun shook his angrily and couldn’t help but snap at her, “Don’t talk to Y/N like that! She’s much prettier than you, and if anything, she loves me more, you only love me for my fame!” He let it all out, he didn’t back.

It was at the moment when you knew that you were safe with Baekhyun, he admitted that he thought wrongly of her, he thought she was a nice person until now. He explained how she thought she could take advantage of him when you’re not around. “I’m so sorry for this baby, I am” Baekhyun apologized, holding your hands as Ji Hee stormed out of the room, “Don’t think I can’t get you fired!” Baekhyun called after her as he made it clear that he won’t be working with her anymore. “It’s okay,” You whispered as your thumb massaged his cheek, “I love you baby,” He told you as he kissed you, making it known that he meant he was sorry.



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Powerful Sensations

Baekhyun walked into his classroom and slumped down into his seat with a sigh. He forgot to eat breakfast this morning in his haste and yesterday’s dinner that his roommate, Jongdae, cooked up was a burned mess, so now he’s completely famished. He’s hoping that Chanyeol, his best friend, is willing to buy something for him after class.

However, as time ticks closer to class time and more people file into the room, Baekhyun doesn’t spot Chanyeol’s skyscraper body amongst the other students. Thinning his lips and shaking his head, Baekhyun rests his head down on the desk as his tummy grumbles. Looks like he’ll be starving for the whole day.

As class starts and Baekhyun tries to keep himself awake, he begins to think about Chanyeol and how he’s been such a recluse lately. This isn’t the first time he missed class. It might as well be his seventieth time from how much he’s been absent. And whenever Baekhyun would want to go visit him to see what’s wrong, Chanyeol just pushes him away and uses the same old excuse: “My allergies are acting up and I have a sore throat.” At other times, when they’re hanging out with their group of friends, he would even leave right when Baekhyun would arrive at the scene. Needless to say, he was hurt by the constant cold shoulder that the taller man was giving him, but right now, Baekhyun decides that enough is enough.

Once class is over, Baekhyun looks over at his watch and smirks when he see’s the hour hand strike 10 AM sharp. This is the time when Chanyeol is most probably tuning his guitar or cleaning his other instruments. Either way, he has to be in his apartment.

He gets there in ten minutes or so, since Chanyeol doesn’t live that far away from campus. He starts by knocking harshly on the door. “Yah! Yah Park Chanyeol! Get your butt out here right now, or else I swear I’m going to scream so loudly that even Busan will think your raping me!” He threatens as he pounds hardly on the wooden door.

There is no answer, so he knocks some more and after he feels like it’s no use, the shouting ensues. He truly wasn’t kidding, and soon enough, the neighbors all around him come out of their houses and peer through their windows to see what is causing that horrid shrieking.

The door in front of him suddenly opens and a hand reaches out to yank him into the room swiftly. “Are you crazy!” Chanyeol exclaims with wide eyes and a prodding head.

“You left me no choice! I probably wouldn’t have ever seen you again if I didn’t do that.” He says while folding his arms against his chest, glaring at Chanyeol through his cognac orbs. “Why are you avoiding me?” He asks the questions that he came here for.

The brunette averts his eyes away from him at the inquiry. “I’m not avoiding you.” He answers him, but with a hesitant voice that almost causes him to stutter.

“I know whenever your lying, Chanyeol. And your not very good at it.”

“Well not everything is about you, Baekhyun.” He says, sending a shiver down Baekhyun’s spine. That was the first time that Chanyeol actually said something that could count as ‘mean’ to him. Just what did he do to piss this man off? “Why do you care anyway? Just leave me the alone.”

Gritting his teeth, Baekhyun tries to keep himself calm but it’s truly inevitable, especially when his best friend is being so distant. “How can I leave you alone when your being like this? Your my best friend, Chanyeol! Do you expect me to enjoy the fact that your ignoring me and failing all of your classes?” Baekhyun says angrily as his eyes grow moist and his voice starts to waver. “Well, I’m sorry for caring for you!” He huffs and then spins on his heel to stomp out of the house, but hands tug him back just as fast, pulling him into the chest of another.

Chanyeol has him in a back hug, one of his his arms circled around his chest and another around his waist. “I-I’m sorry, please, don’t go.” Chanyeol’s lips graze against Baekhyun’s ear as he speaks, and he doesn’t move muscle as Chanyeol rests his head onto his shoulder.

Now that’s more like it.

In which Park Chanyeol is in love with his best friend, Baekhyun, and he doesn’t know how to control his feelings for him, so he almost ends up loosing him for good.

EXO Reactions : Five Love Languages

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Baekhyun – After months of being apart, you were standing inside the airport with shaky hands, you tiptoed just to try to look inside the arrival area. There were fans beside you, waiting for their arrival as well. Momentarily later, the automatic door opens followed by ear-piercing screams from EXO-Ls. Baekhyun tiptoed but the moment he sees you, he stopped and pointed his finger towards you. You made your way towards the exit and welcomed him with a tight hug. “Can I just say how good it is to be back?” he asked as he hug you back. “Can I just say how good it feels to be back in your arms?”

Chen – “This is home,” he said while you were strolling the Seoul Forest with fingers intertwined with each other. You chuckled. “Dork. We’re outside,” you told him and he shook his head. “Sometimes, home is not made up of four walls. Sometimes, it’s two people with heartbeats.” You playfully slapped his face. “You’re corny,” you mumbled. “I just love you so much.” “Not as much as I love you.” “Nope. I love you much more than you love me.” You shook your head, facing him. “Fine. We both love each other so much that nobody can beat us. How about that?” “Deal.” He muttered before pulling you closer to him. “But still, this is home.”

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Kai – You were preparing your breakfast when his arms wrapped around your waist. “Good morning Nini,” you greeted before planting a kiss on his nose. “I’m preparing your favorite,” you added. He nuzzled his face on the crook of your neck. “I miss you,” he whispered. You lowered the fire on the stove before facing him. “I miss you too,” you answered, making an eye contact with him. “Sorry if I can’t be with you always,” he looked down to your hands clasped with each other. “Nini, I can totally understand. You have nothing to worry about. What’s important is, we’re together right now.” He smiled in response before planting a kiss on your temple. “I love you ___.” “I love you too Jongin.”


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