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EXO as shit my friends say
  • Lay: *has to sit out for P.E because they don't have their gear* No offence but I'm looking at everyone's ass
  • Suho: Sometimes I feel like I'm a single mother around you guys
  • Xiumin: *sips from travel mug* this is my 9th espresso in the past 12 hours
  • Kai: Don't text me for the next week I'm powernapping over break
  • Chen: *Admiring their reflection in a mirror* Look at that jawline honey , sharp enough to kill binch
  • D.o: Don't hit me in the face with your gay
  • Sehun: *enters the bulding* Where are the hot girls or guys I don't discriminate
  • Chanyeol: *in the middle of a conversation* OMG THERES A CAT OUTSIDE
  • Baekhyun: Binch my eyeliner is winged enough to flap away from this bullshit

Suho, Lay - 161111 Nature Republic Live Broadcast - Call cut - [ENG SUB]

Credit: brightpeach522.

When Their BF Has to Lean Down to Kiss Them (EXO)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Dreamer

Dear Anon: Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to say that I really hope you enjoy this reaction. Honestly, I had a little trouble with it because I wasn’t sure if you mainly wanted it to be about Exo’s reaction to you being taller than them or Exo’s reaction to you having to lean down to kiss them (Even though you obviously wanted both, I just had trouble finding a good balance. Lol.) but I mixed them together the best I could! I hope you’re not disappointed by it and I’m so sorry that it’s taken so long for me to get to! Thanks again for requesting! :) 

SUHO: At first, I feel as though Suho may be a little insecure about you being so much taller than him. He’s used to being a leader and in charge and having a boyfriend that could almost dominate him in something in a way would be a little different and new to him. With that being said, he would get over that insecurity completely any time you leaned down to kiss him. He would love the way you made him feel so warm and protected and taken care of, because as a leader he’s always the one doing all the protecting. He would hold you incredibly close and thrive off the pleasure you made him feel, light and warm presses of your lips against his making all the worries he bottles up inside him go away completely.

CHANYEOL: Chanyeol would absolutely love the fact that you were taller than him, and along with that, would love the feeling he got whenever you would lean down to kiss him. Seeing and feeling you lean down to kiss him would make him feel extremely happy and wanted and he would waste no time before wrapping his arms around your neck to pull you closer to him, pressing his lips against yours hotly as you continued to devour each other completely.

BAEKHYUN: Baekhyun would really like the fact that you were taller than him, and honestly, I feel like he would be a little playful about it. Of course he wouldn’t really be making fun of you for being tall, but he would do a lot of teasing when it comes to you trying to lean down and kiss him or just teasing you completely in order to get back at you for all the teasing you also did to him. He would do silly little things like refuse you kisses since you often did the same to him, or even pull you against him roughly as you tried to take control of a makeout session, playfully biting his lip (Imagine the scene in Lotto because that’s how sexy he’d be looking) as he would whisper something along the lines of, “Two options: I could continue kissing you like I know you want me to, or I could be a total dick and leave you aching and wanting more like you did to me the other day. Which to choose…which to choose…”

CHEN: Chen would be a lot like Sehun in the fact that, while he would totally be okay with your height difference, he would be incredibly sassy about not being able to kiss you without you leaning down first. With that being said, when he would actually get the chance to kiss you or when you would finally lean down and stop being a tease, he would hold onto you like it was your last, usually doing things such as holding you against him by your belt or jumping on the nearest flat surface so that he could tightly wrap his legs around your waist, running his hands through your hair and relishing in the way you felt against him.

YIXING: Yixing would love the fact that you were taller than him, and, like Chanyeol, would love the way it felt for you to lean down and kiss him. He would love the warmth that spread through him any time you would tower over him and he would love the way he felt 100% protected around you. The moment you would lean down to kiss him any negative thoughts or feelings he may had previously felt would be gone as you made him feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

XIUMIN: Xiumin would love the fact that you were taller than him. Like…LOVE. He would completely relish in your height difference and would love the way the warmth from your body made him feel, especially whenever you would lean down to kiss him. Your kisses would always be so warm and sweet and passionate that your bodies would almost mold together, your arms gently on his waist as the palms of his hands pressed flat against your chest, the feeling of happiness and love filling both of your hearts.

SEHUN: Though Sehun wouldn’t hate the fact that you were taller than him, he would be COMPLETELY sassy about the whole leaning down to kiss him thing. He would really dislike the fact that it was really hard to do things such as steal kisses or take control of makeout sessions, and he wouldn’t shy away from letting that be known. With that being said, the moment you would lean down and kiss him his whole demeanor would change and he would completely melt into you, wrapping his arms around your neck tightly in order to keep you from pulling away.

KYUNGSOO: D.O. would love the fact that you were taller than him. The difference in height between you two would be incredibly cute to him, especially because he knew that even though you were taller than him, you were still completely and utterly wrapped around his finger. Along with that, when it comes to kissing, he wouldn’t even wait for you to be the one to kiss him. No. Instead, he would come right up behind you, gently tap you on the shoulder, wait for you to turn around, grab your collar, and pull you into one of the best kisses you’d ever had in your entire life.

JONGIN: Though Kai would really like your height difference, I feel like he’d also be incredibly shy about it. Whenever you would lean down to kiss him a very apparent blush would make its way onto his cheeks and you would often have to gently grip his chin to keep him from facing the ground. He would love the way you made him feel whenever you would firmly grip his face and kiss him, pushing your way past all his shyness and making him feel like the most loved guy in the entire world.


KRIS: Honestly, I feel like Kris would be a little insecure about you being taller than him, or at least at first. It would, though absolutely ridiculous, make him feel less manly in a way. With that being said, the moment you would lean down and kiss him, all his thoughts and insecurities would be gone and all he would be able to focus on is the way you made him feel as you pressed your lips against his.

TAO: Tao would be a little annoyed by you being taller than him at times, but that’s only because he would hate the fact that you would often playfully refuse to kiss him just to get under his skin. But, with that being said, the moment you would finally give in and lean down to kiss him, he would latch onto your sleeves or collar and hold you to him like there was no tomorrow, playfully biting on your lower lip as he would whisper arrogant things such as “See, isn’t that much better?” or “That’s right. You better come down here.”

LUHAN: Luhan would find you being taller than him and leaning down to kiss absolutely adorable. He would be so bubbly and sweet about your relationship in general, so even the smallest things such as you playfully trapping him against a wall and making him almost beg for a kiss, or gently holding his face between your hands on you slowly leaned down, would make him the happiest man in the world.