suho pre debut


Got7 Reactions

You Giving Them A Back Hug

Kissing Styles

Seeing You Naked Ft. BTS

You Dancing to “Baby Boy” by Beyonce For Them Ft. BTS

Your First Kiss

You Being into BDSM

Having a Super Tall Girlfriend Ft. BTS

You Walking in on Them Naked

Having A Girlfriend with Curly/Wavy Hair

Telling Them You’re Pregnant

Being Abducted By  Aliens

Comforting You When You’re Insecure

Got7 As/Scenarios

During a Zombie Apocalypse

People In Your Neighborhood

At the School Dance

At Your Birthday Party



People at the Club

Types of Students


Frat Boys

Grey’s Anatomy

Tumblr Bloggers

Grocery Store Cashiers

Zoo Animals

Got7 Skits

JYP+Got7 Try and Help BamBam Find His Chill

Juni- I mean Jinyoung Vs JYP

Got7 Memes/Crack Etc.

Jackson Annoyed

Jaebum Oppa 1

Jaebum Oppa 2

Jaebum Oppa 3

Jaebum Oppa 4

BamBam at His Funeral

BamBam Stole the Dab

Got7′s English Introductions

Jackson & Jooheon (Monsta X) Dabbing

Jackson Making Friends

Celebrity Bromance Review

Mark and Leo (Vixx) on Celebrity Bromance

BamBam Illuminati

A Guide to Dabbing by BamBam of Got7

A BamBam Love Triangle

Jackson’s Sucky Haircut

Can Someone Tell Me Why….

Jaebum Working

BTS Reactions

You Wanting To Break Up

You Wanting to Be More Than Friends

Teasing You For Being Short

You Being Scared During a Thunderstorm

Seeing You Naked ft. Got7

You Dancing to “Baby Boy” by Beyonce For Them Ft. Got7

You Falling Asleep on Their Shoulder Ft. Seventeen

You Walking in on Them Naked

Having a Super Tall Girlfriend Ft. Got7

Finding Their Girlfriend Asleep with Dried Tear Marks 

Freaky Frisky Friday Body Switch Ft Seventeen’s Rap Line

BTS As/Scenarios

People in Your Family

Middle Schoolers

High School Students

In High School Cliques




Weird British Stereotypes

At The Gym


BTS Skits

A Bangtan Boys Huddle #SEVENTEENisMovingIn

DJ Agust D’s Love Line Requests

BTS Memes/Cracks Etc.

Suga is a Dad

Rap Monster Annoyed

Taehyung’s Drama

Park Jimin

Woozi is Suga

Disrespectful Jungkook

Suga Is Disgusted

BTS Chicken Movie

Suga’s Parental Disregard

Jin’s Upgrade

Jin is Suho

Fire MV Teaser


Jin’s Food

BigHit is Making Money

Hoesok Needs a Snickers

EXO Reactions

How They’d Make Out with You

100 Day Anniversary with You

You Being Pregnant

On Your Honeymoon

You Being Their First Girlfriend

Being Told Their Crush Likes Them 

Getting Mad at Their Child Then Making Up

You Trying On Their Clothes

You Going into Labor

Losing You In A Crowd

Proposing to You

EXO As/Scenarios

Disney Movies

In High school

People in Starbucks

McDonald’s Employees

In Detention

In Kindergarten

Senior Citizens

Tumblr Bloggers

Exo Emergency (Skits)




#Sehun’s 11 Minutes

#Roommate with Seventeen 1

#Roommates with Seventeen 2

#Roommates with Seventeen 3

#Baekhyun’s Time to Shine

#Suho Will No Longer Be Ignored 

Behind The Scenes of EXO’s Lotto MV

#Just Hit The Lotto

The China Line Chronicles

#EqualityForAll Ft. The8 & Jun

# Here Comes NCT Ft. The8 & Jun

Exo Memes/Cracks Etc.

Suho Wants Love

Sehun Pre Debut

D.O. & Kai

D.O. Annoyed

Suho & Kris

Sehun Learning English with NCT’s Mark 1

Sehun Learning English with NCT’s Mark 2

Suho Can’t Win

Lay Slept on Himself

When Your Parents Hit You In Public

D.O. is Not Amused

Monster Lyrics

A Guide to Exo

How EXO Responded to Danger in Lotto

Sehun Takes His Place

Sehun is Newsworthy

Someone Call The Doctor

Stress Reliever

Chen’s Eye

Monsta X Reactions

You Saying “I Love You” First

You Wanting to Do It with Them But You Being Scared it May Hurt

You Getting a Little Frisky in the Car

You Being Into BDSM

Very 4D Girlfriend

Walking In on You Naked

You Making the First Move

A Freaky Friday Body Switch with Members

You Liking Another Member

Having a Crush on Their Best Friend’s Sister

Random Cuddles with You

Their Girlfriend Being Attacked by Fans

A Little Kid Wanting Breastfeeding

Finding Out Their Girlfriend is about to Die

Monsta X As/Scenarios


People at the Club




Deserted Island

Monsta X Skits

Wonho’s Nipple Debacle

Behind The Scenes of Monsta’s X’s MV

Monsta X Memes/Cracks Etc.

Jooheon Flips Off

Monsta X’s English Introductions

Hyungwon Can’t Win

Monsta X’s All In MV Rant

Casting Monsta X’s All In MV

Someone Tell Me Why..

Styling Wonho in the “All In” Dance Practice

Sleepless Nights

Finding Wonho

Wonho Has No Time For You

Seventeen Reactions

95 Line Seeing You Naked

When They Meet Their Daughter’s Boyfriend For the First Time

Dating Advice to Their Sons

You Falling Asleep on Their Shoulder Ft. BTS

Kissing Styles #HipHopUnit

Kissing Styles #VocalUnit

Kissing Styles #PerformanceUnit

To Finding Out Their GF’s Brother is in EXO

Their Girlfriend Being Scared of Thunderstorms #PerformanceUnit

You Telling Them You’re Allergic to Pickup Lines

You Falling in Their Lap on a Train Ride

Meeting A Fan With Rainbow Colored Hair

Seventeen As/Scenarios

Kids In Kindergarten

On a Deserted Island

In the School Play

At the Movies

People in Walmart

People at the Beach


People Camping

In School Cliques

in a Zombie Apocalypse

Ice Cream

On a Cruise

When the World Ends

The Best Man in a Wedding

At an Amusement Park

As Animals in the Zoo

Seventeen Skits

Jeonghan and Ren Vs. Pledis #End The Hair Wars

Seventeen Memes/Cracks Etc.

Hoshi & Woozi

S.Coups & Jeonghan

Mingyu & S.Coups

Joshua’s Water Bottle Secret

Jeonghan’s Hair Cut

Jeonghan’s Photoshoot

S.Coups Writing Chuck

Seventeen’s English Introductions #VocalUnit

Seventeen’s English Introductions #PerformanceUnit

7 Minutes in Heaven with Joshua from Seventeen

Pledis Weaves

NCT 127 Memes/Crack Etc.

Looking For WinWin’s Lines

WinWin & Sehun’s Advice

English Introductions

NCT’s New Sub Unit

NCT’s Fashion


Jeonghan Creepin’

Exo CEO Lee Soo Man

Love Triangle #JicheolEdition

Love Triangle #JicheolEdition 2 (finishing this soon!)

The Confession A Jackson & Jaebum Imagine Pt 1

Love Memo (Jimin from BTS)

A Far Away Love (Wonho from Monsta X)

An X Amount of Choices (Minhyuk and Jooheon of Monsta X)

A Chance Encounter (Luhan’s Story)


Jooheon as a Boyfriend

Wonho as a Boyfriend

Vernon as a Boyfriend


Minhyuk as Your Husband

Joshua as Your Husband

The8 as Your Husband

Seungkwan as Your Husband

DK as Your Husband

Jungkook as Your Husband












#SeungcheolEdition Pt 2

Because I Met You (A Jihoon Romance)


Pt. 2

Song Imagines

Drunk Off of Your Missing Love (Suho from Exo)

Dirty Laundry (Wonho from Monsta X)

Kpop Summaries

2016 Kpop Boy Bands

TL:DR Kpop Boy Groups 1

TL:DR Kpop Boy Groups 2

TL:DR Kpop Boy Groups 3

TL:DR Kpop Companies

TL:DW BTS MV’s Edition

TL:DW Monsta X MV’s Edition

TL:DW Got7 MV’s Edition

TL:DW EXO MV’s Edition

TL:DW Vixx’s MV’s Edition

Random Kpop Humor

Korean Dramas

Korean Men Obsession

Undercover Priest

Men on the Brain

Meeting Someone New

Fangirl Weekends

2016 Rookies

Dating Asian Guys

Kpop is “safe”

My Bias’s Ideal Type

Kpop Anywhere!

Fangirl/Bias Relationships

Binging Seventeen

2016 Mama Awards

SM’s Reaction to Tao’s Black White (AB) MV

Kpop Tongue Twister

Kpop Groups as Your Friends

Kpop MV “Reviews”

17 Thoughts While Watching Seventeen’s Pretty U

20 Thought While Watching “The Road” By ZTAO

25 Thoughts While Watching the BTS “Fire” MV

Save Me MV (An In-depth Analysis and Review)

17 Thoughts While Watching Monsta X’s All In MV

Lay’s Monodrama MV (An EXO Stan Review)

17 Thoughts While Watching Seventeen’s Very Nice MV

27 Thoughts While Watching NCT 127′s Fire Truck MV 

17 Thoughts While Watching NCT 127′s Taste The Feeling MV

15 Thoughts While Watching Monsta X’s Stuck MV

15 Thoughts While Watching Black Pink’s Boombahyeh MV

42 Thoughts’ While Watching EXO’s Lotto MV

16 Thoughts While Watching NCT Dream’s Chewing Gum