suho is struggling

EXO react to losing his engagement ring

I couldn’t not do this request, I love it so much. I’m actually going to do all the member’s for this

Baekhyun: “You know how much I love you and that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Y/N..” *He starts to giggle*

Y/N: “Baek, is this some kind of wind up or?”

Baekhyun: “Erm, no…I lost the ring,”

Chanyeol: “Nothing’s going to change between us, I just need to know, did you eat the ring?”

Chen: *Just about to propoes* “Oh,”

D.O: *When he realises he’s missing the ring*

Kai: *Driving to buy a new ring*

Baekhyun: “I can’t believe you lost it,”

Kai: “Oh shut up,”

Kris: “It was in my hand like two seconds ago, I look again, and it’s gone,”

Lay: “You don’t understand, it was going to be so perfect. I got the ring she wanted and everything and now it’s all ruined,”

Luhan: “It’s okay buddy, we’ll find the ring,”

Luhan: *He’s getting ready to propose to you at a big event, but checks his pockets to find the ring box missing*


Kai: “Please do the face you did when you lost the ring, it was hilarious,”

Suho: “It’s cool, I’ll just go and buy a new one. I wasn’t keen on that one anyway,”


Chanyeol: “I once lost my favourite snapback, I cried for about a week,”


Xiumin: “I hope she likes Haribo because I lost the real ring,”

Children of the Gods: Chapter 4

Back story, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9

Hey everyone. This one is a little longer than the other ones but I am pretty sure these parts just keep getting longer and longer. I hope you enjoy! This one was one of my favorite parts to write.


Word count: 4.3K

Characters: EXO + BTS + Reader

Genre: Greek Myth AU

It was simple tracking them, his abilities allowing him to physically feel where they were in the sea. It took him a minute or two to find her presence in the sea but he found it none the less and he followed it instinctively.

His head swarmed with thoughts as his small group made their way towards Athens. If he was being completely honest with himself he found her intriguing. Not many girls end up being warriors now-a-days. He could tell you were a little younger than him; probably still in the academy, but for the life of him he could not remember having seen you there two years ago before he graduated.

“Suho! Snap out of it man. Do we have to shift our course?” His eyes drifted over to the younger boy. The tall lanky figure of his friend casting a shadow over Suho and blocking the sunlight.

“Oh. Sorry Sehun. Have a lot to think about right now.” Suho leaned back and stuck his hand into the sea. The first feeling that always came to him was the thrumming of a multitude of lives shooting through him. He could sense the school of red mullets that were about a mile away from them. The second things that came to him were the foreign feelings of the lives and things that you didn’t find naturally in water. The pulsating of a boat’s motor in the water, the sense of human bodies splashing around somewhere on a far beach.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, focusing on her, on the thrumming of her boat’s motor. ‘There you are.’ once he felt it he opened his eyes and looked up at his friend again. The raven black hair of his sent off in every which way because of the breeze. He had always found Sehun’s hair weird, the way it seemed to look more like darkness itself rather than black hair. I guess the trait ran through the family. Being descended from Nyx and all.

“Tell the captain that the boat needs to veer to the larboard side. Head north west instead of north.”

“I’m sorry. I’m the son of Momus. Not the son of Poseidon. What the hell does that even mean?”

“Left Sehun. It means to turn left. The captain will know.” he watched has his friend disappeared to complete the task. He sighed softly as he turned his head back to the sea, he missed being at sea, a sense of belonging overcame him whenever he was on the water. He turned away once more and stood up. He was down a soldier so he needed to assign new positions to accommodate for the loss. A small hope flared up in him that he would be able to replace the lost one with far more capable ones soon. He just had to reach the mainland and stop fantasizing about the sea.

The trip was a little long and some people were overjoyed by the fact that they were now on land, silently weaving their way through the city. A small girl, much younger than he was lead the way, slowly tracking the small group of people Suho needed to find. There was no way he was letting her get away from him.

He had never been outsmarted like that before, the way she had easily avoided his lunge like it was nothing. She had seen right through him and it irked him to no end now. Why had he never seen her before and who the hell trained her? He had special trainers during his time at the academy as the son of Poseidon but he had never seen someone who was trained with the mass be so agile before.

The girl in front of him stopped abruptly, her hand shooting up and a small finger pressing against her lip as she tried to silence the group. Suho cleared his head chasing all the unnecessary thoughts away and listened carefully. It didn’t come to him at first, the sounds of the city still prominent in his ear, but he couldn’t deny the muffled scream that came from the building next to them. The group had stopped in an alleyway, mashed between two brick walled apartment buildings and slowly making their way around all the trash.

Naturally Suho took the lead again, following his ears as he drew closer to the muffled screams. It could be something else entirely, there was no reason for him to think it was her already. He froze right at the edge of a window that was lit up, the dull yellow leaking onto the adjacent building, a shadow passing through and obstructing it every now and then.

He held up his hand to Sehun and motioned for him to go under the window to the other side. Sehun followed orders obediently, weaving his way through the group and crouching down as he passed underneath the window. He stood on the other side, his hand gripping his sword tightly, turning his knuckles white. Suho slowly moved, risking a look through the window.

What he saw made him freeze. He saw her laying there in the room on a bed, her pants having been cut open and thrown aside to the floor. Her lower half only sporting a simple pair of underwear as someone worked on her leg. The taller boy that had held a bow at his face earlier that day had a hand clamped over her mouth and a hand gripping her thigh as he held it down. One who he had never seen before was carefully weaving a needle through her leg. Suho could only assume he was stitching up the wound he had saw earlier on her.

He was shoved aside by Sehun, a sharp look in the young boy’s eyes as he questioned his leader silently. Suho had to admit that was a pretty stupid move. He crouched down and quickly made his way underneath the window, motioning for the rest of the group to follow. When they all made it past he quickly made his way to the entrance of the apartment building, easily sliding in and hiding in the dark corners of the lobby. He was so close, his nerves kicked in and his hands started sweating. He had to wait for the right moment, they couldn’t all just barge into the apartment and try to take advantage. Many lives would be lost that way. Now all that was left was to wait.

Hours had passed and they were all still crouched down in the lobby. Humans that came in passed right by them as the group threw up their glamours. They had it lucky, humans that is, being able to move on with their lives never seeing any real danger. After the muffled screams had ended he could still hear frantic whispers of the two men for quite some time. He didn’t know what god it was that was blessing him right now but he thanked them when the power outage hit.

Now was the time. He quickly signaled to his group and they crowded around, having practiced formations for a year alone gave them the ability to move swiftly in formation without trouble. Sehun was directly behind him and the rest of the men followed, being the ones that would most likely be able to overpower the two men inside. The women had the duty of blinding and gagging them once they were caught. It was going to be quick and efficient.

He wasted no more time opening the door and slid in, his booted feet silenced by the carpet on the floors. As he walked Sehun pushed past him with a few others, very faint and muffled cries were heard as his group completed their tasks, the men dragging the two bodies out of the living room.

The gleam that crossed his vision was undeniable and he whipped his head around to find his sword resting against the wall in the hallway. A couple of their other weapons were also there but they didn’t matter to him. He quickly scooped up Adamasti, the familiarity of his sword in his hands again boosting him with confidence.

An icy chill ran through his spine as he heard the creaking of a door behind him. He spun and pressed himself up against the wall, holding his breath to remain silent. The rest of his group was no doubt dealing with the others outside of the apartment and he was glad they hadn’t returned yet.

“Guys?” her voice drifted through the silence of the house. Suho watched as if she moved in slow motion. She took one step out of the room and her head turned the opposite way, no doubt searching for the two men. He was shocked to see that she still had no pants on but he quickly pushed that thought aside and took action.

He erupted into action and he side swept her feet. He accidentally caught her bad leg as well and she quickly went tumbling. The rest was a blur and the sound of her head smacking against the door frame registered in his mind. His arms quickly reached out and tried to grab her, gravity pulling her too quickly towards the ground.

He spun towards her as he reached out and toppled to the floor with her. He caught himself before he landed on top of her and quickly adjusted to have the upper hand. He straddled her body and pressed the edge of his sword to her throat, ceasing her movement immediately.

He had to commend her for her quick instincts despite having hit her head. She still thought clearly enough to go still. The lights burst back on throughout the apartment and he watched has her eyes shut to shield them from the brightness which she still had to adjust to. She looked as though she had just woken up, probably from having passed out during her treatment.

Her body was tense underneath his and her breathing picked up as her eyes fluttered open, the rapid blinking telling him that she was still trying to focus. He couldn’t help the smirk that spread across his face when he saw the change of her expression when she recognized him. The flicker of fear in her eyes didn’t escape his notice either. He opened his mouth to speak but it was as if she had suddenly exploded.

“Fuck you! Where are my friends?!” Her arms tensed more and she struggled against his hold. His weight holding her down still despite her struggles. Where did all of her spirit come from? Jesus Christ. The girl had a sword against her throat and she was still struggling?

“Suho. Son of Poseidon. It’s nice to meet you too. Your name is?”

Anger coursed through you like a hot fire and you writhed underneath him. It wasn’t the anger that was driving you right now though, it was the fear. The fear of your friends being dead or hurt. The fear of losing them forever. You felt the sword move away from your neck as he struggled to keep you still.

Fucking moron just lost the damn battle. As if on reflex your good leg shot up and you kneed him hard in the lower back, the force sending his body rocketing forward on top of you. You shifted your weight, bracing your legs on the floor and ignoring your screams as you used both legs to flip both of you over. He was underneath you now and you wasted no time slamming your elbow against his wrist, his hand reflexively opening and dropping the sword as he shouted in pain.

You grabbed the sword and thrust the point in his face, the tip hovering right above his mouth.

“Please please! I just want to talk!” your face contorted into a snarl. The white hot rage clouding your judgement the longer you stared down at him. You spat in his face and got as close as you could without moving your arm to hurt him. You still needed answers.

“I asked you a fucking question. Where the hel-”

“No! Stop! Don’t hurt her!” you froze up when he spoke, his eyes darting somewhere behind you. You spun, the point of your sword facing the third party and your free arm pressing against Suho’s throat. He gagged at the pressure.


“Sehun don’t fucking touch her!” you stared daggers at Sehun, daring him to come a step closer. The tall lanky boy was tense, his own sword wavering as he struggled under the pressure of Suho’s words. You obviously knew who the leader was here. “Bring her friend. The one from the dock. Do it now!”

Sehun wasted no time in spinning on his heels and disappearing to fulfil his leaders demand. You turned your attention back to Suho, easing up on his throat and keeping the sword pointed at the door for the return. It’s not like you wanted to strangle the man, his death would be slower than that.

“If he is hurt in any way I swear to you I will shove this sword down your throat.” you heard the footsteps returning so you spun your head back around, increasing the pressure on his throat once again.

“Hoseok!” you shouted the moment he came into your line of sight, his hand bounds and a cloth hanging around his neck.

“I’m ok. We’re ok. They haven’t hurt us yet.” his voice was still strong so you knew he wasn’t lying to you. Your eyes drifted along his body to find any trace of injury.


“He’s fine. They have guards on him so he doesn’t do anything. We begged them not to bound his hands.” you nodded, assured that your friends were fine for now now. The rage that was fueling you disappearing slowly. They were safe and that was all you could have asked for. They were alive and safe.

“Take him back” Suho’s voice was strained now but that thought quickly fled your mind when you felt something brush against your thigh. Your body jerked in response and you spun around, Suho’s hand pressing against your thigh. The moment it came into your sight the pain flared through you and you gasped.

“Fuck. You’re bleeding too much.” Your arm had left Suho’s throat and his voice came out strong now, his second hand flying to your thigh to apply pressure to the wound. His hands were coated in your blood now and the sight made you queasy. You weren’t expecting it when Suho shot up, the force of him doing so knocking you down to the ground again.

You yelped in pain and tried to wiggle away from him, your hands pushing his away and clawing at the carpet.

“Hoseok! Jimin!”

“Stop moving!” Suho grabbed your hands into one of his as he tried to still you. Fuck fuck fuck. How could you have been so careless? “Jessica get your ass in here!”

You heard your friends shouting your name, the sounds of their voices making you struggle against his hold even more. You had to get out of here, you had to save your friends.

“Please stop moving.” His voice no longer held that steely quality he used when he was in his leader role. It was soft, deep, pleading. You stilled your struggling and looked up at him. “We’re going to help you.”

Just then a girl ran into the room, her bright eyes skimming over you, assessing the situation with a critical stare and immediately jumping into action. She came to you and pulled out a small drawstring bag, quickly pulling it open with her precise movements. Three fingers dipped into the bag and pulled out a very fine silvery powder.

“Wh-what is that?” your leg twitched away from her, not wanting her to touch you in anyway. No one answered you, Suho simply wiped his hand against his pants and stared down at you.

“This is going to hurt.” Hell was he right, you hated that he was right. It was a lot worse than Jimin’s stitching job. The pain rippled through you in waves and a scream was ripped out of you. Suho acted quickly and grabbed a clean cloth from the girl, shoving it into your mouth. You wanted it to end. Wanted to beg for her to stop. You couldn’t see what she was doing or what was happening because the tears that flooded your eyes were flowing in streams now.

Your eyes shot towards the door and your neck careened to see Hoseok kicking away a man and stumbling into the room.

“Get your fucking hands off of her!” his face was contorted in anger and his leg reared back to kick at the girl. You view was obstructed as Suho shot forward, knocking Hoseok to the floor easily and holding him down.

“Stop! We’re helping her! She is a daughter of Apollo, a healer.” Hoseok stilled underneath Suho and stared at the girl, his mind processing what she was doing. His eyes drifted to you, a short moment of silence in your screaming as the girl gathered more of that powder.

“Let me be there then. Let me help her.” Hoseok pleaded to Suho and you whimpered, hating the fact that your friends had been reduced to this. Suho to your surprise quickly cut off Hoseok’s bounds and got off of him, carefully watching as Hoseok scrambled towards you. “Hey. Hey, I’m here now. I’m here.”

His hands smoothed down your cheeks and wiped at the trail of tears, his hands carefully threading through your hair as he lifted your head up and placed it on his lap. The pain came again and your body jerked, the choked sob escaping your throat muffled by the gauze in your mouth. Hoseok’s hand smoothed against your face, bringing a sense of safety amidst the heat of the pain.

Suddenly it all stopped, the pain, the heat, the throbbing. All of it ceased and your chest heaved as your mind tried to process what was happening.

“It’s called Asimenia Epidiorthosis. It’s a medicine the daughters of Apollo made for stitching together bad wounds in emergencies.” You looked up at your friend, your eyes finally clearing up so you could see the concern on his face. At least someone had finally answered your question. You looked down towards your leg and saw that the wound had closed up, a faint silver scar shining in the dull light of the room.

“This medicine works just like stitches do. It’s just able to withstand a lot more and won’t tear open as easily. The scar will remain there until your wound has fully closed up. The pain of your original wound will also remain and be completely normal.” the girl’s voice sounded a lot like a bell. You took the gauze out and threw it aside as Suho jerked Hoseok back, bounding his hands once more. Hoseok just simply let him, not wanting anything to happen that he would regret. Suho made his way to you once again, leaning down and grabbing your arms to help you up.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” You yanked your arms away from him and hissed at him. The words you spoke laced with venom. Honestly you were surprising yourself, the hate you felt towards this man increasing with every action of his. “I can get up on my own. I’m not a child.” needing to prove yourself right you heaved yourself up, standing tall on both legs, ignoring the pain that shot through your leg. It was dull compared to what you just went through.

You held your hands out in front of you, your wrists pressed together tightly as you stared straight at him. Suho looked at you, a strange look passing over his features as he stared down at your leg. He moved forward and bound your hands just as he did with Hoseok and started pulling you both out of the room.

He went slow and you knew he was doing it because of your leg. You hated yourself for being so weak in front of him. Your limp was undeniable now as you made your way to the living room. He put you and Hoseok next to each other on the couch and whispered to the girl. You glanced down at the weapon he held, the gold sword you had stolen from him before resting comfortably in his hand as if it was his own damn arm. You scanned the room, spotting your weapons still in the hallway; it’s possible that you could reach them if you had the element of surprise, a way to communicate with Hoseok so he could help you.

Your thoughts halted when the girl walked off, disappearing behind you in the direction of the entrance. Suho looked down at his hands as if just now noticing the blood staining them and tried to wipe it off on his pants.

“I need to wash my hands… “ He was only quietly mumbling to himself but it irked you as he ignored you two, as if he thought you and Hoseok were not a threat to him. A second later Jimin was dragged into the living room by a couple of men as he thrashed about, throwing curse words left and right.

“Fuck you! I have fucking legs you bastards why the fuck are you dragging me like I’m a piece of shit! I swear to the gods I will rip both your dicks off and shove them down your fucking throats!” you smirked, knowing full well that it was something Jimin might actually do if he got angry enough. He always went into a blind rage when he was angry but he rarely got angry.

“Guys seriously? What are you? Gorillas? Pick him up and let him walk.” your eyes shot over to Suho and your brows scrunched together as he walked over to the two men, smacking one in the back of the head and hauling Jimin’s ass up off the floor. “Couch. Now.”

Jimin huffed and yanked his hands away from Suho, turning and facing the two men. The next thing that happened made you cackle with a fit of laughter. Jimin quickly dropped into a crouch, shoving his leg out to the side and spinning, effectively knocking the two men on their asses. He dodged out of the way of Suho reaching to grab him by doing a front roll, standing up at the end and plopping down next to you on the couch.

“Fucking hell! I’m going to kill that tiny bastard!”

“You could try. But I don’t think you even compare to me with my hands tied pea brain.” Jimin retorted back at the man stumbling to his feet now, making his way toward the couch. His eyes were set aflame and focused on Jimin, what he didn’t noticed was the way you shoved your foot out at the last second, knocking him on his ass once again. “Wow. Didn’t even touch you and you’re already on your ass.” The man practically growled.

“Fucking knock it off! Mark get the hell away from them before I knock you on your ass myself!” he reluctantly followed his leaders orders.

“Bye Mark~” Jimin sung out in a sing song voice and you couldn’t contain the giggles that pushed past your lips. Hoseok even smiled at that as he watched Mark carefully, making sure he didn’t do anything else. You laughter stopped when you heard the yelp from behind you.

“Move him to the chair.” your head whipped around so fast, your eyes landing on Yixing, his skin pale and his shirt gone. His muscles being blocked because of the bandages wrapped around his shoulder and arm and torso. He had a knife pressed to his throat as he slowly made his way into the room.Your eyes flowed along the hand and arm that was holding the knife, your eyes falling on the lanky figure of Sehun.

“Let him go.” Your voice was a soft growl and you could feel the two boys next to you tense up, their muscles straining as they tried to stay put.

At the sound of your voice you could see Suho’s head turn away from Mark and glance at you. His eyes followed yours as he turned more to see Sehun with Yixing. He glanced back your way and then looked straight at Sehun, steeling his body and standing a little taller. Sehun suddenly released Yixing and let him walk on his own to the lone chair in the room. It was as if he had spoken with fucking telepathy or something and only then did you realize he might have been trying to get back at you for what you had done to Suho earlier. The second question rose in your mind immediately, like a lightbulb flickering on at the flip of a switch. How long have these two known each other?

“Great now that you are all here.” You relaxed into the couch, resting your leg again. Suho moved in the general middle area of the mangled group of four demigods. “I think there needs to be a talk.” His voice was way too excited for this. You could tell he was still trying to sound normal but you could hear it, bastard must have loved tying you guys up like this. “Granted I know we must have started off on the wrong foot but I do not want you guys hurt. Believe me on that. I would have let Mark strangle… that one.” He pointed towards Jimin as if to make his point. “I also could have easily let you bleed out on the floor if I wanted you dead. But no. I used some of our limited medicine to heal you.” he looked straight at you now, daring you to try and argue with him. “Now with all that said… I want all four of you on my side.”

International Fan Problems
  • <p> <b>Teacher:</b> what are you doing?<p/><b>Me:</b> oh, I'm trying to learn the Korean language<p/><b>Teacher:</b> wow, that's fascinating! I'm so proud of you for making the decision to learn another language! The doors this will open are endless! You could- you could converse with natives! Or learn about the culture! Or travel there! Or-" .<p/><b>Me:</b> that's great and all but I'm just trying to be able to watch videos that aren't subbed without ripping my hair out k thnx<p/></p>
Exo’s Reaction - When You Can’t Sleep

Xiumin - *He wakes up to notice that you’re struggling to get to sleep so he starts thinking that something is wrong. You tell him that you just can’t get comfortable and you just recently woke up from a nightmare, he gets in closer to you and pulls you close which makes you comfortable and you end up sleeping in his arms*

Lay - *He comes in late from practice to find you sitting at the end of the bed with your head in your hands and he starts getting worried sick* Jagiya? Are you okay?

(Y/N) - I can’t get to sleep that’s all

*Not saying anything, he goes get you loads more pillows and tucks you in, surrounding one side of the bed with pillows. After getting changed ready for bed, he jumps in bed with you, makes sure your tucked in nicely and you lay your head on his shoulders while he starts humming song for you to sleep*

Kai - *Wakes up to the sound of you crying. He asks whats wrong, you tell him that you’re frustrated because you can’t sleep and when you’re this tired, your emotions are everywhere so even though he’s tired, he stays up with you until you finally go to sleep but before you actually nod off, you both end up eating chicken in bed* 

Suho - *Finds you struggling to sleep so he decides to go out to the shops at 1 in the morning so he could get you a massive teddy which he gets jealous after a while because you end up falling asleep while cuddling the teddy instead of him but still finds it cute*

Kyungsoo - *You couldn’t get to sleep so you decide to go and get yourself a drink and as you walk into the kitchen, your greeted by Kyungsoo sitting there reading a book while drinking coffee* Can’t sleep babe?

(Y/N) - No

Kyungsoo - Go back to bed, i’ll come in with hot chocolate and some rice cakes for you 

Tao - *Tao’s fast asleep, you slightly pull the duvet a bit so he had a little bit more duvet to cover you but you end up having a tug of war game with Tao who is now half asleep. He knows now that you can’t sleep so he gets closer to you so you both are in the middle of the bed, cuddling*

Chen - *You try wake him up because you’re finding it hard to fall asleep, he wraps his arm around you and tells you to shut up and cuddle him, so you do and he laughs to himself as you manage to fall asleep straight away* (Whispers) I’m magic

Kris - *He comes in from a concert and finds you sitting in the living quarters on watching TV” It’s late, you’re normally sleeping by now 

(Y/N) - I can’t really sleep

*He picks you up, gets in bed with you and doesn’t leave go of you*

Chanyeol - *You walk in from the kitchen and accidentally woke him up from your little squeal as you stumped your toe on the corner of the door. He could tell that you couldn’t sleep at all* Come on you, come here and get in bed. It’s okay

*Lifts the  duvet so you could slide into bed, he gets hold of you, pulls you in and kisses your forehead and plays with your hair until you silently fall asleep in his arms*

Baekhyun - *You kinda accidentally woke him from tossing and turning as you struggled to get comfortable. He opens his eyes slightly and smirks to himself and when you sat up thinking that you weren’t able to wake him, you feel yourself falling backwards slowly into his arms and your head is rested on his chest* There you go 

Sehun - *After kicking you out of the bed, you couldn’t get back to sleep again. You start thinking your able to fall asleep but you couldn’t, you turn over to face Sehun who is sleeping peacefully, you didn’t want to wake him up but you couldn’t go to sleep and needed him at this moment* Come on jagi, it’s 3 in the morning! Go back to sleep!

(Y/N) - That’s easy for you to sleep! I’ve tried and I seriously can’t

*He could tell that you weren’t in the mood for his bitchiness at this moment and time so he gently forced your head onto the pillow, gets your arm and leg and cocks it over his side while tangling his leg with yours and manages to get you sleep*

Luhan - *He wakes up to hear the sound of glass smashing, he rushes out of bed to find you cleaning up pieces of glass in the lounge and could see his football rolling away from your side, smirking to himself, he helps you and drags you back into bed* I’m guessing you couldn’t sleep so you decide to practice your football skills to try and get as good as me eh? 

(Y/N) - No..but yeah… but not to try and get better than you

*Laughs to himself, faces you and inches closer to you. While looking into your tired eyes, he starts singing his song, Promise which sends you to sleep before he manages to sing the 2nd chorus*

Kaisoo talk .. again

well hello again ^ ^ omg this is going to be a long post .. I’m warning ya , so I’ve decided to talk about this amazing moment of Kaisoo on SD interview it was on june so it’s still new moment and I wanna share my feelings ..

when KS was sitting in front of all Exo members , he was just start the interview but somehow he felt like he is in a good mood and since he is in the control today he have to get this chance and flirting with Kai , this is so cure and lovely still funny cause he got Kai by surprise ..

well I really love how KS was in a very good mood ^ ^ 

I mean just look at Kai face , he was so surprised and Happy too .. 

omg , ppl …. okey , this is a very serious moment .. can you see how KS was openly wanna see Kai dance his sexy body out and look at KAI ! 

just look at his reaction !!! seriously why he is so blushing and laughing like this do you know why ! cause he knows that KS is flirting with him in front of everyone and he just couldn’t stand up and stand like he always do

! look back at all the interviews and shows he is the first one to stand and show off so excited and proud but when KS asked him he was so shy and embarrassed .. I really enjoy how Kai always so easy to read ^ _ ^   so here come our leader to stop this love-scene and cut it ,and that make me even more happy cause obviously he just saw those two begin to be so clear and that’s not what it spouse to be and the rest of the story we all know it ..

the awkwardness on our beloved leader face ,was so cute and make me laugh .. he always feel like he have to control those two love-birds .. let see some of moment of ,, well let me call it “ Suho Struggle “ with Kisoo LOL .. in the next post cause I can’t add more pic .. 

Exo reaction when you can’t sleep

Xiumin: *You’d been in bed for a while but got no luck in actually falling asleep, just as you were about to try again Xiumin walked through the doorway* Jagi what are you still doing awake?

Y/n: I can’t sleep

Xiumin: *Doesn’t say anything and decides to crawl into bed next to you, he cuddles and talks to you until you finally fall asleep*

Lay: *Already asleep*

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Kai: *He was woken up by you getting out of bed to go to the kitchen. You stop in your tracks when you feel his hand gently gerb yours* Where are you going it’s 2:30 in the morning?

Y/n: I was going to get a drink because i can’t sleep 

Kai: Okay, please hurry back *He lightly kisses your hand before letting go*

Suho: *Sees that you’re struggling to sleep so he gets up and brings you with him, the two of you try different methods to try and make you sleepy*

Y/n: Suho I’m sorry and i really appreciate your help but this really isn’t working

Suho: That’s fine I guess we’ll just stay up all night

Kyungsoo: *You enter the kitchen only to be greeted by Kyungsoo’s eyes looking at you* Can’t sleep

Y/n *You shake your head* No

Kyungsoo: Don’t worry, I can’t either *He pulls out a chair for you as he gets up to make you a hot drink*

Tao: *He’s just drifting off to sleep when you start tossing and turning* Let me guess, can’t sleep?

Y/n: Nope my brain’s too awake 

Tao: *Pulls you in closer and cuddles you while stroking your hair to get you to sleep*

Chen: *You roll on your side and poke him until he wakes up, when you say you can’t sleep he puts your head on his chest and starts to tell you random stories*

Kris: *Kris walks into your bedroom and sees you sitting on your phone in bed* Jagi why aren’t you asleep, it’s late.

Y/n: I can’t sleep 

Kris: Well being on your phone isn’t going to help, come here * He crawls into bed next to you and wraps you in his arms*

Chanyeol: *He notices you can’t sleep so he turns you to face him and he lightly kisses you on the nose* I know what will help *He pulls you into a hug and starts humming Lucky to you*

Baekhyun: *You turn over, still wide awake, and nudge him with your nose to wake him*

Y/n: hey i can’t sleep

Baekhyun: *He rolls over opening his eyes slightly and smiling at the sight of you, he wraps an arm around your waist, pulls you closer to him and buries his face in the crook of your neck*

Luhan: *He hears a crash coming from the kitchen, he runs out to see what it was and when he turns on the light he sees you sitting on the floor holding your foot* Jagi what happened?

Y/n: I couldn’t sleep so i came to get a snack and i kinda hit my foot on the table

Luhan: *He starts laughing at how silly you are and picks you up and takes you back to bed still smiling because you’re so clumsy*

Sehun: *Starts getting annoyed when you keep moving* Jagi can you please stop moving I’m trying to sleep 

Y/n: Ha nice for some people 

Sehun: *Noticing the annoyed tone in your voice he shuffles towards you and lightly puts your head on his shoulder and tangles his legs with yours keeping you where you are, the two of you lay there for a while being comfortable cuddling each other and listening to each other’s heartbeat in the silence of the room*


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EXO Reaction To Watching Their GF’s Drama To See Her Death Scene

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Anonymous said:

Exo reaction of when they’re watching a drama that their gf is in and her character dies tragically

Xiumin: how can they just kill you off like *that*?

Luhan: well damn, I hope I end up with a tragic death scene like that in my movies…Or maybe it would be good for my career?

Kris: *the scene is a little too real for Kris and makes him think about your actual death, making him emotional*

Suho: *struggles to control his emotions* Very good job, Jagi….

Lay: *also gets emotional but manages to hold on until he’s back with the others, where he needs Chen’s comfort*

Baekhyun: I cannot believe they would just kill of my Jagi like that! I am going to have a talk with those people!

Chen: I’m so proud of baby! That was brilliant! 

Chanyeol: *you weren’t with him when he saw it, which makes it almost too real for him so the second he sees you again, he has to pull you into his arms tightly, just to reassure himself that it was just a drama*

DO: *so freaking proud* that was perfect Jagiya! I’d love to talk to you about how you prepared and executed the scene… *actor Soo wants to learn your tricks*

Tao: No, I’m not crying. One of Candy’s furs just got in my eye. I’m fine. It was a beautiful scene by the way…Really beautiful…

Kai: But I thought you had been doing wel working on this drama? Why did they kill you off? I mean, it was very good. Brilliantly done, but…they didn’t have to kill you off…

Sehun: *he had been sucked into the drama so when the episode ended with your death and he looked up to see you, he had to do a double take to make sure you weren’t something his mind had conjured up*